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    Argument Results In Death By Vehicle

    Posted: December 31st, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Police were called to a Highland Village parking lot sometime shortly after 7:45 p.m. last Wednesday, having received reports of some kind of vehicle accident according to WFAA.

    When they arrived at the parking lot near the 1900 block

    North Texas Firefighters Put Out Fires Across the Country

    Posted: December 30th, 2020 | Categories: Trucks, Rigs and 18 Wheeler Accidents

    This last year’s health crisis has highlighted the courage and heroism of our first responders. But, as our focus has been primarily on doctors, nurses, and paramedics, we can’t forget the heroes that help us when our lives are in

    Speeding Teenager Crashed Into Pole, Dies

    Posted: December 29th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    When you’re in a hurry, you may see speed limits as an inconvenience. Why not push it by just a few miles per hour, you think? Maybe just five or ten?

    But we all know these speed limits have been

    Tarrant County Crash Ends Three Lives

    Posted: December 28th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    High-speed highways are convenient in many ways. They allow us to travel efficiently. They grow business and trade, and–generally–they are safer than smaller country roads.

    But when things go wrong on a high-speed highway, especially one with medium or heavy

    Argument Leads To Accusations Of Intoxication Manslaughter

    Posted: December 25th, 2020 | Categories: DWI and DUI

    A man has been arrested after allegedly running over a woman in Fort Worth and killing her. WFAA has the story.

    The arrested man faces charges of intoxication manslaughter for the incident, which happened on Christmas Eve. Highland Village …

    Auto-Pedestrian Crash Kills 18-year-old, Injures 12-year-old

    Posted: December 24th, 2020 | Categories: Wrongful Deaths and Fatalities

    An alleged drunk driver has been accused of causing the death and injury of two brothers in Lewisville. NBC has the story.

    The accident happened in the 400 block of Highland Drive near Club Ridge Drive in the evening …

    Good Samaritan Narrowly Avoids Second Crash

    Posted: December 23rd, 2020 | Categories: Trucks, Rigs and 18 Wheeler Accidents

    A Good Samaritan got lucky after assisting at a crash in Arlington. WFAA reported on the incident.

    A motorcyclist lost control of their bike early in the morning on the 22nd of December. They were traveling on I-20 West …

    GM Recalls Nearly A Million Vehicles For Safety Issues

    Posted: December 22nd, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    A new recall by General Motors should give owners of new model vehicles pause. There is a flaw in several models that could prevent the seatbelts from working in a crash. NBC reports.

    GM says that a bracket on some …

    Another Takata Airbag Recall, This Time With Volkswagen Beetles

    Posted: December 21st, 2020 | Categories: Wrongful Deaths and Fatalities

    The Takata airbag recall is the largest automotive recall in history, and more vehicles are still out there with faulty igniters that could send shrapnel through the cab in a crash. But new ones are still getting added to the …

    Two Crashes May Have Been Due To Overcorrection

    Posted: December 18th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

    An unusual crash in Flower Mound has left police searching for answers. CBS reported on the incident.

    The accident happened on the 2700 block of Garden Ridge Boulevard in Flower Mound. When police found the car, it was fully …

    Speeding Can Overcome The Safety Of A Helmet

    Posted: December 17th, 2020 | Categories: Injuries

    Motorcycle helmets are essential for reducing the chances of a fatality in a motorcycle crash. Unfortunately, they are not a perfect protection from injury and death. No safety feature is. An accident that happened in Killeen is just one example.…

    Ellis County Crash Kills One, Injures One

    Posted: December 16th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

    Following too closely is a common cause of rear-end accidents. All drivers know that cars need a certain amount of distance to slow or stop safely, but people still drive too close. Some do it to prevent other cars from …

    Child Dies After Alleged Drunk Driving Crash

    Posted: December 15th, 2020 | Categories: DWI and DUI

    On Monday morning, according to police and NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, a child was killed in a drunk driving crash.

    The accident happened on Missouri Avenue in the 2500 block. One vehicle was carrying three children under the age of …

    Fatalities Up Despite Lower Crash Numbers In North Texas

    Posted: December 14th, 2020 | Categories: Wrongful Deaths and Fatalities

    A surprising finding is pushing traffic engineers to consider new strategies for controlling crashes on emptier roads. Dallas-Fort Worth CBS reported on the study.

    Anyone who has been out on the roads this year knows that traffic is down …

    Car Crash Traffic Jam Leads Police To Robbery Suspect

    Posted: December 11th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

    Sometimes police find evidence of crimes in the remains of a crash, but an unusual case in Bryan led officers to a bank robber thanks to a traffic jam. The Eagle reports.

    According to the police report, a 53-year-old woman …

    Road Rage Spikes Across The Country, Pandemic Blamed

    Posted: December 10th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    A new task force has been created in Houston to combat a more than 30% increase in road rage incidents this year. NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

    Houston has seen an overall increase in violent crime this year along with other …

    Firefighter Hit By Wrong-Way Driver On Highway 183

    Posted: December 9th, 2020 | Categories: DWI and DUI

    First responders use sirens, lights, and special vehicles to warn drivers that they might be blocking the roadway while they assist. The rule in most states is to move over one lane to give them space or slow down your …

    DWI Driver Accused Of Striking Firefighter On The Scene

    Posted: December 8th, 2020 | Categories: DWI and DUI

    The men and women who work for our emergency services of police, fire, and first responders have a vital job to do. Their work is essential and saves lives on an almost daily basis. When someone gets behind the wheel

    Domestic Dispute Leads To Police Standoff, Crash

    Posted: December 7th, 2020 | Categories: Crashes, Collisions and Accidents

    A story that made national news talks about a man who has surrendered to police after a standoff and crash following a domestic dispute. KULR8 reports.

    Police in Bossier City, LA, received a domestic argument complaint a few days ago …

    Crash At Intersection Pushes Vehicle Into Stone Wall, Driver Killed

    Posted: December 4th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Authorities have finally released the identity of a woman killed in an accident in South Austin last month.  Officials say it was the 77th of 82 fatal crashes in the city so far this year. reports that the fatal

    Street Racing Increasing Due To Pandemic, New Laws Passed

    Posted: December 3rd, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Street racing is a continued and growing problem across the whole country. In 2019, Dallas law enforcement officers responded to some 4,867 calls about street racing incidents. That number has almost doubled in 2020, with police and DPS officers responding

    Police Seek Culprit In Fatal Motorcycle Hit And Run

    Posted: December 2nd, 2020 | Categories: DWI and DUI

    It’s unconscionable that someone would hit another person and not stop to help.  However, that is exactly what happened over the weekend.  Now Dallas Police detectives are seeking the public’s help leading to the arrest of the driver who struck

    Child Dies After Vehicle Ejection, Was Not In Safety Seat

    Posted: December 1st, 2020 | Categories: Wrongful Deaths and Fatalities

    Every state in the country has laws requiring children to be either restrained in an approved child safety seat or buckled in with a seatbelt.  In Texas, a child seat must be used for all children under seven years

    Homicide Charges After Body Found In Trunk After A Crash

    Posted: November 30th, 2020 | Categories: Car and Auto Accidents

    Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers responded to a call on Saturday of a reckless driver in the eastbound lane of Interstate 10 on Saturday morning. Officers made a more grisly discovery when inspecting the vehicle after the driver

    Fatal Crash On Thanksgiving Eve Blamed On Alcohol

    Posted: November 27th, 2020 | Categories: DWI and DUI

    Driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol doesn’t just put the person behind the wheel at risk. They’re also putting the lives of their passengers and everyone who happens to be sharing the road with them in danger.

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