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    Who Can Be Sued in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

    You may want to seek compensation through a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident in Dallas. In this situation, who can be sued in a motorcycle accident case? You may be able to sue the driver who struck you. You could also be able to seek compensation from the company that manufactured the motorcycle.

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    You May Sue the Other Driver After a Motorcycle Accident

    You could be able to file a lawsuit against a driver who struck you. This holds true if you were operating a motorcycle. In order to get compensation through a lawsuit against the other driver, a Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer may need to show that:

    • The other driver took an action directly.
    • This action resulted in a motor vehicle collision.
    • The collision caused your injuries and losses.

    Your lawyer may investigate exactly what happened in your accident to establish these facts. This could involve speaking with witnesses and requesting the police report filed after your motorcycle accident. A lawyer may even work with an accident reconstruction specialist here in Dallas. This provides a deeper look at your accident.

    Filing a lawsuit against the driver who caused your accident may require you to use a personal injury or property damage claim in Dallas. Note that you only have two years to file this type of claim in Dallas in most cases. The statute of limitations for your claim may expire after this amount of time.

    Other Parties May Be Responsible for a Motorcycle Accident

    The other driver involved in your accident may not be responsible for causing the collision in all circumstances. For example, in some cases, motorcycle accidents are caused by a defective part. A defective vehicle may cause an accident. In this situation, you may be able to file a lawsuit against:

    • The company that constructed your motorcycle or the other vehicle
    • A company that created a defective part included in your motorcycle or the other vehicle

    You could also file a lawsuit against the dealership that sold you the motorcycle. Dealerships could face legal issues if they were aware of the defect and sold you the bike. You may suffer more serious injuries in a motorcycle accident because your helmet was defective. A lawyer could help you file a lawsuit against the company that made your helmet.

    If you are suing a company regarding a defective motorcycle or helmet, you will need to file a product liability lawsuit. A product liability claim resembles a personal injury claim. However, you must file one of these claims within 15 years of the time you first purchased the defective product.

    Compensation Awarded Through a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

    You could be able to secure compensation for losses associated with your collision. You could sue another party after a motorcycle accident in Dallas. A jury may award you damages to cover your:

    • Healthcare expenses
    • Costs to repair your motorcycle
    • Wages you lost during your recovery
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    Note that you may not receive full compensation if you are found to be partially at-fault for a motorcycle accident in Dallas. The state of Texas uses modified comparative negligence laws. These laws state that the compensation you are awarded may correlate directly to your percentage of liability for the accident.

    You may get some level of compensation after a motorcycle accident if you were partially at fault. This applies as long as you are not more than 50% at fault for the collision.

    Consider Settling a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Dallas

    Not all motorcycle accident claims in Dallas are handled in court. Most accident claims are settled with the insurance company representing the driver who caused the accident. A settlement may allow you to:

    • Resolve your case more quickly
    • Avoid paying costly court fees

    A Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer could help you negotiate with insurance agents to secure compensation for your losses. Begin working on your claim today. Find out more about your legal options following a motorcycle collision. Speak to a lawyer to get answers to your questions.

    Find Out Who Can Be Sued in a Motorcycle Accident Case

    You may be able to sue the driver who struck you, the company that made your motorcycle, and parties after a Dallas motorcycle accident. Find out more about your specific options today by contacting a Dallas car accident lawyer. Discuss the facts of your case today with a free consultation and get ready to secure compensation for your losses.

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