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    Allen Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Allen You Can Get Compensation after a Motorcycle Accident

    Individuals in Allen, TX have the right to enjoy motorcycle rides around our beautiful city streets. Unfortunately, you run the risk of being involved in a serious accident every time you get on a motorcycle around other drivers.

    Motorcycles are smaller than most other vehicles on the road. This means motorcycle drivers have limited protection in the event of an accident. The size of a motorcycle also makes it more difficult for other drivers to see motorcyclists. These facts mean that motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to be killed in accidents than drivers in other motor vehicles.

    If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, you need to get help. Your wounds will need treated by medical professionals. You also need help dealing with insurance agents and the court system.

    A legal professional can help you fight for the compensation you need after an accident. Our group of Allen motorcycle accident lawyers can start investigating your accident right away.

    Laws for Motorcycle Usage in Allen

    Motorcyclists have to pass a drivers’ test, just like all other motorists in Allen. Additionally, motorcyclists are often required to wear helmets. The state of Texas does allow you to ride without a helmet in some situations.

    However, riding without a helmet can make it more difficult to get compensation after an accident. Sometimes other drivers will argue that going without a helmet is reckless behavior. We can help you stand up against these frivolous claims to get full compensation for your injuries.

    Establishing Fault for a Motorcycle Accident

    You will only get compensation for your motorcycle accident if your legal team can prove the other driver caused the accident. Establishing fault is a difficult process that requires hard work and legal knowledge.

    Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Allen have experience getting to the truth about accidents like yours. We’ll work tirelessly with professional investigators to find out exactly who caused your accident.

    It is very important that you get skilled help on your side to prove fault for the accident. Texas can assign fault to multiple people for an accident. You only receive compensation if you are found to be less than 50% to blame for the wreck.

    Additionally, Texas will reduce the amount of compensation you receive depending on your percentage of responsibility for an accident. For example, someone with 40% responsibility will receive less compensation than someone who is only 10% responsible.

    We understand that you need the amount of compensation to handle medical bills and repair costs. Let us start working on your case today so you are not overwhelmed by unfair debt.

    You Can Get Compensation after a Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcycle accidents have a reputation for leaving drivers with high medical bills and repair costs. We’ll aggressively work to ensure that you get compensation for:

    • Current and Future Medical Bills
    • Losses Related to Physical Impairment
    • Pain and Suffering Associated with the Accident

    The legal code in Texas also allows motorcycle accident victims to receive damages for:

    • Current Lost Wages
    • Loss of Earning Capacity
    • Damage to the Motorcycle

    We understand all the damages you are legally entitled to. We can take on your case and make sure that insurance companies don’t try to avoid paying you fair compensation for any portion of your injuries.

    Motorcycle Accidents Must Be Handled Quickly

    Many motorcyclists just want to recover after an accident. Unfortunately, you don’t have unlimited time to build your case. Texas only gives you two years to bring a suit against the driver that caused the accident.

    Individuals who wait past this two-year statute of limitations will be denied any compensation for their injuries.

    We can start working on your case right now. We’ll address any legal hurdles while you continue recovering from your injuries.

    Getting Help from an Allen Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is Easy

    The last thing you need after a motorcycle accident is more stress. Our Allen motorcycle accident lawyers make handling your motorcycle accident suit as painless as possible, starting with a FREE consultation to go over your specific needs. We promise all of our clients dedicated service. We won’t accept legal fees unless we win your case or bring you a fair settlement to cover your damages.

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