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    Allen Improper Passing Truck Accident Lawyer

    improper passing

    Commercial cargo trucks are legally required to drive slower than other vehicles. In Texas, the interstate speed limit for large trucks is 10-15 mph slower than the speed limit for cars. This keeps everyone safe on the road. Unfortunately, some drivers become impatient and zoom around slower vehicles. When drivers pass improperly, it can lead to a truck accident.

    Improper passing accidents are often very dangerous. These crashes cause property damage, severe injury, and even death. In the aftermath of improper passing accidents involving a large truck, victims may need serious medical treatment such as surgery and physical therapy. Some accident victims take years to recover. Others become permanently disabled.

    Any driver who violates legal passing procedures is held liable in an accident. If you get hit by a truck changing lanes, the truck driver is at fault. However, these accident cases are often complicated. Many improper passing accidents involve multiple vehicles. It’s important to have legal assistance to handle these accidents.

    By calling (469) 998-4069, you can schedule a free consultation with an Allen, TX accident lawyer. Our lawyers have helped many Texas drivers just like you. We understand how it feels to be involved in an improper passing accident with a truck. Our team will determine how much compensation you could receive from a settlement. Then, we’ll fight to help you win. If we lose, we won’t bill you.

    Why Are Improper Passing Accidents Dangerous?

    All truck accidents are dangerous. Depending on the size of the vehicle, a commercial cargo truck can be up to 70 feet long. It can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. This is 20-30 times larger than the average passenger car. In a collision, commercial trucks can therefore inflict 20-30 times the amount of damage.

    Additionally, improper passing accidents are dangerous because they often involve multiple drivers. When these accidents occur on city streets, cyclists and pedestrians are also at risk. Truck accidents in Texas cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage each year. With medical damages added to this figure, the cost rises exponentially.

    Many improper passing accidents are triggered by a reckless third-party. An impatient driver may tailgate a truck, then swerve around it without leaving a safe distance between their car and the truck. This dangerous driving can startle a truck driver. The truck driver may be forced to brake suddenly or swerve to avoid hitting the unexpected car.

    Unfortunately, large trucks cannot maneuver very well. The truck driver may lose control of their vehicle when they attempt to avoid the car that passed improperly. They could swerve into another lane and hit an innocent driver.

    In other scenarios, the truck begins to skid as a result of someone improperly passing. It may smash into another car, jackknife, or roll over. Then, other cars crash as drivers try to avoid hitting the disabled truck. This can lead to severe multi-car pile ups.

    It’s important to remember that large commercial trucks need greater stopping distance than cars. Semi trucks, tractor-trailers, and other cargo vehicles often use air brake systems. In an air brake system, there’s a delay between the moment the driver hits the brake pedal and when the brake pads activate. Momentum also makes it harder for a large truck to stop. Depending on its speed and weight, a commercial truck may require 300 feet or more to come to a complete stop.

    Often, when a driver passes improperly, they don’t leave enough room for the truck when they return to their original lane. Then, the trucker causes an accident because they cannot stop quickly enough to prevent a rear-end collision.

    Texas State Passing Laws

    In the Lone Star State, all drivers must obey certain passing laws. On multi-lane highways, drivers must keep right. As the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) points out, many interstates have designated passing lanes for drivers who wish to pass a large truck or other slow-moving vehicles.

    If a passing lane has a sign that reads “Left Lane for Passing Only,” you may use it to drive around the slower truck. Use your signal, check your blind spots, then merge into the passing lane. Once you can see the truck’s tail lights in your rearview mirror, return to your original lane.

    If there are no designated passing lanes, use caution. Be aware of a truck driver’s blind spots or “No Zones.” Truck drivers cannot see anything

    • 20 feet directly ahead of them
    • 30 feet directly behind them
    • Two lanes to their immediate right
    • One late to their immediate left

    When you’re passing a truck, can you see the driver in their side-view mirror? If not, the truck driver can’t see you.

    By following Texas state passing laws, you can do your part to prevent improper passing accidents. Obeying the law will also ensure that you’re not declared at-fault in a collision.

    Improper Passing Accident Injuries

    When improper passing accidents involve a large truck, they can result in multiple injuries. Large trucks cause significant damage. Accident victims may require surgery or physical rehabilitation.

    Many people also suffer from psychological injuries after an improper passing accident. It’s common to experience PTSD, depression, or anxiety. Unfortunately, these mental health problems can be debilitating. They may lead to substance abuse or other issues that make life very difficult for victims and their families.

    Common injuries associated with improper passing truck accidents include:

    • Head, neck, and spinal cord injuries
    • Internal injuries, such as organ damage or internal bleeding
    • Nerve damage
    • Broken bones
    • Cuts, burns, and bruises
    • Chronic pain

    If you need help getting your life back on track after an improper passing accident, contact our law firm today. We are happy to assist you. Our Allen, TX accident lawyers assist many drivers just like you every day.

    Remember, consultations are always 100% free. Your call is confidential and there’s zero obligation. Unless we help you win a settlement, you won’t pay us a dime. Call (469) 998-4069 now.

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