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    Allen Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    accidents spillage of contents

    Cities like Allen, TX are always growing. As these communities expand, there are more trucks on the road than ever before. In 2016, large commercial trucks hauled over 1.2 billion tons on Texas highways. This cargo benefits all kinds of people and businesses in the Lone Star State.

    But sometimes a truck’s cargo comes loose and causes traffic accidents. These incidents are known as “spillage of contents” accidents. An accident caused by a spillage of contents can occur anywhere. Spilled contents can be responsible for minor fender-benders or fatal collisions. Drivers involved in accidents caused by a spillage of contents may suffer injuries and property damage.

    If you are involved in a truck accident due to spillage of contents, a lawyer can help. Our Allen, TX legal team possesses knowledge of many collision scenarios. We can help determine your eligibility for a settlement, then fight to win on your behalf. If we lose your case, you pay nothing.

    Best of all, consultations are always 100% free with zero obligation. One phone call can help you get your life back on track. Reach out to an Allen, TX truck accident lawyer at (469) 998-4069. You can also book your free consultation online. Act now to explore your legal options after an accident caused by a spillage of contents.

    Types of Spillage of Contents Truck Accidents

    Large commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers transport 71% of all cargo freight in the United States. Trucks can haul almost anything. Food, retail goods, furniture, construction materials, chemicals, and industrial waste are common examples of truck cargo. Large trucks also transport our belongings when we move.

    Due to the wide range of cargo, accidents caused by a spillage of contents usually fall into one or more of the categories below:


    A hazardous accident caused by a spillage of contents occurs when the spilled cargo involves toxic chemicals. These accidents are extra dangerous. They can cause chemical burns or injure a victim’s lungs due to noxious fumes. Exposure to spilled toxic chemicals can also increase a victim’s risk of developing cancer and other rare medical conditions.

    Common hazardous materials involved in accidents caused by a spillage of contents include gasoline, acids, corrosives, and chemical oxidizers. These truck accidents usually require a hazmat suit. They may also shut down the entire street or neighborhood for proper cleanup.


    A non-hazardous accident caused by a spillage of contents involves any cargo that isn’t toxic. Although the contents may be harmless, these accidents are still potentially lethal. Objects spilled from a truck can fall directly onto other cars. They also cause crashes when drivers brake suddenly or swerve to avoid the fallen cargo.

    A non-hazardous accident caused by a spillage of contents cargo includes furniture, lumber, and other construction materials, agricultural goods, and retail items. It can also include harmless liquids like milk or water.

    Liquid Contents

    Accidents caused by a spillage of contents also fall into liquid or solid categories. An accident caused by a spillage of liquid contents usually involves tanker trucks or vehicles hauling barrels of liquid. Accidents involving liquids are dangerous because they cause cars to slide. They also make it difficult to brake correctly.

    Solid Contents

    An accident caused by a spillage of solid contents occurs whenever the fallen cargo is a non-liquid object. Large trucks can transport virtually any solid object. This can include large objects like machine equipment or small items, including gravel.

    Solid contents create accidents when they smash directly into other cars. Fallen objects may shatter a car’s window or send the other driver into a skid. Accidents also occur when other drivers swerve or brake to avoid the dropped cargo.

    Causes of Spillage of Contents Truck Accidents

    Many factors cause spillage of contents truck accidents. The most common causes include:

    Improperly Secured Cargo

    Whether it’s a tractor-trailer or a flatbed truck, transport cargo must be carefully secured. Shipping companies should use ropes, chains, or nets to secure cargo. They should lock trailer doors carefully. Truck drivers also need to check on their cargo en route. Travel can cause secured cargo to come loose.

    When an accident caused by a spillage of contents occurs due to improperly secured cargo, the truck driver’s employer may share liability for the accident. Be sure to collect the shipping company’s information after an accident.

    Unbalanced Cargo

    Unbalanced cargo also results in accidents caused by a spillage of contents. When a truck driver speeds up, their momentum can dislodge the cargo. Objects may slide to one side of the truck when the vehicle turns, or shift forward when it stops.

    This imbalance can affect the driver’s ability to control the truck safely. Unbalanced cargo can also come loose and spill onto the road.


    Sloshing is a unique problem that occurs in tanker-trucks hauling liquid cargo. If the truck’s tanks are partially empty, the liquid inside has room to slosh around. This can cause the vehicle to become imbalanced.

    Sloshing accidents often cause a truck to jackknife or rollover. Then, the liquid can come loose and spill onto the road. It may cause accidents for other drivers.

    Bad Road Conditions

    Large commercial trucks are extra vulnerable to bad road conditions. Icy surfaces, flooding, and dense fog can cause a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle. When bad road conditions cause an accident, they may spill their cargo onto other cars. Other drivers may also get into accidents as they try to avoid the spilled contents.

    Infrastructure damage like potholes and uneven surfaces also contribute to the risk of an accident caused by a spillage of contents.

    Driver Negligence

    Finally, driver negligence often plays a role in accidents caused by a spillage of contents. A truck driver who is intoxicated, tired, or distracted may not secure their cargo correctly. They may also cause an accident when they lose control of their truck.

    Liability in Accidents Caused by a Spillage of Contents

    If you’re in an accident caused by spillage of contents, multiple parties may be liable for damages in a lawsuit. You may be able to seek compensation from:

    • The truck driver
    • The truck driver’s employer
    • Any shipping or logistics companies involved with loading the cargo

    To explore your legal rights after an accident caused by a spillage of contents, call (469) 998-4069 or schedule an appointment online for a free accident consultation.

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