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    Mesquite T-Bone Accident Lawyer

    T-Bone Accidents

    You could get compensation if you were involved in a T-bone accident in Mesquite, TX. Work with a lawyer to show that someone else caused the accident. Your lawyer will investigate the collision and work to bring you damages for your medical expenses and other losses.

    Start working on a claim with a Mesquite T-bone accident lawyer right now. Reach a member of our team for help by calling (469) 998-4069. We are prepared to help you file an insurance claim or a lawsuit in Mesquite.

    Learn More About T-Bone Accidents in the U.S.

    T-bone accidents take place when one vehicle strikes another vehicle on the side. Because of this, T-bone accidents are also called side-impact collisions. These accidents frequently occur at intersections, including:

    • Two-way stops.
    • Four-way stops.
    • Traffic lights.

    However, T-bone accidents may also occur if one vehicle makes a left-hand turn into oncoming traffic. You should take any T-bone collision very seriously. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), side-impact accidents cause around 23% of all fatalities associated with passenger vehicles

    T-bone accidents are often more dangerous when they involve large trucks because vehicles like 18-wheelers and semi-trucks can crush smaller vehicles. Get legal help if you lost a loved one in a side-impact accident with a large truck. Just reach out to a wrongful death lawyer in Mesquite for assistance now.

    Common Results of a Side-Impact Collision in Mesquite

    As we mentioned, some T-bone accidents in Mesquite can prove fatal. However, not all of these accidents are deadly. You may get out of an accident with injuries, instead. Side-impact collisions frequently lead to:

    • Broken bones, especially on the side of your body where your vehicle was struck.
    • Injuries to your neck or back.
    • Head or brain injuries.

    You should get medical treatment if you were hurt in a T-bone accident. Getting care from a healthcare professional can put you on the road to recovery. Additionally, getting treatment right away may show that the collision caused your injuries.

    You can only get compensation if a lawyer shows that the accident led to your losses. Make sure you get treatment quickly. You should also keep all medical paperwork related to your accident, as this could help your lawyer. Call (469) 998-4069 to learn more about how a Mesquite T-bone accident lawyer could build your case.

    Your Compensation for a T-Bone Accident in Mesquite

    A T-bone accident involving a large truck could leave you with high medical bills and other expenses. A lawyer can help you seek compensation for your current and future healthcare bills. Your lawyer may also focus on bringing you damages for other economic losses, such as:

    • Your vehicle repair costs.
    • Your wages lost at work.

    You may even get non-economic damages after a T-bone collision. Non-economic damages don’t directly correlate to a financial loss. These losses are designed to cover your pain and suffering after an accident.

    You can only receive compensation if a lawyer shows that someone else caused your accident. Your lawyer will work to show that the truck driver directly caused the collision. Truck drivers sometimes cause these accidents if they exceed the speed limit. Running a red light or a stop sign could also lead to a side-impact crash. T-bone collisions also occur when drivers make improper turns in Mesquite.

    Options to Secure Damages for a Mesquite Truck Accident

    You might settle with an insurance company after a T-bone accident in Mesquite. A lawyer could help you negotiate with insurance agents to reach a settlement that covers your losses. Many claims are handled in this way in Texas.

    However, there are times when insurance agents won’t treat you fairly after an accident. The insurance representative could try to claim you caused the wreck. They may also argue that you were not actually hurt in the collision.

    In this situation, your lawyer could help you file a lawsuit in court. Your lawyer could represent you in front of a judge and jury, working to resolve your case successfully. You can discuss all of your options to handle an accident claim with us.

    Start Working with a Mesquite T-Bone Accident Lawyer

    Don’t wait to get help after a T-bone accident in Mesquite. Focus on securing compensation for your losses by calling (469) 998-4069. You may also fill out our online contact form. Reach out to a T-bone accident lawyer in Mesquite right now.

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