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    How Much Do Lawyers Charge for Accident Claims?

    How much do lawyers charge for accident claims in Dallas? Lawyers bill their clients in various ways, and they may use:

    • Contingency fees
    • Flat-rate fees
    • Hourly rates

    Consider other expenses associated with truck accident claims in Dallas by reading this article. Find out more about the fees you could expect to pay and the types of compensation you could receive for your case right here.

    Some Lawyers Charge Contingency Fees in Dallas

    Many truck accident lawyers in Dallas use a contingency fee plan. This means that you would not have to pay legal fees to your lawyer unless they successfully secure you compensation through a settlement or a courtroom verdict in your favor.

    In these situations, you are required to pay your lawyer a certain percentage of the award you receive from the driver responsible for your accident. In many cases, the average percentage fee for a contingency pay structure is 33% (or 1/3rd of your award).

    However, this amount may increase in some cases. For example, a lawyer may stipulate that their contingency fee increases to 40% if your case goes to court in Dallas. In some situations, the percentage you pay to your lawyer could be lower.

    Make sure that you discuss the percentage of your compensation that you will owe to your lawyer. You may have to sign an agreement with your lawyer before they begin working on your case.

    Flat-Rate Fees for Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

    Some lawyers in the Dallas area do not use contingency fees for their services. Instead, they may charge you a flat-rate for different services. The costs for these services can vary widely, as each law firm may set different rates.

    Other law firms could charge an hourly rate for their services. Working with a lawyer who charges an hourly rate could keep your costs low if your case is simple. However, if you have a complicated case, or if your case must go to court, a lawyer who charges an hourly rate could quickly become very expensive.

    Discuss the pricing structure used by your lawyer before you sign any paperwork offered by the law firm.

    Expenses in Truck Accident Claims in Texas

    There are a number of other expenses associated with truck accident claims in Dallas. These fees exist outside of the money you would pay in contingency fees, flat-rate fees, or hourly rates. You may need to pay extra for court filing fees or court reporter fees, for example. You may also be responsible for paying for:

    • A copy of your police report
    • Your medical records
    • The cost to work with an investigator
    • The fees for expert witnesses

    These costs may vary depending upon your case. Speak with your Dallas truck accident lawyer about the exact costs you are likely to have to pay to resolve your case. Note that you may face more fees if your case goes to court.

    Compensation for Truck Accident Claims in Dallas

    Many drivers work with a lawyer after a truck accident in Dallas in an effort to get compensation for their losses. Regardless of the payment method used by your lawyer, you could be eligible to get compensation for:

    Economic Losses

    Economic losses represent things like your medical expenses or vehicle repair costs. Your time off of work would also be considered an economic loss in Dallas. A lawyer may review all of your expenses after an accident to ensure they are appropriately reported and covered.

    Non-Economic Losses

    You may also be eligible to receive non-economic losses after a truck accident in Dallas. Non-economic losses do not directly correlate to a financial loss you sustained. Your pain and suffering could be considered a non-economic loss. Generally, you could expect to receive more for your non-economic losses in Dallas.

    Securing economic and non-economic losses after an accident in Dallas may be difficult. Insurance agents may work to prevent you from getting compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. A lawyer may be able to help by negotiating with lawyers or taking your claim to court.

    Speak to a Lawyer About the Charges for an Accident Claim

    How much do lawyers charge for accident claims in Dallas? The amount a lawyer charges may depend upon their pay structure and the value of your case. Find out more about the estimated cost for your claim by contacting a Dallas car accident lawyer right now. Reach out to us to get a free consultation regarding your case.

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