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    What Damages Can I Collect for a Truck Accident?

    You may be facing high medical expenses and vehicle repair costs if you were struck by a truck in Dallas. Fortunately, you could be awarded damages from the person responsible for your accident. In this situation, what damages can you collect for a truck accident?

    Use this article to find out what kinds of compensation you could receive in Texas after a truck accident caused by another party — focus also on the methods you could use to get compensation for your losses.

    You May Get Economic Damages After a Truck Accident

    In many cases, drivers who were hurt in a truck accident are awarded “economic” damages. Economic damages serve to compensate you for clear-cut monetary losses you sustained as a result of an accident. Economic damages may provide you with funds meant to cover your:

    Medical Expenses

    Medical expenses are one of the largest sources of economic damages in Texas. You may get compensation to cover your:

    • Emergency medical care.
    • Time spent in the hospital.
    • Medical testing and treatments.
    • Medications, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

    Lost Wages at Work

    Often, it will take you time to recover from the injuries sustained in a truck accident. You may be unable to work during your recovery period. The driver responsible for the accident could cover your lost wages and even your lost earning potential.

    Damage to Your Vehicle

    Truck accidents may severely damage your vehicle here in Dallas. Your car may need extensive repairs. In some cases, your vehicle could even be totaled. In this situation, you could receive economic damages to cover your losses.

    You May Get Non-Economic Damages After a Truck Accident

    Drivers may also collect non-economic damages following a truck accident in Dallas. Non-economic damages do not correlate directly to a specific monetary amount. Instead, you could receive non-economic damages to cover your pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

    In many cases, the amount of non-economic damages you receive ties directly to your economic damages. This is because these damages are often calculated using the multiplier method. The multiplier method requires insurance agents to take the full amount of your economic damages and multiply this amount by a number between 1.5 and 5.

    The result of the above calculation may be the compensation you receive for non-economic damages following a truck accident in Dallas. A Dallas car accident lawyer may be able to help you determine what amount of non-economic damages you could receive.

    You May Get Punitive Damages After a Truck Accident

    In some situations, you could be awarded punitive damages after a truck accident. Punitive damages do not relate directly to any losses you sustained. Instead, punitive damages are used by the courts to punish the individual who caused your accident. Note that many different parties could be responsible for a truck accident, including:

    • The truck driver.
    • The trucking company.
    • The company that manufactured the truck.
    • The company that manufactured parts of the truck.

    In order to receive punitive damages, a lawyer may have to demonstrate that someone else caused your accident in a reckless way. These damages may be more common in cases that go to court in Dallas, instead of those settled with insurance companies.

    Steps to Get Damages for a Dallas Truck Accident

    Getting compensation for your losses after a Dallas truck accident may be complicated. You may want to work with a lawyer in order to handle this situation. Your lawyer may work to investigate your accident, first of all, to determine who caused the collision.

    A lawyer may also review all of your medical records and vehicle repair bills, to determine how much compensation you are owed. Once your lawyer handles these steps, they may begin negotiations with the insurance company. This may allow you to settle your case outside of the court system, receiving damages to cover your losses.

    Some truck accident claims go all the way to court here in Dallas. In this situation, a lawyer would work to bring you a verdict in your favor. You may get damages through either a settlement or a favorable verdict here in Dallas.

    Speak to a Lawyer About Damages for a Truck Accident

    What damages can you collect for a truck accident? You may be awarded economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. A Dallas car accident lawyer could be able to help you get compensation in this situation. Find out more by contacting us to get a free consultation.

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