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    Allen Truck Accidents in Intersection Lawyer

    accidents in intersection

    Intersections are a small percentage of Texas roadways. However, accident statistics suggest that almost 50% of all collisions happen in an intersection. Intersection accidents often involve trucks, which can make them very dangerous or even deadly.

    Truck accidents are common in intersections because these areas can be confusing to drivers. In an intersection, multiple roads converge and traffic goes in many directions. There may also be pedestrians, motorcyclists, or railroad crossings. As a result, intersections are much more complicated than other parts of the road.

    Intersection accidents can be minor fender-benders or severe wrecks. If a truck is involved, the accident is more likely to cause serious damage. Your car may be declared a total loss and you may be injured. In the worst accidents, someone may be killed.

    It can be a long, difficult road to recovery after an intersection accident involving a truck. That’s why you deserve compensation. You may be eligible for an accident settlement that can help pay medical bills, replace a totaled vehicle, and cover lost wages. If you’ve been in a truck accident in an intersection, you have rights.

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    Common Types of Intersections in Texas

    There are eight types of traffic intersections in the United States. However, not all drivers will encounter every type of intersection on their daily commute. In Allen and other cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the most common types of intersection are:

    Four-Way Intersections

    Four-way intersections occur whenever two streets intersect, forming a “cross” shape. These intersections are very common in urban and suburban areas. Truck accidents often happen in four-way intersections due to driver negligence. Motorists may drive at unsafe speeds, run a red light, or make unsafe lane changes.

    When a truck is involved in a four-way intersection accident, the collision can be disastrous. Large trucks have very large blind spots. Truck drivers may be unable to see other cars, bicycles, and pedestrians who may be in the intersection. They may also be unable to stop their truck or swerve in time to avoid a collision.

    T-Junction Intersections

    A T-junction intersection gets its name from its shape. In this type of intersection, one street comes to an end at a perpendicular street. A driver reaching the perpendicular street must turn left or right. Often, this type of intersection consists of a smaller residential street ending on a busier thoroughfare.

    Truck accidents occur in T-junction intersections when drivers become confused about the right-of-way. Unless otherwise indicated, a car on the ending street must yield to the traffic on the through-street. Unfortunately, this may be confusing to some drivers.

    Traffic Circles

    Also known as roundabouts, a traffic circle is an intersection where drivers enter a circular crossing. They must yield to oncoming traffic and drive counter-clockwise until they reach their exit.

    Traffic circles can be confusing to unfamiliar drivers. A driver may cause a traffic circle accident involving a truck when they change lanes improperly or fail to yield. If you’re driving in a traffic circle frequented by large trucks, be extra cautious to avoid an accident.

    Controlled Intersections

    A controlled intersection is an intersection where traffic is governed by traffic lights. They can be four-way intersections, t-junctions, traffic circles, or any other kind of intersection. In a controlled intersection, the right-of-way is determined by signals on the stoplight.

    Controlled intersections have green lights, yellow lights, and red lights. They may also have special lights to indicate when drivers can turn, as well as crosswalk signals for pedestrians. Some controlled intersections also change traffic rules during rush hour. For example, there may be a special signal light forbidding left turns at certain times of the day.

    On less busy streets, controlled intersections use stop signs or yield signs instead of traffic lights. Truck accidents that occur in these intersections usually happen when drivers don’t understand the Texas right-of-way laws.

    Uncontrolled Intersections

    Similarly, any type of intersection can also be an uncontrolled intersection. An uncontrolled intersection is an intersection where there are no traffic lights or signs. Uncontrolled intersections are more common in rural areas.

    Statistics About Intersection Accidents Involving Trucks

    Truck crashes in an intersection are among the worst automotive accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), three driving behaviors cause the majority of accidents in intersections:

    • Turning left (22% of total accidents)
    • Crossing (12.6% of total accidents)
    • Turning right (1.2% of total accidents)

    An estimated 52.5% of intersection accidents occur at intersections with traffic lights, while 31.3% occur at intersections controlled by stop signs.

    Other contributing factors in intersection accidents involving trucks include:

    • Speeding and reckless driving
    • Drowsy driving
    • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Poor road conditions, including bad weather
    • Blind spots and limited visibility

    Intersection Accident Safety

    Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent a truck accident at an intersection. Large trucks, including delivery vehicles and semis, can cause accidents due to their large size and limited maneuverability. A large truck may be unable to stop or swerve in time to avoid an accident in an intersection.

    However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk. First, always pay attention to the rules of the road. Follow all traffic lights and signs. Don’t speed, maintain a safe following distance, and don’t pass if it isn’t safe. Watch for pedestrians, cyclists, and road hazards.

    Make sure you know the right-of-way laws. In Texas, the driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right. If you reach a four-way intersection at the same time as a truck, check your position. If the truck is on your right, you must wait for them to go first. This will prevent an accident in the intersection.

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