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    Allen T-Bone Truck Accident Lawyer

    bone accidents

    T-Bone accidents occur when a car or truck slams into the side of your vehicle. They get their name from the “T” shape of the impact. Also known as broadside or side-impact collisions, T-bone accidents are common. They often involve trucks.

    T-bone accident injury rates are high. Fatalities are also common in these accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), T-bone accidents accounted for 23% of all passenger fatalities. Sadly, many of these deadly crashes involved children.

    Any vehicle can be involved in a T-bone accident. However, large trucks often account for the most severe T-boning incidents. When a truck driver causes a side-impact collision, you are likely to suffer much worse injuries. A T-bone accident involving a truck can also cause your car to rollover.

    Due to the severity of these truck accidents, it’s important to get help from a lawyer if you get T-boned. A T-bone accident lawyer can help you understand your rights. As a T-bone accident victim, you may be eligible for a settlement. Compensation from a T-bone accident with a truck can help you get back on your feet.

    Call  (469) 998-4069  to discuss your options with an Allen, TX accident attorney. Each of our Allen attorneys has handled cases for drivers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area just like you. Consultations are complimentary and there’s zero obligation to you. If we don’t win your accident case, you won’t be billed.

    What Happens in a T-Bone Accident

    A T-bone accident can change your life in the blink of an eye. You may be driving through downtown Allen one day and suddenly get hit by a truck. The side-impact collision sends you skidding out of control. You may crash into other cars or even flip over.

    In a T-bone accident, a truck or another car smashes into the side of your vehicle. The impact may occur closer to the front of your car, the back, or directly in the middle. The collision’s angle forms a perpendicular shape resembling a capital letter “T.”

    Often, T-bone accidents shatter your car’s windows. Broken glass causes many T-bone injuries. Damage is often much worse than rear-end or head-on collisions. There is only a thin layer of metal protecting you from the other car or truck. Even cars that are equipped with side airbags are vulnerable when T-boned.

    Why T-Bone Accidents Happen

    T-bone accidents can happen anywhere. However, they are more common near intersections, driveways, or any area where cross-traffic intersects. T-bone accidents involving trucks are more likely to occur near highways and interchanges.

    Common causes of T-bone accidents involving trucks include:

    Running a Red Light or Stop Sign

    Traffic laws exist for a reason. In an intersection, traffic lights and stop signs keep drivers safe by governing the flow of traffic. When a truck driver ignores the rules of the road, they may cause T-bone accidents and other collisions.

    Accidents often occur when a driver runs a red light or doesn’t stop for a stop sign. They may hit a car that’s already in the middle of the intersection. These intersection accidents are almost always T-bone collisions.

    T-boning in an intersection happens when truck drivers intentionally speed. However, sometimes these accidents occur due to negligence. Truck drivers who are on a tight deadline may try to “beat” a yellow light. They may cause an accident when it changes to red sooner than they expected.


    Speeding contributes to T-bone accidents even when a traffic light or stop sign isn’t present. This reckless driving behavior is dangerous to everyone on the road. For example, many T-bone accidents occur when a speeding driver hits a truck that’s leaving a driveway. The speeding driver may not see the truck until it’s too late.

    When truck drivers speed, it’s more difficult for them to control their vehicles. Large trucks like tractor-trailers require more time to come to a complete stop. If a truck driver is traveling above the legal speed limit, they won’t be able to react in time to avoid an accident. This causes a T-bone collision.

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is any behavior that takes a driver’s focus away from the road. This includes texting, eating, talking to a passenger, adjusting the radio, or using a phone without a hands-free device. Maps and logistical data devices often distract truck drivers.

    If a truck driver isn’t paying attention, they may crash into another vehicle. In other accident scenarios, they may also cause a T-bone collision because they are unable to brake in time. Distracted truck driving often proves fatal.

    Driving Under the Influence

    Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can contribute to T-bone accidents. When a truck driver is impaired, they are unable to operate their vehicle safely. They misjudge distances, perform reckless driving maneuvers, or forget to check their blind spots.

    Drowsy Driving

    Drowsy driving, also known as fatigued driving, is another factor in T-bone accidents. Fatigued driving kills approximately 795 people each year. Many of these fatal accidents occur when a truck driver falls asleep behind the wheel and causes a T-bone collision.

    Failure to Yield

    Finally, many T-bone accidents involving trucks occur when a driver fails to yield. This can occur in a traffic circle, an uncontrolled four-way intersection, or on a highway on-ramp. Other T-bone collisions happen when a driver changes lanes incorrectly.

    To avoid a T-bone accident as a result of failing to yield, always obey the local righT-of-way laws. In Texas, oncoming traffic always has the right-of-way. If a truck driver causes a T-bone accident by failing to yield, they will be declared at-fault.

    Liability in a T-bone Accident Involving a Truck

    Determining liability in a T-bone truck accident can be complicated. Sometimes, it isn’t clear which driver causes the collision. However, your accident attorney can help. Our law office in Allen, TX has experience helping drivers just like you determine accident liability.

    Let us assist you. Use our online contact form or call (469) 998-4069 for a free consultation with a T-bone accident lawyer.

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