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    Allen Personal Injury Lawyer

    From a simple slip and fall accident to a devastating pedestrian vs.

    From a simple slip and fall accident to a devastating pedestrian vs. motor vehicle wreck, personal injury claims are designed to help injured people get compensation from the person who caused their injury.

    What types of injuries can our law offices help you with?

    At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, our attorneys have helped numerous clients just like you pursue justice and get the financial award they need to get their lives back in order after a disastrous injury. Our previous cases have spanned the gamut of personal injury claims, including:

    We are aware of the struggles you may face as you and your family recover from this unfortunate tragedy. Relationships can become strained due to stress, the physical medical recovery process can be difficult, and your financial security may be depleted by an inability to work. Our attorneys can help you through this time by handling the legal aspects of your claim, cataloging and preserving evidence, negotiating with opposing counsel for a proper settlement to avoid trial, and protecting your rights in court.

    Evidence in My Claim

    Your personal injury claim revolves around evidence to support your argument of the other party’s fault. Instead of trying to collect evidence and navigate your own investigation into the details of the claim, the Allen personal injury lawyers at our firm can take care of that for you.

    What type of evidence is needed for a personal injury case in Allen, Texas?

    The evidence will depend on the specifics of your accident, and each claim is different. However, we can use this evidence to argue for the appropriate apportionment of fault in your case.

    How Fault Affects My Compensation

    Texas law uses a method called proportionate responsibility to divvy up the fault, or blame, for a personal injury claim. Essentially, there are two elements of this method. First, you may only receive compensation for your injuries if you are no more than 50% at fault for an accident. In other words, if the majority of the blame for your accident is attributed to you, you will not be awarded compensation.

    The second aspect of proportionate responsibility is that the total compensation you are awarded will be reduced by the percentage of fault that is attributed to you by the court. For instance, if your damages total $300,000 and the court finds you to be 10% at fault for the accident, the total amount you will receive will be reduced by 10%. In this case, you would receive $270,000 instead of the full amount.

    Evidence that is collected and preserved by our Allen personal injury attorneys at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, can help the court find the opposing party more responsible and thereby increase the amount of compensation you receive.

    Pursuing My Rightful Compensation

    The compensation you are awarded is designed to alleviate and “make up for” the damages you suffer as a result of your injury. In most personal injury cases, like a more straightforward rear end car accident, there will be two categories of compensation: economic and non-economic.

    Economic Harms

    This category includes the damages you suffer that have a direct impact on your finances. Often, examples of this kind of harm come with bills or receipts and have a relatively objective value. Some economic harms you may experience include the loss of wages due to an injury, medical bills, and the cost of replacing or repairing any damaged equipment.

    Non-economic Harms

    The other kind of damages for which you can be compensated are called non-economic damages and are much more subjective. Since they affect the individual person’s living circumstances and mental well-being, they do not come with clear values like the economic harms. Examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, and similar woes.

    What types of cases might you receive additional compensation for?

    In rare circumstances, the jury may decide to award you additional compensation as a punishment for the other person’s egregious behavior. Drunk driving is an example of behavior that may warrant these “exemplary damages.” According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §41.008, this extra compensation is limited to the higher of the following two amounts in your particular claim:

    • 200,000
    • Twice your economic damages, plus up to $750,000 of your non-economic damages

    I Can Trust our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, With My Allen Personal Injury Claim

    At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, , we have worked with many people just like you who are fighting for justice in their Allen personal injury claim. Our attorneys have handled everything from simple cases to complex crashes involving rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, and we know how to pursue your best interests.

    Veterans of personal injury law, we know that this time can be difficult for you and your family. That is why we do not collect a fee unless we win your claim, and it is also why we offer a 100% FREE consultation to discuss the merits of your case.

    To get in touch with us, let us know your situation on our contact page. You can call us by phone at 469-998-4069 and one of our Allen personal injury lawyers will help you understand how we can help.

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