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    Allen Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawyers

    Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawyers Allen Getting Compensation after a Wrongful Death Car Accident

    The wrongful death of a loved one is never an easy prospect to deal with. This loss can be even more challenging if you lose a family member in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence or criminal behavior.

    It can be difficult even to know what to do next after you lose a loved one. An Allen wrongful death car accident lawyer can provide you with professional guidance right away. We’ll help you understand what you need to do to proceed with a legal suit against the driver that caused your family member’s death.

    We know that you need understanding care at this time, but we also believe that the responsible driver deserves to face aggressive legal consequences. Let us start building your case today. We’ll fight to get you compensation and closure for your loss.

    Understanding Texas’s Wrongful Death Laws

    The laws surrounding wrongful death suits in Texas can be difficult to understand if you don’t have legal experience. In short, wrongful death suits allow you to hold someone liable for the death of a family member.

    There are severe restrictions on the use of wrongful death suits, including:

    Note that Texas also uses modified comparative fault laws. This means that multiple people can be blamed for an accident and that you will only get compensation if your loved one was not more than 50% responsible for the accident.

    Finding Fault for a Wrongful Death Car Accident

    We can start investigating your case right away. It’s important that you get legal help quickly, as a fast investigation means:

    • Evidence will be less disturbed
    • Witnesses will clearly remember what happened

    Our goal will be proving that the driver that hit your loved one was responsible for the accident. There are many causes for wrongful death car accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these accidents often involve:

    • Drunk Driving
    • Speeding
    • Distracted Driving

    We will work hard to see if any of these factors were at play in the death of your loved one. You may be able to file a suit if your loved one was killed by someone driving a car, truck, bus, or even a motorcycle.

    Getting Compensation after a Wrongful Death Car Accident

    We know that money cannot adequately make up for the loss of your beloved family member. However, you can be left with large amounts of debt after a wrongful death car accident. You deserve compensation for your loss.

    Our team of wrongful death car accident lawyers can help you get the damages you need to cover:

    • Medical costs
    • Funeral costs
    • Lost income

    We understand that not every loss you’ve suffered comes with an easily calculated monetary total. You may also be entitled to payments for your loved one’s pain and suffering and your own loss of companionship in the future.

    You Can Get Closure after the Loss of a Loved One

    Wrongful death suits offer other benefits to individuals who have lost a loved one. You may be able to get a sense of closure from bringing the individual responsible for the wreck to justice. Wrongful death suits are handled in civil court. This means that a driver can be punished even if their actions were not strictly criminal.

    Your wrongful death suit may also end up sparing other people the pain you are currently experiencing. The legal codes in Texas have changed in the past due to rulings in wrongful death cases. Your actions may end up saving someone else’s life down the road.

    We’ll Give You the Help You Need Today

    No one wants to imagine the grief of losing a loved one, but thousands of people experience this loss every year after car accidents. We have the experience to compassionately handle your case. Our team of Allen wrongful death car accident lawyers can dig out the facts of what happened and ensure you get fair compensation for your loved one’s death. You can get the ball rolling today by contacting us for a FREE consultation.

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