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    Denton Car Accident Lawyer

    Car Accident Lawyers Denton Getting Compensation for a Car Accident in Denton

    You may be entitled to monetary compensation if you were injured in a car accident in Denton. Car accidents often leave innocent people with serious injuries to their:

    • Head and Brain
    • Neck and Spinal Cord
    • Internal Organs

    Car accident victims can end up suffering from whiplash, burns, paralysis, and even death. You deserve fair damages if a negligent driver collided with your motor vehicle and caused any injuries. Unfortunately, the at-fault driver may try to treat you unfairly.

    A Denton car accident lawyer can help you handle this situation. Our team of legal professionals has years of experience helping clients in your shoes fight for the compensation they need. Our Denton auto accident attorneys will aggressively pursue the at-fault driver while you recover from your injuries.

    We Can Take on Complicated Car Accident Cases

    Car accidents are frequently caused by drivers who are breaking traffic laws or driving negligently. Your case may be easy to handle if the driver is caught speeding or driving under the influence.

    However, not all car accident cases are so easy to handle. This is especially true because Texas uses proportionate responsibility to handle car accident claims. Proportionate responsibility means that more than one driver can be considered responsible for an accident.

    You can still get compensation if you are partially responsible for a car accident. Our Denton auto accident lawyers aim will be that your responsibility for the accident was minimal, as you will receive a smaller amount of compensation if you carry a large portion of the blame for the collision.

    What are the complicated types of cases our car accident lawyers can help you with?

    Getting Compensation for a Car Accident in Denton

    Generally, victims of car accidents are entitled to damages to cover medical expenses, repair costs for their vehicles, lost wages, and mental anguish. In some situations, you may be awarded exemplary damages as a way to punish the responsible driver.

    You may deserve compensation if you were involved in any kind of collision, including a:

    • Rollover Crash
    • Rear-End Crash
    • Head-On Crash
    • Side Impact Crash
    • Blind Spot Crash

    You could also be entitled to damages if you lost a loved one due to another driver’s actions. Our wrongful death lawyers can help you build a case in this situation. Getting compensation after a motor vehicle accident can usually be accomplished in one of two ways:

    A Settlement

    Your case may be resolved with a settlement if the insurance company agrees to pay you fair compensation without a courtroom fight. Reaching a settlement generally requires a period of tense negotiations. Our Denton car accident attorneys can handle all legal arguments and we refuse to accept a sub-par settlement for our clients.

    A Courtroom Win

    Car accident lawsuits allow us to fight for your compensation if an insurance company refuses to treat you fairly. Our Denton car accident lawyers have spent years developing strategies that work to win lawsuits for our clients. You will have the best chance of success if you reach out to us immediately after a car accident.

    Select the Right Car Accident Law Firm

    Getting the compensation you need after a car accident can depend on a wide range of factors. You can increase your chances of getting full damages by reaching out for help right away. You also improve the odds that your case will be resolved successfully be picking a car accident lawyer with a history of wins.

    Our team of car accident lawyers in Denton has spent years helping clients just like you. We have the resources to go toe-to-toe with any insurance company and we won’t let our clients get pushed around.

    We also believe in providing our clients with fair, honest treatment. You should be able to trust your law firm not to take advantage of you. That’s why we offer free consultations and refuse to accept payment for legal fees unless we bring you a fair settlement or win your case in court.

    Reach Out to Our Denton Car Accident Lawyers Today

    The road to successfully handling a car accident case starts with getting professional help on your side. Our team of Denton car accident lawyers has a reputation for helping car accident victims get the compensation they need to handle medical debt and repair costs. We can start going over your legal options right now. Just call us at (469) 998-4069 or complete our online contact form.

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