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Crashes, Collisions and Accidents Blogs

When two moving vehicles collide into one another, the outcome can be catastrophic. Collision accidents can have a devastating consequences, such as injury, property damage or even death. The cost of medical care along with productivity losses associated with injuries from motor vehicle crashes exceeded $99 billion, for a one-year period, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The total annual cost, associated with car accidents, amounts to nearly $500 for each licensed driver in the United States, according to a study in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention. When you become injured in a car crash, bills can add up quickly.

There can be many contributing factors in a collision accident. Drinking and driving and distracted driving are two of the more common contributors in dangerous crash accidents. Additionally, speed can exacerbate the potential harm or lethality of a wreck. All of these potentially deadly practices and factors are completely avoidable.

Airless Tires May Be On The Market In 2024

Posted: June 13th, 2019 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

No matter when it happens, getting a flat tire or a blowout is never pleasant. Soon, such inconveniences while driving may become a thing of the past.

The CBS local station in Dallas – Fort Worth recently reported. Michelin and …

Partial Red Light Camera Ban Nears Passage

Posted: May 30th, 2019 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Just a few years ago, cities all across the United States were quick to adopt red light cameras as a means of traffic enforcement. Now, according to a story reported by the CBS local station in Dallas, a ban of …

Man Suspected Of DUI Crashes Van Into House, Crew Removed It 8 Days Later

Posted: May 9th, 2019 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

The last thing anyone expects when celebrating a weekend holiday at home is to be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

The CBS Local station in Dallas reports that that is exactly what happened to Valarie Smith and her family …

Teen Steals A Joyride, Crashes Mother’s Car

Posted: April 11th, 2019 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Several states have programs in which young drivers can obtain a permit to begin learning how to drive. This modern rite of passage can begin as young as 14 years-of-age. However, because both inexperience and not knowing the rules of …

Speeding Vehicle Goes Airborne, Causes Utility Pole Collapse

Posted: February 28th, 2019 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Few things can be more terrifying than losing control of your vehicle when you’re behind the wheel. When such a situation happens along with a brush with serious injury or even death, it can make one feel extremely fortunate to …

Driver Destroys Front Porch Then Flees

Posted: January 16th, 2019 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

It would seem that people aren’t the only potential victims of a hit-and-run crash.  For one couple in Plano, his home ended up damaged after a driver ran into his front porch and drove away.

In a story appearing on …

11 Vehicle Accident Near Grapevine

Posted: January 2nd, 2019 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Freeways and Interstate highways offer a quick way for motorists to commute and get from the suburbs into the city and back again. Most daily commutes are done every day without an incident. There is always a chance, however, that …

Ambulance Stolen And Taken For Joyride

Posted: November 7th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Early Thursday morning, a female patient of Morton Hospital in downtown Louisville stole an ambulance and led police officers on a chase around the city.

According to a story reported by the CBS affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth, at approximately 3:15 …

Dramatic Escape From Injury Caught On Dashcam Video

Posted: September 26th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

The dashcam in the cruiser of a police officer in Anna, Texas was able to catch dramatic footage involving a single vehicle accident which happened along County Road 373.

The CBS affiliate station in Dallas Fort worth, CBSDFW, reported that …

Officer Barely Escapes Motorcycle Crash, Incident On Video

Posted: July 24th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Slow down. Move over. It’s the law.

These are the words of a nationwide campaign to encourage drivers to move over whenever they see a traffic stop along our highways, interstates and roadways. Most states, including the state of Texas,

Woman Falls Out Of SUV At Busy Intersection

Posted: July 12th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

There are plenty of good reasons to wear a seatbelt. One of the best reasons is to ensure that someone does not fall out of the vehicle when it is in motion or in an accident.

A disturbing incident that

600 Kids Sent To ERs Every Day For Bike Crashes

Posted: July 4th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Kids and bicycles are a natural combination. For many decades bicycles and bicycling have been synonymous with growing up. Even with such a winning combination of kids and bicycles, there can also be accidents, kids can get hurt on their

Head-On Collision On Highway 171

Posted: June 20th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Even when someone takes every precaution possible to stay safe, an accident can still happen. Even when using evasive actions, sometimes even that is not good enough. That seems to have been the case earlier this month when five people

Rollover Crash Kills Two People Due To Speed

Posted: June 6th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

A rollover crash in Denton has claimed the life of two people, one of them a 10-year-old boy.

In an article which appeared on the NBC Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate website, on Wednesday evening a silver pickup truck was heading northbound

Terrible Accident May Lead To New Safety Features For Tractor-Trailers

Posted: May 23rd, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Accidents which involve 18-wheelers or big rigs and smaller passenger vehicles often can end in tragedy. One family faced an almost unthinkable tragedy of losing two teenage girls as they were traveling to the wedding of their older sister five

Man Accused Of Church Van Crash Returned To Jail

Posted: May 16th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

A 21-year old man has been returned to jail after having violated the conditions of his bond while awaiting trial. Jack Dillon Young of Leakey is due to be tried for his role in a deadly crash with a church

Cause Of Crash Unknown, But Eight People Were Injured

Posted: April 18th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

A multi-vehicle crash involving a Greyhound bus along Interstate 30 in Fort in the very early morning hours on Friday has left eight people injured.

According to an article which was reported on CBS’ Dallas-Fort Worth website, the accident

Police Chase Ends In School Bus Crash

Posted: January 24th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

No one gets up in the morning, prepares for work or school and goes out with the intention getting into an accident. When an accident is the direct result of a police chase, simply being in the wrong time can

Pee Break Leads To Tragedy On Highway

Posted: January 17th, 2018 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

The decision to get behind the wheel after drinking is never a good idea; in fact, it can often end in tragedy as it did along Interstate 30 in Dallas on Friday night.

 In a story that appeared on Dallas

Band Bus Crashes With Another Bus, Students Injured

Posted: December 6th, 2017 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

For the estimated 1.4 million children who are transported to and from school every day, thankfully, very few of them are hurt in an accident.  Schools often utilize school buses in order to transport students to sporting, music, or other …

Three Vehicles Involved in Wrong Way Crash On US 75

Posted: November 15th, 2017 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

One person is dead and a young woman has been placed under arrest after a deadly wrong-way crash on US 75 Central Expressway just before midnight Thursday in Dallas.

According to a story that appeared on the DFW/ CBS Local …

Two Officers Rescued from Trapped Vehicle

Posted: September 27th, 2017 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Two Dallas Police officers were entrapped in their cruiser after they crashed when answering a road rage call in which a man pulled a gun on another motorist at the intersection of I-20 and South Hulen.

According to a video …

Vehicle Accidents Don’t Just Come From Crashes

Posted: July 26th, 2017 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

All too often, the horrors of human trafficking and human smuggling go unreported because of the sheer enormity of the problem. Last week in San Antonio the horror became all-too-real for 10 people who lost their lives with 20 others …

Train Drags SUV Down Tracks

Posted: July 19th, 2017 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

An accident in La Marque involving an SUV and a freight train has left two people injured.

In a news report appearing on the DFW CBS Local website ,  a couple traveling in the SUV ignored the flashing lights at …

Horrific Chain Reaction Accident in Collin County

Posted: June 7th, 2017 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

Chain reaction crashes are tricky for both legal and insurance reasons. Who pays whom and who is responsible for what? A skilled lawyer can help those who are struggling for answers after a chain reaction crash, like the one that …

If you lose a loved one or become injured in a collision caused by someone else’s negligence or impairment, you will need legal counsel to help you through the difficult claims process in order to help get your life back on tack. This can mean finding a reputable attorney who can help you assess your financial losses through and inability to work, property loss or even the loss of income if a loved one is killed.

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