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    Is Traumatic Brain Injury Permanent?

    The effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be very serious. These effects can vary depending upon whether or not an individual experienced a mild, moderate, or severe injury. The amount of time it takes to recover from a TBI can also vary.

    Some people wonder if a TBI is permanent. Learn about the possible lasting symptoms of a TBI in this article. Consider treatments for TBIs and options to get compensation if someone else caused your TBI in Dallas.

    The Effects of a TBI May Last a Long Time

    No two TBIs are exactly the same. Some of these injuries may be very mild, causing only minor amounts of pain and discomfort. Other injuries may leave an individual unconscious or in a coma for an extended period of time. Both minor and severe TBIs may have long-lasting effects, however.

    In some cases, the effects of a TBI will be permanent. In other cases, individuals may experience symptoms for a lengthy period of time only to recover unexpectedly. Each TBI must be assessed and treated differently by a medical professional.

    Possible Permanent Effects of a TBI

    As we mentioned, TBIs may have long-term effects on individuals throughout Dallas. There are a number of possible permanent conditions that are associated with damage to the nerves that connect the brain and the spinal cord. If these nerves are damaged, you could experience permanent issues related to:

    • The loss of your ability to smell, taste, or see
    • Paralysis of the muscles in your face
    • Difficulties swallowing
    • Hearing loss or ringing in your ears

    In addition to these physical effects of a TBI, you may develop difficulties with your cognitive functioning. Many people have long-term problems with memory, concentration, and learning new facts after a TBI. Decision making, multitasking, planning, and problem-solving may all be harder after you experience a TBI.

    Individuals who experienced a severe TBI may have trouble talking or writing. Additionally, it’s not unusual for a TBI to make it more difficult for you to exercise self-control or handle emotions like depression, anxiety, and anger.

    You may experience pain for a lengthy amount of time after you experience a TBI. You may find yourself dealing with insomnia and sudden, unexplained mood swings. All of these effects may be permanent in some cases, while in other cases they may pass as you recover from your injury.

    TBIs and the Effect of Degenerative Brain Diseases

    There is some concern that TBIs may have permanent effects on your health by making you more likely to develop a degenerative brain disease. However, it’s difficult to know the exact degree of risk associated with developing a condition such as:

    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Dementia pugilistica
    • Alzheimer’s disease

    There are no cures for any of the above degenerative brain diseases. This means that, if you develop one of these conditions, it will have a permanent effect on your life. You may develop these conditions even if you never experienced a TBI in Dallas. However, a TBI may increase your odds of developing these conditions.

    Get Legal Help if You Experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury

    A TBI could leave you dealing with serious consequences for the rest of your life. Your ability to experience sensations and your cognitive functions could be changed permanently by a TBI in Dallas. However, you might be able to secure compensation for the negative effects on your life and your medical expenses.

    A Dallas car accident lawyer could be able to help you get compensation if a motor vehicle collision led to your TBI. An attorney may be able to assess your case, build your claim, and work to bring you compensation for your healthcare expenses and other losses.

    Working with a lawyer may allow you to focus on healing while your lawyer handles your legal hurdles. A lawyer could work to land you a settlement to cover your losses, so you do not have to deal with a lengthy court case. Your lawyer could also help if you need to file a lawsuit after a car accident.

    Contact a Lawyer About a Permanent TBI

    Is a traumatic brain injury permanent? In some cases, the effects of a TBI may last throughout your life. Regardless of how severe your TBI is, you could be eligible to receive compensation if someone else caused your injury. Find out more by contacting a Dallas car accident lawyer to get a free consultation.

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