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    What Are The Most Common Injuries From A Car Accident?

    Car accidents in Dallas can occur in a number of different ways, and the variety of injuries sustained in these wrecks can be just as multitudinous. Common injuries include both incapacitating injuries as well as less severe harms that do not incapacitate the person. Regardless of the severity of an injury, the injured person may be owed compensation from the opposing driver. The best action to take if you are injured in any car crash is to get in touch with skilled legal counsel who can assess your case and determine whether or not a lawsuit for compensation is applicable.

    Dallas Car Accident Lawyers have worked with clients whose injuries span the spectrum of severity. Our attorneys may be able to help you and your family get the compensation you need to move on from this tragic event.

    Severe Injuries Common in Dallas Car Accidents

    According to the latest data collected by the Texas Department of Transportation, the Dallas area has more than 55,000 car crashes per year, with nearly 13,000 of them resulting in injuries. Serious injuries like those listed below can have a life-changing effect on the people who suffer them, and they deserve to be compensated significantly.

    Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

    The brain is protected by the skull, but trauma can cause it to move around. The bruising and swelling of the brain in these circumstances leads to Traumatic Brain Injuries, which in turn can lead to the loss of motor function, skills, speech, and more.

    Spinal Cord Damage

    Human bodies are highly dependent upon the integrity of the spinal column. Damage to this important area can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia, both of which are forms of paralysis that can be permanent or temporary. A person who suffers such an injury may be unable to work. Even if the injury does not result in paralysis, it can result in severe pain from broken discs or pinched nerves.

    Loss of Limb

    One of the most devastating injuries a person can suffer is the loss of a body part. Damage to bones in the hands, arms, legs, feet, fingers, and toes can result in that area of the body requiring amputation. Obviously, a person who suffers from loss of limb may lose a significant range of motion or physical abilities, leaving them unable to work in the same capacity as their former self.

    Mid-Level Car Crash Injuries

    Many car wrecks result in injuries that are harmful but not quite as severe as those listed above. These mid-level harms can still have a significant impact on a person’s life, and they should be compensated accordingly.


    A common form of Traumatic Brain Injury, concussions are usually temporary and have less serious side effects. Essentially, they are “minor” TBIs. However, no injury to the brain is truly minor, and a person who has suffered a concussion may still experience a reduction of mental or physical capacities.

    Broken Bones

    Another common injury in car accidents is the breaking of one or more bones. While painful, broken bones usually can be healed over time, given the right medical care. In many of these cases, the person will eventually regain full use of their limb, though they may be able to seek compensation for weeks or months missed from work during their recovery period.


    So common that it has entered many people’s vernacular, whiplash is an injury to the neck that happens when the head is jolted forward and backward vigorously. The result can include intense pain, limited neck movement, stiff neck muscles, headaches, and more.

    Compensation for These Injuries

    The severity of an injury will affect the value of a personal injury claim. For example, someone who loses a limb as a result of a car accident will likely be able to recover substantially more compensation than a person who suffers only bruises and scrapes. If you are injured in a car accident, it is important to understand the forms that your damages can take so that you can sue for the true value of your claim.

    Economic Harm

    The first category of damages includes all of the harms that directly impact your bank account. Examples include medical expenses, car repair costs, lost wages, and ability to earn wages in the future.

    Non-economic Harm

    Injuries can have other non-monetary effects on a person’s life. These are still part of the damages that person suffers, and they should be compensated. Examples of non-economic harms include loss of enjoyment in life, physical pain, loss of consortium with a spouse, and similar ills.

    Getting Experienced Counsel

    Dallas Car Accident Lawyers is here to help injured people seek justice. To get in touch with our experienced legal counselors today, enter your contact information on our contact page or call us at (469) 998-4069. There is no fee unless we win, and your initial consultation is 100% FREE.

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