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    Is It Worth Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer?

    After a truck accident in Dallas, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. You may attempt to secure damages on your own, or you could choose to work with a Dallas car accident lawyer. In this situation, is it worth hiring a truck accident lawyer?

    Review some of the benefits or potential drawbacks of hiring a lawyer to help with your truck accident case by checking out this article.

    Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

    Hiring a truck accident lawyer may help you in several ways throughout your claim. A lawyer may be able to ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines for filing your claim, for example. You must act before the statute of limitations expires in order to seek compensation for your losses.

    A lawyer may also handle all communication with insurance agents on your behalf. Insurance representatives are dedicated to restricting the amount of compensation you receive. They may contact you immediately after an accident in an attempt to:

    • Get you to take the blame for the accident.
    • Understate the severity of your injuries.
    • Work to get you to accept a subpar settlement offer.

    You do not have to deal with these shady tactics on your own if you are working with a truck accident lawyer. A lawyer may also have the resources to thoroughly investigate your accident. A lawyer could work with expert witnesses and accident reconstruction specialists to determine exactly what happened and who caused your accident.

    Additionally, a lawyer may understand exactly what a fair settlement looks like in truck accident cases. This means that you may not end up accepting a small settlement that won’t cover all of your losses. A lawyer may also help you stand up to big trucking companies, both in and out of the courts in Dallas.

    Potential Drawbacks of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

    Some drivers in Dallas are interested in handling a truck accident claim on their own. One of the primary reasons drivers consider avoiding a truck accident lawyer relates to the costs of working with a legal professional.

    It’s true that you won’t have to pay legal fees if you do not work with a truck accident lawyer. If your case is open and shut, or if you were not hurt, you may decide to resolve the claim by working directly with insurance agents to save money.

    However, working with a lawyer may be a good idea if you were hurt in your accident, or if there are disputes over liability for the accident. Texas uses modified comparative fault laws for car accident claims. This means that multiple people could be blamed for an accident. You receive a lower amount of compensation depending upon your percentage of fault for an accident.

    A lawyer may be able to help establish that you were not at-fault for a truck accident in Dallas.

    Weigh the Pros and Cons of Working with a Truck Accident Lawyer

    In the end, only you can decide if it’s worth hiring a truck accident lawyer in your case. However, a lawyer may be able to step in to handle all aspects of your case. A legal professional may be able to put their experience and understanding of the law to work for you, allowing you to get compensation for your:

    • Current and future medical expenses.
    • Lost wages at work.
    • Lost earning potential.
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish.
    • Damage to your motor vehicle.

    Many truck accident lawyers in Dallas offer free consultations which may allow you to determine if you want to work with a law firm or not. Additionally, a number of lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that you only have to pay expensive legal fees if they bring you compensation through a settlement or courtroom verdict.

    If you experienced a serious injury or there are disputes regarding the cause of the accident, you may want to work with a truck accident lawyer. However, a lawyer may be able to help with any truck accident claim in Dallas.

    Consider Hiring a Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

    Is it worth hiring a truck accident lawyer in Dallas? The answer to this question often depends upon your situation. A lawyer may help you get compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. You may discuss your legal situation and the potential benefits of a lawyer by contacting a Dallas car accident lawyer. Just call (469) 998-4069 or complete our online contact form.

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