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Arrest Made In Hit And Run Case On Southwest Durham Lane

Posted: November 26th, 2020 | Categories: Hit and Run

 A Dallas woman has been arrested by Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputies in connection to a hit-and-run crash earlier this month.

The Polk County Itemizer-Observer reports that 47-year-old Kari Lin Smith is believed to have been involved in a crash

Police Heighten Enforcement For Thanksgiving Holiday

Posted: November 25th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

The holiday season is the time of the year when road traffic increases and the potential of getting into an accident increases.

According to a report appearing on the Dallas CBS affiliate station’s website, the Texas Department of Public Safety

Police Seek Hit And Run Driver After Road Rage Incident

Posted: November 25th, 2020 | Categories: Hit and Run

Getting into an altercation with another driver can end up being extremely dangerous.  Such an incident recently took place in Dallas County last week, and now the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a hit-and-run motorist who took out

SUV Crashes Into Go-Cart, Kills Two Children

Posted: November 24th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Two children died, and an additional four more children were injured after an SUV collided with the go-cart they were riding in on Saturday.

ABC affiliate WFAA reported that the tragic crash happened at approximately 12:32 p.m. on November 21st

Teenager Wrecks Purple Pagini Worth $3.4 Million

Posted: November 20th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

In a scene that could have come straight out of the movie Ferris Buehler’s Day Off,  YouTuber Gage Gillean managed to wreck his father’s one-of-a-kind sports car valued at some $3.4 million. reports that the accident happened on

Vehicles Crash Into Two Restaurants In Dallas

Posted: November 19th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Incidents of vehicles crashing into buildings are more common than what many people believe.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that there are more than 60 crashes of motor vehicles crashing into homes and businesses around

Two Die In Rockwell Plane Crash

Posted: November 18th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Authorities have released the identities of the two men who were on board a single-engine plane that crashed in Rockwell on Thursday.

According to the report which appeared on the NBC local website in Dallas-Fort Worth, the single-engine Cessna 182

TxDOT To Begin Click It Or Ticket Campaign

Posted: November 17th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

After a public awareness campaign informing the power of seatbelts to save lives, most Americans accept just how important it is to buckle up when riding in any motor vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA

Missing Person Was Found Dead Near State Hwy 183

Posted: November 16th, 2020 | Categories: Wrongful Deaths and Fatalities

The body of a motorcyclist reported missing by family members on Friday was found by Irving Police officers on Saturday.

NBC in Dallas Fort Worth reports that the fatal crash involving a motorcyclist happened in the southbound lanes of State

Explosion From 18-Wheeler Snarls I-35 Traffic

Posted: November 13th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Fort Worth traffic along Interstate 35 suffered significant back-ups earlier this week after an explosion and fire involving an 18-wheeler.

CBS Local in Dallas Fort Worth reports that the incident happened along Interstate 35 when a big rig jackknifed near

Dallas Police Department To Analyze Behaviors Using An Algorithm

Posted: November 12th, 2020 | Categories: Injuries

The Dallas City Council announced that it has approved some $907,000 in funds for the Dallas Police Department to track and identify officer misconduct within its ranks.

CBS Local in Dallas reports that the City Council approved the contract with

Fort Worth Residents Put Pressure On Councilmen To Deal With Street Racing Problem

Posted: November 11th, 2020 | Categories: Injuries

Residents of Fort Worth want something done about the ongoing problem with illegal street racing. After a death that killed three over the weekend, residents were prepared to take action by circulating a petition around the community to goad city

City of Houston And TxDPS Increase Efforts To Eliminate Road And Highway Fatalities

Posted: November 10th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

For 20 years, the city of Houston and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has been engaged in a battle to reduce the number of traffic fatalities on our roads to zero for just one day. 

According to an

Street Racing Leads To Hit-And-Run Crash, Killing Three

Posted: November 9th, 2020 | Categories: Hit and Run

A street racing incident involving a hit-and-run crash in Fort Worth has claimed the lives of three people over the weekend.

NBCDFW reports that among the three people killed in the crash were a married couple with four children. 


Dog Shoots Man In The Thigh

Posted: November 6th, 2020 | Categories: Injuries

Citizens of the state of Texas have the right to carry firearms openly. Even with this right to defend ourselves on the spot, nothing replaces practicing good gun safety habits to prevent an unfortunate accident.

One Plano man found this

Ford Motor Company Recalls Ford Explorer Due To Rear Suspension Problems

Posted: November 5th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

Ford Motor Company has announced that it will recall some 375,200 vehicles after a series of vehicle accidents were tied to a defect with some Explorer models.

The Dallas News reported on Wednesday that the problem had been detected in

One Person Dies In Hit-And-Run Crash; Driver Still At Large

Posted: November 4th, 2020 | Categories: Injuries

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), Texas has been consistently in the top 10 states where hit-and-run accidents and deaths occur.  In 2018, AAA reported over 682,000 crashes happen annually within the state of Texas.


Oak Point Man And His Dog Die In Plane Crash

Posted: November 3rd, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Montana authorities have identified the remains of a Texas man from Oak Point who died in a plane crash near Billings on Friday.

NBCDFW reports that at approximately 7:05 p.m. on Friday, October 30, 74-year-old Donald C. Nimmick and his

Trump Supporters Harass Campaign Staff Members

Posted: November 2nd, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

An incident along Interstate 356 to Pflugerville involving armed Trump supporters and a campaign bus for opponent, Former Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris caused Democratic campaign officials to cancel an event on Friday night.

WFAA reports that the

A Driver Is Killed In Two-Vehicle Accident Along I-20

Posted: October 30th, 2020 | Categories: Trucks, Rigs and 18 Wheeler Accidents

This is the time of year when Texas weather is anything but predictable. Changes in the weather can also make road conditions unpredictable, increasing the chances of getting into an accident. That seems to be what happened after a man

Woman Flees Seen After Good Samaritan Offers Aid

Posted: October 29th, 2020 | Categories: Hit and Run

After getting into an accident, the instinct to flee can seem almost overwhelming. However, according to Texas law, drivers must stay at the scene after a crash until an officer of the law says it’s ok to leave. It is

Texas Aims To Decrease Traffic-Related Fatalities

Posted: October 28th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping Texas roads at times all but empty, our state has not been able to go a single day without a traffic fatality in almost 20 years.

According to an article appearing in the Waco

Young Girl Killed In A Single-Vehicle Accident Near Adrian

Posted: October 27th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents, Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Nothing in the world could be worse than having to face a child’s loss in an accident.  There isn’t anything that anyone can say or do that can ever give grieving parents enough comfort or lessen the pain.  

No doubt,

Two People Die In Woodbranch Plane Crash

Posted: October 26th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

A plane crash over the weekend in a residential area in Montgomery County has left two people dead.

According to the story appearing on the NBCDFW website, the crash happened in the town of Woodbranch at approximately 8:30 a.m. on

No-Refusal DWI Program To Become Year-Round

Posted: October 22nd, 2020 | Categories: DWI and DUI

This week, Tarrant County officials have announced they will implement their no-refusal DWI program, normally implemented over the holidays, as a year-round policy.

The Star-Telegram reports that the no-refusal DWI policy is put in place from New Year’s Eve until

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