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    Car and Auto Accidents

    Car Accidents FAQ: Questions & Answers by Dallas Car Accident Lawyers

    List with common answers to different FAQs after injuries from an auto accident in the Dallas, Texas area. Have you been injured or need help with your personal injury claim in Dallas for a car, auto, truck, or motorcycle accident near Dallas, TX? Read our car accident list with some of the most FAQs about Dallas auto accident law, filing a personal injury claim after auto and car accident in Dallas, Texas. Read more about our Practice Areas and Areas we serve.

    Even with ideal driving conditions and taking all reasonable precautions, it is impossible to predict when an unfortunate automobile accident may occur. Recent data showed eleven of the 50 most dangerous highways in the United States are in Texas. The study, conducted by Value Penguin, pulled data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (NHTSA-FARS). The report factored in several different variables in making the assessment, such as fatalities per crash, miles-traveled per capita and percentage of fatal non-vehicle collisions. While no one wants to be one of these statistics, car accidents do happen and they can have lasting detrimental effects.

    Dallas Car and Auto Accidents FAQs

    Disastrous situations out on Texas public roadways have many causes, but it is generally unsafe to speed, follow someone too closely, drive distracted by some form of technology or drive while impaired.  Additionally, environmental conditions such as rain, snow or decreased visibility can increase the chances of these unfortunate and unexpected events. If you must drive in snow or other less safe weather conditions, it is a best practice to ensure your car is equipped with appropriate tires and other safety equipment.

    03-6-2020 What Happens When You Get Your Third DWI in Texas?

    Driving while impaired (DWI) charges are significant crimes that are treated harshly and seriously by Texas courts. Repeat offenses are even worse and result in even harsher punishments. If you get a third DWI in Texas, penalties can range from…

    02-12-2020 Who Is at Fault When a Car Hits a Cyclist?

    The latest statistics available from the Texas Department of Transportation on motor vehicle accidents are from 2018, which saw a more than 26% increase in pedal cyclist fatalities. This, coupled with the fact that even more bicyclists were injured, means…

    01-3-2020 What Should I do After a Drunk Driving Car Accident in Dallas?

    Drunk driving accidents rank among some of the most insidious car crashes in popular opinion, and with good reason. Due to the fact that drunk drivers have slower reaction times, are largely unaware of their surroundings, and have lowered inhibitions…

    01-3-2020 How Can I Get My Medical Bills Paid After a Car Accident In Dallas?

    Dallas car accidents can result in significant injuries that affect the rest of an injured person’s life. Even in the immediate aftermath of a car wreck, injured people can face mounting medical debt and difficult prospects for long-term recovery. The…

    12-5-2019 Who Is Liable For A Car Accident In A Construction Zone In Dallas?

    Dallas is a metropolitan area that is constantly growing and evolving. Of course, this means that there are plenty of construction zones around the city, leading to potential road hazards and significant car crashes. For laypeople, car wrecks in construction…

    12-5-2019 What Should I Look for in a Car Accident Attorney in Dallas?

    In the aftermath of a serious car crash, the selection of an attorney may be the most important, pivotal decision you make. Car accident lawyers can help you coordinate care, collect and preserve crucial evidence, negotiate settlements with opposing parties,…

    12-5-2019 What If the Other Driver Is Uninsured in Dallas?

    According to data from the Insurance Research Council, as reported by the Insurance Journal, more than 14% of drivers in Texas are uninsured. This is despite the fact that Texas law requires drivers to have liability insurance in order to…

    12-5-2019 What Happens If You Hit a Pedestrian With Your Car in Dallas?

    Roadways through big cities like Dallas are notoriously complex, and it is not uncommon for cars to share the road with bicycles, motorcycles, and even pedestrians. The latter group is woefully unprotected from injuries in the event of a collision,…

    12-5-2019 Should I Admit Fault For Car Accident In Dallas?

    “Fault” is a legal determination about the person responsible for a car accident. As such, it is never wise to admit fault at the scene of an accident or in conversation with insurance agents. In fact, an admission of fault…

    If you become an injured in a car or Dallas automobile accident, you may need legal assistance in recovering costs from medical bills or loss of wages, should you become unable to work. Our dedicated attorneys are here to help you through the sometimes difficult process of obtaining your rightful compensation. Read our materials and give us a call today for a free consultation with Dallas car accident lawyer.

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