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    Why Hire A Dallas Car Accident Lawyer If Injured In a Crash?

    Car Accident Lawyer Dallas Car Accident Lawyer

    If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash, hiring a Dallas car accident lawyer may be one of the best decisions you make. Being injured in an accident can be traumatic, and you may not be thinking clearly. Consulting with an experienced car accident lawyer can help you make sure you get the best settlement from the insurance company.

    Don’t try and negotiate with an insurance company on your own. And don’t try and get witness statements or police evidence on your own. Hiring a Dallas car accident lawyer if you’re injured in a crash helps smooth the way to getting all of the evidence and paperwork you need to build your case for a fair settlement with the insurance company. Many insurance companies will try to come in with a low-ball offer while you’re still in the hospital, and ask you to sign papers saying you won’t seek further compensation. Don’t do it.

    Sometimes, just telling the insurance adjuster you’re consulting a lawyer can get them to bump up the offer. But follow through on getting a legal review of your case. Our firm knows all of the ins and outs of car accident injury cases, and we know all the tricks the insurance companies use. We’re on your side from the beginning.

    Proving Fault In a Car Accident

    A good Dallas car accident lawyer can help you prove who is at fault in the accident. If the police were called to the accident — and they should have been if you were injured — there will be a paper trail we can follow. We will review the police report and follow up with any potential witnesses to get a clear picture of how the accident happened and who was at fault.

    The state of Texas has what’s called a modified comparative fault law, where a judge or a jury can compare your fault and the other driver’s proportionate responsibility for causing an accident. If you were 50% or less at fault, you can collect damages. The amount of compensation you are entitled to may be reduced by the percent at which you were at fault.

    What Your Compensation Can Cover

    Hiring a Dallas car accident lawyer if you’re injured in a crash can also help ensure you are keeping the proper documentation so that any compensation you receive is adequate to cover your out of pocket expenses and any future expenses related to the accident or your injury.

    Every case is different, but in general, you can collect damages for a number of expenses related to the accident including:

    • Ambulance charges
    • Hospital bills
    • Doctor’s visits
    • Physical therapy
    • Medications
    • Mental health care if it’s related to the accident, such as care for PTSD, anxiety, etc.
    • Repair or replacement of your vehicle
    • Lost wages
    • Decreased earning capacity
    • Future medical care related to injuries you suffered in the accident

    Keeping every medical bill or mechanic’s bill is crucial. We can also help you figure out lost wages or decreased earning capacity to ensure you and your family are taken care of after the accident. No one should have to declare bankruptcy because they were injured in a car accident.

    If you only suffered minor injuries and just slight damage to your vehicle, you may wish to settle with the insurance company after their first offer. But if you have out of pocket expenses that are more than $10,000, you need to get a Dallas car accident lawyer to represent you. Insurance companies are in the business of denying claims, or trying to bully you into settling for less than you need to cover existing and future expenses. A skilled lawyer can help protect your interests.

    Settling a Case or Going to Court

    Most car accident injury cases end up settling out of court. But sometimes, the two sides can’t come to an agreement, and your accident injury case goes to trial. In either situation, you will want to have a Dallas car accident lawyer representing you. We can help you determine if the settlement offer is reasonable, and help keep you from settling for too little.

    Remember, it’s never a good idea to represent yourself in court in a case like this. There is a lot of legwork to be done that our law firm is equipped to handle, such as interviewing witnesses, scheduling expert witnesses to testify, and more. And we don’t collect any fee unless you win your case.

    Talk to Experienced our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, for Free

    Consulting with one of our experienced Dallas car accident lawyers is free and may be the best decision you make after your accident. At our initial meeting, we’ll talk with you about the accident, the extent of your injuries, and discuss any offers the insurance company has already made.

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