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    What Facts Do I Need To Gather After A Car Accident In Dallas?

    After a Dallas car accident, one of the most important steps is the gathering and preservation of evidence and facts about the crash. It is also important to get information about any and all drivers who are also involved in the wreck. By getting as much data as possible, you give your attorneys a better starting point from which to pursue compensation, have the necessary information at the negotiating table, plan arguments for litigation, and build a case for the opposing driver’s fault.

    The legal representatives at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, are skilled at handling all kinds of car accident claims. If you are injured, get in touch with one of our attorneys to learn more about the kinds of information you can gather that will aid in our pursuit of justice for you and your family.

    Facts I Can Gather at the Scene of My Accident

    Immediately after your car crash, you may be able to gather crucial evidence if you are not too seriously injured. It is important to work fast to gather these facts because the evidence, unfortunately, can be lost over time if it is not preserved.

    Drivers’ Information

    Of course, you will need to get information from the opposing drivers in your accident. This includes their license information, contact information, and their insurance policy number.

    Pictures of the Crash Site

    If you have a camera phone, take pictures of the scene. Get photos of the damage to all vehicles, any tire tracks or other markings left on the road, weather conditions that may have contributed to the accident (such as puddles), and other relevant facts about the crash (such as its proximity to a construction area).

    The Police Crash Report

    You should always call law enforcement after a wreck. When an officer arrives, they will create a police crash report that contains facts about the scenario of the crash, the drivers’ names and information, and other data that can be useful to your attorneys.

    Eyewitness Information

    Other facts you can gather at the scene are the names and contact methods for any eyewitnesses. Attorneys will want to get in touch with them as soon as possible before their memory of the accident fades.

    Facts I Can Gather Later

    Not all facts will be available to you in the immediate wake of the accident. Most notably, it may take time for you to discover and catalog all of the damages that you suffer as a result of your crash. Evidence of these damages can include the following.

    My Medical Records

    You should seek medical care as soon as possible after your accident. Not only does this establish care and link your injuries to the accident, but it also helps you gauge the value of your injuries. For example, injuries to the back and neck can have far-reaching consequences that are not apparent to laypeople at first glance. A doctor may be able to tell you the extent of the harms you suffered, including a possible reduction in your ability to earn a living.

    Rental and Repair Costs

    If your car needs repairs, replacement, or a rental vehicle until you can get your car fixed, make sure to gather these facts in the form of bills and other relevant paperwork. You may be able to recover these costs from the at-fault party.

    Facts About My Daily Life

    Damages like physical pain, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment in life, loss of consortium with your spouse, and similar harms are all compensable. They all factor into the amount you are owed by the at-fault party. By documenting your daily life and gathering testimony from friends and family about how the accident changed you and affected you, the value of your claim can increase.

    Why I Need My FREE Consultation With Attorneys

    Dallas Car Accident Lawyers offers our clients a FREE initial consultation with our skilled car accident attorneys. At this meeting, we can assess the facts that you have gathered and help to determine the validity and value of your claim. The facts you gather can help determine fault, which is important in all personal injury claims. Due to Texas’ system of proportionate responsibility, the amount of compensation you are owed will be reduced by the percentage of fault you share. Any information you have that shows the fault of the other driver, therefore, increases the amount of compensation you may receive.

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