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    Dallas Moving Van Lawyer

    Over the past decade, approximately one million people moved to Dallas and Fort Worth, making this North Texas region the fourth largest metro area in the United States. That means a lot of moving vans — and moving van accidents.

    Moving van and moving truck accidents frequently occur in Dallas, resulting in a wide range of collisions. These accidents may be minor “fender benders” or high-speed crashes that cause severe damage to your vehicle as well as injury and death. Moving van accidents can also occur due to the truck’s cargo coming loose and falling onto the road.

    No driver looks forward to an accident, but accidents involving moving vans can be especially complicated. Thankfully, our Dallas lawyers are here to help. We’ll discuss your accident and assist you through the process of getting the compensation owed to you. We have been helping many Dallas drivers with moving van accidents just like you.

    Best of all, consultations are 100% free. If we don’t win your case, you won’t be charged for our legal services. So call us today at (214) 496-5227 to discuss the details of your moving van accident.

    Types of Moving Vans

    When assessing the causes of a moving van accident, it’s essential first to consider the different types of moving trucks or vans that may be involved. “Moving truck” is a broad category that constitutes multiple different vehicles, from smaller pickup trucks and vans to large semi tractor-trailers. There are also rental trucks and privately-owned trucks operated by moving companies.

    Rental Moving Trucks

    As the name suggests, a rental moving truck is a truck that can be used by virtually any Dallas driver. These moving trucks are owned by companies like Hertz, Budget Truck, and U-Haul, who rent them to consumers. They range in size from pickup trucks and cargo vans to trucks 16’ or more. In most cases, drivers do not need commercial class licenses or specialized training to operate these vehicles.

    Accidents involving rental moving trucks may be confusing because the driver doesn’t own the vehicle. Even when the moving truck driver is at fault, there may be situations where the rental company shares liability.

    For example, if the moving truck has not been adequately maintained and causes an accident due to preventable mechanical failure, then the company that owns the vehicle may be partly responsible.

    Additionally, there may be circumstances where a third party is involved. Most moving companies invest in their fleet of trucks, but not all. If the driver of a rental truck is working for a private moving company, their employer may also be liable.

    Moving Trucks Owned by Private Companies

    While some people prefer to cut costs and do their moving with a rented truck, others prefer to hire movers to make the process easier. Many moving companies offer full service to clients. They will pack, load, carry, and secure their personal belongings in a moving truck, then drive the vehicle to the client’s new home.

    When a moving company owns the truck involved in an accident, its owner may also be liable for damages. They may be at fault for failing to maintain the moving vehicle as well as poor hiring practices. For example, if they hired a driver who has a questionable driving record or improper training, the moving company will likely share responsibility in the accident.

    Common Causes of Moving Van Accidents

    Due to the nature of a moving van, these accidents often have different causes. A moving van accident is more likely to occur under certain circumstances than others. When they do occur, moving van accidents also tend to be more dangerous than accidents involving a typical car, especially if the moving truck is a larger vehicle.

    First, moving van accidents may involve the truck’s cargo. All moving vehicles need to be appropriately secured. Items in pickup trucks must be tightly tied down while moving vehicles with doors need to be secured with a lock. If an object comes loose and falls out of the moving van, it can result in the following:

    • Impact damage to your vehicle, including broken windshields
    • Accidents caused by other drivers swerving to avoid fallen cargo
    • Hazardous road conditions

    Second, moving van accidents may occur when the vehicle is illegally parked. In busy Dallas neighborhoods where street parking isn’t readily available, drivers may park in a red zone or double-park — this can create accidents by disrupting regular traffic and causing other drivers to stop suddenly or make dangerous passes around the van.

    A third common cause of moving van accidents is driver impairment, especially drowsiness. When someone is relocating a very long distance, they may drive much longer than they’re used to — perhaps even all night. A tired driver will have impaired judgment and may be unable to control their vehicle. Additionally, a tired driver may be under the influence of stimulant drugs to help stay awake, which can also impact their ability to drive safely.

    Finally, moving van accidents can occur due to the larger vehicle’s blindspots. If you don’t see the truck driver in the vehicle’s side mirrors, it’s safe to assume that they don’t see your car. Pass with caution and be careful around moving vans or trucks that are backing up.

    Get Help with Moving Truck Accidents

    For help with moving van accidents, call our Dallas lawyers now at (214) 496-5227. Your consultation call with our team is entirely free. We’ll discuss the circumstances of your accident, help determine liability, and assist you with launching a legal case to get the compensation owed to you in a moving van accident. If we don’t win, you won’t pay for our legal services.

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