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    Truck Accidents

    Even with proper training and licensing, big rigs, pose a greater threat to Texas drivers than your average commuter vehicle. Truck driver fatigue poses an increased crash risk variable. Drivers of large trucks are legally allowed to drive up to 11 hours at a time. However, research indicates that some drivers violate this regulation. The amount of time it takes for a truck to brake is also sometimes a factor in 18 wheeler crashes. Heavily loaded rigs can take 20-40 percent farther than other smaller cars to completely halt.  This can be even worse should roads become wet or slippery. Additionally, if brakes are poorly maintained, this may cause them to be unsafe or fail all together.

    According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), there were 3,986 lethal accidents involving large truck crashes in 2016. Of those fatalities, only seventeen percent were truck occupants. Due to less protection and being smaller 66 percent of the people killed in truck accidents were in cars, and 16 percent were pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists. The number of people who die in large truck crashes has been on the rise, as fatalities were 27 percent higher in 2016 than in 2009.

    07-2-2020 What to Do After a Truck Accident?

    What should you do after a truck accident in Dallas? You may need to report your accident, talk to witnesses, get medical attention, and more. Use this article to review some of the actions you should take in the immediate…

    Category: Truck Accidents
    07-2-2020 Types of Truck Accidents

    There are tens of thousands of injury-causing crashes involving large trucks every year in the U.S., per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These accidents are not all the same. In fact, there are many different types of truck accidents…

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    07-2-2020 How Negligence Is Established in a Truck Accident

    In order to get compensation after a truck accident in Dallas, it must be established that someone else caused your accident. Individuals who cause motor vehicle accidents may be considered “negligent.” But how is negligence established in a truck accident?…

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    07-2-2020 How Much Is a Rear End Accident Worth?

    Were you rear-ended by another driver in Dallas? You could be eligible to get compensation for your medical expenses and other losses in this situation. Many drivers in your situation end up wondering how much a rear-end accident is worth…

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    07-2-2020 How Much Do Lawyers Charge for Accident Claims?

    How much do lawyers charge for accident claims in Dallas? Lawyers bill their clients in various ways, and they may use: Contingency fees Flat-rate fees Hourly rates Consider other expenses associated with truck accident claims in Dallas by reading this…

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    06-25-2020 What Happens If the at-Fault Party Doesn’t Have Truck Insurance?

    Truck drivers and trucking companies throughout the country are required to carry insurance in case a driver causes an accident. The minimum levels for this insurance are set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). However, sometimes trucking companies…

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    06-25-2020 What Damages Can I Collect for a Truck Accident?

    You may be facing high medical expenses and vehicle repair costs if you were struck by a truck in Dallas. Fortunately, you could be awarded damages from the person responsible for your accident. In this situation, what damages can you…

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    06-25-2020 Is It Worth Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer?

    After a truck accident in Dallas, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. You may attempt to secure damages on your own, or you could choose to work with a Dallas car accident lawyer. In this situation,…

    Category: Truck Accidents

    If you become injured, or a loved one is killed as the result of an accident involving a big rig or 18-wheel tractor trailer, you need a reputable team of attorneys to help you achieve your best outcome. Our attorneys have countless years of experience in the Dallas courts. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation with our lawyers.

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