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    Drunk Driver That Crashed Into Police Officer And Killed Him Tried To Dump Drugs Before Arrest

    Posted: March 1st, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    New light has been shed on the horrendous crash that took the life of a 27-year-old police officer on the night of Valentine’s Day, according to this report from Fox 4 News.

    The officer was working the scene of …

    Police Investigate The Death Of A Pedestrian In Irving

    Posted: February 26th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    A young woman is dead and her killer is still at large in Arlington, Texas. Police are investigating a hit-and-run that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to this report from NBC DFW. At about …

    Interstate Shut Down In Grand Prairie After Vehicle Fire

    Posted: February 25th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    A single-vehicle accident on Wednesday morning caused Interstate I-30 to be shut down for about two hours while emergency response teams cleared the wreckage, according to this report from WFAA.

    The accident, which is still being investigated by authorities, …

    Toyota Gifts Brand New SUV To Paramedic For Heroics During Deadly Pile-Up

    Posted: February 24th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Behind every tragedy is a story of misfortune, of victims caught in the middle of horrible events, their lives changed forever. That’s what makes them tragedies. However, every once in a while, from tragedy a different kind of story emerges, …

    Train And Tractor Trailer Collide In Central Texas

    Posted: February 23rd, 2021 | Categories: Trucks, Rigs and 18 Wheeler Accidents

    A massive explosion and a fire destroyed one home and cause several others to be evacuated on Tuesday in Central Texas after a BNSF train and a flat-bed tractor-trailer collided at about 6:40 in the morning, according to this report

    Dallas Crash Injures Eight

    Posted: February 22nd, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Two vehicles and eight people were involved in a dangerous accident in southeast Dallas early Sunday morning, according to this report from NBC DFW. Deputies of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to a major accident at about …

    Accident Involving Drunk Driver Kills Officer

    Posted: February 19th, 2021 | Categories: DWI and DUI

    An officer of the Dallas police was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead after a chilling accident involving a drunk driver. The officer had responded to a previous accident on an expressway. He was standing outside his squad …

    After 100-Car Pile-Up Nurse Still Goes To Work

    Posted: February 18th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Rebecca Benson was on her way to work when she met up with, and ended up in the middle of, a major Texas pile-up. On her way to Cook Children’s Medical Center, located in downtown Fort Worth, Rebecca hit black …

    One Dead, Two Hurt in Edgecliff Village Wreck

    Posted: February 17th, 2021 | Categories: Injuries

    WFAA Channel 8 ABC News reported recently that one person is dead and two others injured after a motor vehicle accident in the Edgecliff Village neighborhood and enclave suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 16, …

    NTSB To Investigate Massive Ft Worth Pileup

    Posted: February 16th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported recently that the National Transportation Safety Board is beginning an investigation into the recent deadly 133-car pileup along the TEXPress HOT lanes on Interstate 35 West in Fort Worth, one of the most cataclysmic pileups …

    Woman Arrested After Fatal Head-On Crash Near Hawkins

    Posted: February 15th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    A man is dead and a woman is arrested after a three-car crash on Interstate 10 near Hawkins, Texas, according to a report from KFOXTV.

    A woman driving a Ford Edge on the interstate lost control of her vehicle, …

    Driver Crashes Into Crane, Dies

    Posted: February 12th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    One person is dead after hitting a construction crane with his or her vehicle. The incident happened on February 9, according to this report from Construction Equipment.

    The details of the crash are still a bit hazy, as local …

    Head-On Crash In Keller Kills Two

    Posted: February 11th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Of all the kinds of car accidents that can happen on the road, few are nearly as dangerous, as fatal, as the head-on collision. We might hear of someone being T-boned, and this is a very dangerous crash. Of course, …

    Pedestrian Killed In Denton’s First Fatal Crash Of 2021

    Posted: February 10th, 2021 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

    The Denton Police Department has reported the first fatal crash of 2021. Last Saturday night, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle at the 900 block of West University Drive. The incident happened at about 9:20 p.m., according …

    Head-On-Crash In Cleburne Leaves Two Dead

    Posted: February 9th, 2021 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

    Road safety and defensive driving are skills that should be taught without ceasing to Texas drivers. These topics are increasingly important, which is illustrated by just how many fatal accidents happen on Texas roads and highways. One driver may make …

    Police Officer of Mansfield Hit While On Motorcycle, Severely Injured

    Posted: February 8th, 2021 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

    Police officers routinely risk their lives in the line of duty. They face dangerous situations to deliver the innocent to safety, and they often rub shoulders with potentially violent individuals. One police officer of Mansfield, Texas has served his city …

    Single-Vehicle Accident North Of Vidor Leaves One Dead And One Injured

    Posted: February 5th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    A 43-year-old man has been pronounced dead after a single-vehicle accident on West Circle, north of Vidor, Texas. The incident occurred around 2:30 in the morning on Thursday. The driver, 38 years old, survived but was rushed to a hospital …

    Man From Hit-And-Run Crash Now Faces 3 Charges

    Posted: February 4th, 2021 | Categories: Hit and Run

    The man that allegedly caused a hit-and-run crash, which took two lives and left one child in critical condition, is now facing 3 charges, according to this report from the Gainsville Register. Kendrick Demon Collins has been charged with …

    Hit-And-Run Crash Leads To Arrest After One Woman And Child Die

    Posted: February 3rd, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    The driver of a black Audi was arrested after a hit-and-run crash killed a woman and a child, according to this report from NBC DFW. Kendrick Demon Collins, 28 years old, was driving northbound on Interstate 35W in Northlake …

    Crash Caused By Alleged Street Racing Leaves One Dead And One Injured

    Posted: February 2nd, 2021 | Categories: Injuries

    Two men have been arrested after allegedly street racing, which led to a fatal accident. The incident happened at the corner of Lake June Road and McGreggor Street. As the two racers sped along the main road, a van pulled …

    Postal Service Vehicle Hits Woman And Kills Dog

    Posted: February 1st, 2021 | Categories: Wrongful Deaths and Fatalities

    There has been a long-standing enmity between canines and mailmen, although this ongoing clash is probably grounded more in myth than fact. The cliche animosity has been perpetuated by Saturday-morning cartoons and internet memes. While the image of a postal …

    Man Hit By Train And Killed In Haltom City

    Posted: January 29th, 2021 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

    A Texas man is dead after being hit by a train on Wednesday afternoon, according to this CBS DFW report. The incident happened in Haltom City in the 6100 block of Denton Highway near Watauga Road. This occurred about …

    Man Arrested After Fatal Car Crash

    Posted: January 28th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Our justice system has been designed to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. This is why you are innocent until proven guilty. This is why first-time offenders often get off easy, allowing them to prove their determination to do …

    Blowout Leads To Driver’s Death In Fort Worth

    Posted: January 27th, 2021 | Categories: Injuries

    All across the state of Texas, signs are posted on the sides of highways, freeways, and interstates, saying “Click it or Ticket,” a funny and catchy way to kindly remind Texas drivers to wear their seat belts at all times. …

    Head-On Crash Kills 6 In South Texas

    Posted: January 26th, 2021 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Last Saturday, early in the morning, a deadly head-on collision took place, leaving 6 dead and 3 injured. This crash happened in South Texas, on Interstate 37 near Mathis, Texas. Mathis is about 20 miles north of Corpus Cristi.

    The …

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