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    How Many Accidents Are Caused by Running Stop Signs?

    Stop signs are designed to prevent collisions at intersections, connecting roads, and four-way stops. If all drivers follow the stop sign rules, the flow of traffic is generally well-controlled and safe for everyone. But if one driver runs through a stop sign instead of stopping, they can cause a serious accident.

    How many crashes result from someone running a stop sign? Let’s look at the facts.

    How Often Running a Stop Signal Accidents Happen

    Research shows that almost 700,000 police-reported accidents happen at stop signs each year. Further, about a third of those accidents involve injuries, so injury accidents involving stop signs are prevalent.

    According to an analysis of motor vehicle crashes at stop signs in four different cities in the United States:

    • Stop sign violations made up around 70% of all police-reported accidents at intersections with two-way stop signs.
    • Most stop sign violation crashes happened at an angle rather than head-on.
    • Accidents that did not involve stop sign violations were mostly rear-end accidents.

    The stop sign accidents were divided into the following subtypes:

    • Driver stopped at the stop sign
    • Driver did not stop at the stop sign
    • Weather conditions like snow, ice, or wet roads
    • Other/unknown cause

    For about two-thirds of the accidents, drivers claimed they had first stopped at the stop sign but were then unable or failed to see approaching motorists.

    Drivers below the age of 18 and drivers aged 65 and older were the most common groups to be at fault for stop sign accidents.

    Of course, every accident is different. If another driver ran a stop sign and caused your collision, data alone won’t help your case. We highly recommend speaking with an experienced car accident lawyer. To get connected with the best attorney for you today, call (469) 998-4069 or contact us online.

    Why Drivers Run Stop Signs

    The FHWA also cites that, in stop sign observance studies, around half of drivers come to rolling stops at stop signs while 25% do not stop at all. Why is this happening? Here are some of the main reasons motorists choose to run stop signs.

    Inattentive Driving

    Some drivers will not notice a stop sign if they are not attentive enough. Distracted driving is a huge issue that can cause severe accidents.

    If a driver is texting, talking to a passenger, messing with the radio, or engaging in other distracted driving, they might not even realize they’re approaching a stop sign. When the driver does finally notice the sign, it might be too late — and that might mean they have caused an accident.

    Being in a Hurry

    Many of us rush from place to place during a busy workday. A driver might run a stop sign out of impatience, frustration with the flow of traffic, or because they are late for an appointment. A driver might roll through the sign to briefly slow down without fully coming to a stop.

    Being in a hurry is no excuse for ignoring traffic signs or signals. Other drivers expect fellow motorists to stop when they have a stop sign. Ignoring that sign can easily lead to a collision.

    Road Obstructions

    Sometimes, stop signs are hard to see because of a building, foliage, or some other obstruction. Those responsible for maintaining these factors should fix them promptly so that severe crashes don’t continue to happen.

    If an obstruction caused your stop-sign-related accident, you might have a legal case against a government entity that controls the local roads. Talk to a car accident lawyer about your options today — before it’s too late to seek compensation.


    If a driver is speeding, they will need to put on the brakes soon and faster than other drivers to heed a stop sign. Instead, the speeding driver might choose to ignore the stop and plow through it. Of course, the combination of excessive speed and ignoring a key traffic signal is a recipe for a terrible accident and injuries.

    Drunk or Drowsy Driving

    An impaired driver is never fit to operate a motor vehicle in any capacity. The same goes for drivers who are tired or fatigued. An impaired or drowsy driver can easily make mistakes like running a stop sign, which can cause a severe crash.

    Aggressive Driving

    Some drivers are just impatient with anyone else on the road. They might feel like everyone else is too slow or in the way. An aggressive driver may run a stop sign to pass another vehicle or get ahead of everyone else.

    Aggressive driving is incredibly dangerous, and it often leads to road rage if escalated. This is never a good excuse to run a stop sign.

    Stop Signs Don’t Always Prevent Accidents

    We should also note that, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), research has shown that stop signs are not sufficient for reducing or controlling traffic in the middle of city blocks. Overusing stop signs can also make drivers more apathetic about the signs and prone to carelessness.

    Just because a stop sign exists does not mean all drivers will comply with it, unfortunately. It’s essential to be diligent on the road, drive safely, and move away from motorists who are engaging in negligent behavior.

    If another driver runs a stop sign and causes your accident, you should not have to pay for the damages. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you build a personal injury claim to file with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. With a good lawyer, you can fight for the financial recovery you deserve after a crash you did not cause.

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