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    Richardson Accidents in Intersection Lawyer

    Accidents in Intersection

    Did you know that there are almost 2.5 million intersection accidents per year? Intersection car accident statistics are troubling. It’s estimated that 700-800 people die each year in a car or truck accident in an intersection.

    A truck accident in an intersection can disrupt your life. In addition to fatalities, severe injuries are common. You could become temporarily or permanently disabled. An accident could also total your vehicle, which impacts your ability to work and get around.

    Sometimes, it’s easy to determine who’s at fault in an intersection accident involving a truck. In other cases, it’s harder to establish liability. Many accidents in intersections involve multiple drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

    However, dealing with a truck accident in an intersection doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Richardson, TX legal team can help. We’re prepared to hear your case and develop a legal strategy just for you. We’ll fight to get compensation for you and your family.

    Contact our truck accident lawyers today by calling (214) 740-4556. You can also schedule an appointment on our website. Consultations with our lawyers are always 100% free. If we don’t win your intersection accident lawsuit, we won’t charge a dime.

    Intersections: Common Yet Dangerous

    Like all cities, Richardson, TX has many intersections. An intersection occurs whenever two perpendicular streets intersect. There are intersections in busy business districts as well as small, quiet neighborhoods.

    Some intersections have electronic traffic lights. Others use stop signs or yield signs. In rural communities and on private roads, there may be intersections without any lights or signs. These are known as “uncontrolled intersections.”

    If intersections are so common, why are they dangerous? Several factors increase truck accident risk in an intersection. For one thing, intersections are often busy, especially during rush hour. Accident odds always increase whenever there’s more traffic.

    Traffic flow is also somewhat complicated in an intersection. Vehicles frequently stop and turn in intersections. Car and truck drivers change lanes right before or after driving through an intersection. Some intersections also have specific rules about turning left or yielding to oncoming traffic. Truck drivers could cause accidents because they don’t understand these rules or become confused.

    Additionally, most intersections have crosswalks for pedestrians. Most pedestrians wait for the signal before they cross the street, but some don’t. Others may move slowly and remain in the crosswalk even after the signal has changed. Truck drivers could cause an accident by suddenly swerving or stopping to avoid someone on foot.

    Why Truck Drivers Get into Intersection Accidents

    In an intersection, you could be involved in several types of truck accidents:

    • Side impact collisions
    • Rear impact collisions
    • Head-on collisions
    • Rollover accidents
    • Multi-car accidents

    This is because trucks move in all directions in an intersection. But traffic flow isn’t the only factor that contributes to accidents. Truck drivers get into crashes in intersections for specific reasons. In addition to basic negligence, here are some common causes of intersection accidents:

    Changing Lanes without Signalling

    In Texas, it’s legal to change lanes in an intersection as long as it’s safe. However, you must use your turn signal whenever you change lanes. Many people don’t realize that this is a traffic law. If a truck driver changes lanes without signalling, they could get a ticket.

    As with most traffic laws, this rule exists for safety. When truck drivers change lanes without signaling, it causes accidents. Another driver may be changing lanes or turning at the same time. If they don’t see your intentions via turn signal, they could collide with you.

    Failing to Yield at Four-Way Stops

    Failing to yield causes many truck accidents in Richardson and neighboring Texas communities. Often, these accidents occur in four-way stop intersections because drivers don’t understand right-of-way laws.

    Right-of-way laws in Texas can seem confusing. They are actually quite simple. The clue is in the name! In Texas, the driver on the right always has the “go.” If you reach a four-way stop at the same time as another car or truck, observe their position. If they are on your right, you must let them go first.

    Failing to yield contributes to truck crash rates when drivers become impatient and reckless. When in doubt, play it safe. It’s better to exchange an awkward wave with another driver than to get into a crash.

    Reckless Driving

    Reckless driving creates many truck accidents in intersections. Speeding, tailgating, and running red lights can have disastrous results. Some truck drivers also change lanes rapidly without warning, passing slower cars. Even if you’re running late, reckless driving is never worth it.

    When you drive your truck recklessly, you endanger yourself and everyone around you. Other drivers could crash into you because they weren’t expecting your speeding truck. If you’re tailgating, the other driver could brake suddenly and cause a rear-end collision.

    Reckless driving also creates a hazard for pedestrians. If you’re running red lights, you could hit a pedestrian crossing the street. Your driving could also force other cars to hit a pedestrian as they swerve to avoid you.

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted truck driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It’s another leading cause of accidents in intersections. When a truck driver is distracted, they cannot react quickly or control their vehicle. They may also ignore a red light or stop sign.

    Today, smartphones are the greatest source of distraction for drivers. Many intersection accidents happen when a driver is texting, using apps, or talking on their phone without a hands-free device. Always keep your eyes on the road. Your phone can wait.

    Compensation for Damages After an Intersection Accident

    Were you in a truck accident in an intersection? You could be eligible for compensation for damages. Truck accident settlements can help cover lost wages, pay medical bills, and repair or replace your vehicle. You also deserve compensation for your overall pain and suffering.

    Call our law offices in Richardson now at (214) 740-4556. Consultations are always free, with no obligation to you. If you do use our legal services, you won’t pay unless we help you win. Don’t let an intersection accident involving a truck complicate your life. Fight for your legal rights today.

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