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    Who Determines the Value of my Car After a Car Accident in Dallas?

    When you are involved in a car crash in Dallas, one of the major aspects of your claim will be valuating all the damages you suffer as a result of the crash. Of course, damage to your vehicle is one of the most prominent forms of harm that you suffer in a car wreck, so it is important to ensure that you get the proper value of your car. Insurances companies will determine the value of your car by seeking assistance from their own adjusters, bluebook websites like Kelley Blue Book or the National Automobile Dealers Association, and sometimes even mechanics at body shops.

    However, it may be important for you to seek help from a skilled attorney who can set you up with experts in valuing your damages. If the insurance company’s assessment of your car’s value is significantly lower than what you would expect, you may be missing out on money if they offer you a settlement package. At Dallas Car Accident Lawyers, we work to ensure that your right to compensation is protected and you get the value possible for the harms you suffered.

    Factors That Affect My Car’s Value

    The insurance company will take into account several different aspects of your vehicle and its damage when determining its value. Some of those factors include the following.

    Status When Purchased

    Whether your car was new or used when you first obtained it can affect how much the insurance company is willing to offer for it. A newer vehicle usually has a higher value than an older, used model.

    Manufacturing Information

    Another factor considered by insurance adjusters is the make and model of your car. Certain makes and models may have higher performance ratings, higher initial costs, and other considerations that improve their value. Rarer vehicles are also typically worth more than vehicles that are more common.

    The Condition of My Car

    The state of your car goes a long way toward determining its monetary value. For example, its mileage, the condition of the interior, structural damage, its history of maintenance, and the presence of additional features can all factor into the insurance company’s assessment. Cars in better condition tend to fetch a higher value than cars in poorer condition.

    How to Evaluate My Claim’s Value

    There are many strategies that can help you get the most out of your car accident claim, but it is best to consult with experienced Dallas car accident attorneys before embarking on negotiations.

    Don’t Take the First Offer

    Usually, insurance companies will want to settle a claim early for a low settlement. You may be flustered and in need of a resolution to your case, but do not take the initial offer. It is better to get advice from legal representatives before accepting anything because accepting an offer can mean losing out on the value that should have been included in your settlement.

    Assess All of My Damages

    There are many different forms that your harms can take beyond simply damage to your vehicle. Other issues can include your own personal injuries, bills associated with the wreck like medical expenses, and even the subjective ways like loss of enjoyment in life that your car accident negatively impacted you (Civil Practice and Remedies Code: Chapter 41). Get in touch with Dallas Car Accident Lawyers for help cataloging all your damages.

    File My Claim on Time

    Also, it is crucial to file your claim within Texas’ two-year statute of limitations period. Essentially, you have two years from the date of your car crash to file a claim for compensation. If you wait beyond that time limit, you risk losing the legal right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party and their insurance company. Our skilled lawyers work diligently to preserve our clients’ rights and file your claims within the appropriate deadlines.

    Consulting With Local Attorneys

    Another way to evaluate your potential settlement is to bring local Dallas attorneys into your case. Local lawyers have distinct advantages, such as being more familiar with the Dallas court system, having worked with local judges, understanding the tendencies of local Dallas juries if your case goes to trial, and having experience negotiating with many of the same opposing attorneys. Dallas Car Accident Lawyers can put our years of experience to work for you.

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