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    Richardson Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    Richardson Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    Transport trucks are essential to the economy. 18 wheelers, tanker trucks, and oversized load vehicles play a vital role in most industries. They deliver cargo from ports, factories, and warehouses to consumers. Without large trucks, many businesses would be unable to function.

    There are millions of trucks on the road every day in America. Unfortunately, tractor-trailers are responsible for many serious accidents. They cause damage to vehicles, injuries, and even deaths. Some of the worst truck accidents are caused by spillage of contents.

    In a spillage of contents accident, a transport vehicle spills its cargo onto the road. The spilled contents can cause direct damage to cars in the immediate vicinity. They also create accidents when other drivers stop or swerve suddenly to avoid the fallen cargo.

    According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), highway fatalities are the second leading cause of injury death in the United States. Many of these deaths occur due to spillage of contents accidents. These accidents also injure thousands of people every year.

    Were you injured in an accident involving spillage of contents? If so, you can pursue a personal injury settlement. You may be eligible for damages to help pay medical bills, cover lost wages, or replace a damaged vehicle.

    Contact a Richardson, TX accident lawyer today. Our legal team offers free consultations. Use our website contact form or call (214) 740-4556 to schedule an appointment. There’s zero obligation. If we take your case and don’t win, you won’t be billed.

    Types of Accidents Caused by Spillage of Contents

    When spilled contents cause an accident, the aftermath can be frightening. No two spillage of contents accidents are exactly alike. Driver speed, road conditions, and weather can all affect the accident scene. These crashes often involve multiple vehicles. You may experience a side-impact collision, a rollover crash, or a rear-end accident.

    However, there are two main types of spillage of contents accidents:

    • Accidents caused by spilled liquid materials
    • Accidents caused by spilled solid materials or fallen objects

    Each type of accident is dangerous for unique reasons.

    Accidents Caused by Spilled Liquids

    In an accident caused by spilled liquids, the road becomes hazardous. It may become slippery or sticky. Any liquid on asphalt affects the tire traction of other vehicles. Cars may skid out of control and crash into one another, or slide off-road and roll over. Spilled liquids also make it harder for a driver to steer and brake. Rear-end collisions are common.

    Furthermore, the type of spilled liquid can contribute to the severity of the accident. Some liquids, like water or milk, are nontoxic. These liquids don’t pose a threat beyond the slippery road conditions they create. However, many tanker trucks carry toxic substances like gasoline or corrosive chemicals.

    When hazardous materials spill, the injury risk increases beyond collisions. Many of these liquid materials cause fires or produce toxic fumes. Victims may receive chemical burns in these accidents. They may also experience lung problems, sustain neurological damage, or develop certain cancers.

    Accidents Caused by Spilled Solids

    In a spillage of contents accident involving solids, the potential outcome could be different yet no less severe. In these accidents, the spilled contents consist of a non-liquid material or object.

    Common items involved in spillage of contents accidents include:

    • Lumber
    • Loose gravel
    • Construction materials or equipment such as ladders
    • Agricultural goods like fruit or vegetables
    • Furniture, mattresses, or other large items from moving vans

    The size of the spilled contents tends to dictate the type of accident that occurs. When the spill involves smaller objects like gravel or vegetables, it creates a road hazard.

    Cars may not be damaged by the spilled objects themselves. However, they may cause accidents when the items get underneath their tires. They may skid uncontrollably and collide with another car.

    When the spilled contents consist of large items, such as lumber or furniture, cars can be damaged by the falling object itself. The cargo may break through the windshield and injure or kill someone inside the vehicle.

    Large objects create further hazards when they block lanes of traffic. Whenever there’s an item in the road, drivers are forced to stop unexpectedly or steer around it to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, many drivers cause accidents by colliding with another car instead of the object.

    What Causes a Spillage of Contents Accident?

    A spillage of contents accident can happen due to several reasons. Here are some of the most common factors involved in these accidents:

    Improperly Secured Cargo

    Whether solid or liquid, cargo trucks need to secure their contents carefully. When secured improperly, the contents become loose and spill onto the road.

    In an open flatbed, cargo needs to be secured with tight straps, chains, or netting. These security measures need to be constantly checked and adjusted at regular stops during the driver’s route, as they may stretch. If straps or nets come loose, the contents may spill and cause an accident.

    In a cargo trailer, the driver must ensure that the trailer’s doors are properly closed and locked. Inside the trailer, cargo must be secured in place to avoid loss of balance. Cargo that isn’t tied down can shift during travel. It may slide into the rear of the trailer and cause the door to spring open.

    Mechanical Failure

    Even when cargo is properly secured, mechanical failure can still cause a spillage of contents accident. On a trailer door, locks and hinges may break due to rust or metal fatigue. On flatbeds, straps and chains may snap.

    When mechanical failure induces a spillage of contents accident, liability may shift to the transport company. The cargo truck’s owner is responsible for performing regular maintenance and safety checks. If they’ve cut corners and skipped a recent repair, it could cause a deadly accident.

    Legal Help for an Accident Caused by Spillage of Contents

    If spilled contents caused your car accident, it’s time to explore your legal options. Our Richardson accident lawyers can help. Call our law offices at (214) 740-4556 for a free consultation today.

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