Two Big Rigs Crash In Chain Reaction Incident On LBJ

A major crash involving two big rigs on the LBJ Freeway eastbound near Garland Road in the early hours of the morning last Monday morning at approximately 7:00 a.m.

According to a story appearing on the Dallas-Fort Worth CBS affiliate station website, police investigators indicate that one of the 18-wheelers lost control and struck the HOV wall causing it to flip. A second big rig also crashed in a chain reaction.

Authorities say that in spite of the mess that the accident presented on the LBJ for Dallas morning commuters in both directions and the massive cleanup of the two 18-wheelers, there were no serious injuries caused by the crash.

Big rigs or 18-wheelers on our roadways are a familiar sight. These large, heavy vehicles are responsible for transporting goods across all areas of our county and are able to do it quickly and economically. Big rig crashes can be very dangerous and even deadly. Yearly U.S. statistics indicate that each year, thousands of motorists are either very seriously injured or lose their lives in accidents involving 18-wheel tractor trailers.

These large commercial vehicles are often carrying very large or even oversized loads. Their sheer size puts the driving public in danger on our nation’s roadways. Thankfully, however, in this instance, no one was seriously hurt despite the dramatic accident.



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