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    Richardson Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

    Richardson Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

    In a rollover crash, your vehicle flips and lands on its roof or side. Accidents where a car rolls over are often severe. Vehicle loss and injury are common. Rollover crashes typically have a higher mortality rate as well.

    Many factors contribute to rollover crashes. Car size, speed, and the angle of the collision may increase the risk of your vehicle flipping. Road conditions like ice or flooding also pose a rollover hazard.

    Often, survivors face months or years of recovery after a rollover crash. In addition to paying medical bills, accident victims may require monetary compensation to replace their car and cover lost wages. Rollover accidents can trigger PTSD, which impairs the survivor’s ability to work.

    Did your car roll over in an accident? If so, we can help. Our lawyers serve all drivers in the Richardson, TX metro area. We can assist with determining liability, filing a lawsuit, and winning a settlement. We’ll help you get your life back on track after a rollover crash.

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    Why Cars Roll Over

    To understand why cars roll over, let’s look at physics. Vehicles roll over whenever an impact force displaces their weight past its balance point. As the car tips, gravity takes over. The vehicle then lands on its side or, in extreme cases, its roof.

    Vehicles like SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks are more likely to roll over because they have a higher center of gravity. When an impact causes their weight to shift, these vehicles lose balance more easily. However, any car can flip over under the right circumstances.

    There are two types of rollover crashes:

    Type 1. Tripped Rollovers

    A tripped rollover occurs when an external force hits your car. Usually, this is another vehicle. Often, a side-impact collision sends you sliding out of control at high speed. Then, you slide off-road, strike a curb, or hit a guardrail. This “trips” your car.

    Tripping is the most common cause of rollover accidents, accounting for 71% of crashes where a vehicle flips. SUVs and lightweight trucks are at higher risk for tripped rollovers.

    Type 2. Untripped Rollover

    Although less common than a tripped rollover, this type of accident is just as dangerous. Untripped rollovers often happen due to reckless driving. Taller vehicles with a higher center of gravity are prone to untripped rollovers.

    In an untripped rollover, the driver usually rounds a corner too quickly. Inertia causes the tires to push the vehicle towards the center of the curve. As the mass shifts, the car starts to roll. When this force is too great, it flips over.

    Rollover Accident Statistics

    Crashes where a car flips over are among the worst accidents. offers some frightening statistics about rollover crashes. Their research provides unique insight that shows why rolling is so dangerous.

    • 40% of fatal rollover crashes involve high speeds. 75% of fatal accidents where a car rolled over occurred in areas with a 55 mph or higher speed limit.
    • Drivers consumed alcohol in approximately 50% of fatal rollover crashes.
    • An estimated 75% of rollover accidents happen on rural roads, where there are no clear road barriers or dividers.
    • Driving behavior causes nearly 85% of rollover crash deaths. For example, a driver triggers a rollover by misjudging the angle of a turn and failing to slow down.

    Common Injuries in Rollover Crashes

    Most cars have the greatest protection in the front and rear. The roof and sides are not designed for sustained impact. Side airbags and other safety features help cushion the blow in an accident. However, when a car flips over, drivers and passengers could receive serious injuries.

    In addition to cuts, broken bones, and bruises, accident victims often suffer the following injuries when their car rolls over:

    Head and Brain Injuries

    Rollover accidents can cause concussions, facial cuts, and skull fractures. They also can cause a traumatic brain injury. Victims may lose consciousness and suffer neurological impairments. Often, survivors require multiple surgeries and rehabilitation.

    In extreme cases, head and brain injuries from a rollover accident can result in permanent disability. Victims may experience chronic pain like migraines as well as memory problems, loss of vision, muscle weakness, and reduced mental capacity.

    Neck Injuries

    Neck injuries are common in most car crashes, including accidents where a vehicle rolls over. To protect the cervical spine from impact, the victim’s neck muscles constrain rapidly. This causes stiffness, pain, and nerve damage.

    Although minor neck injuries like whiplash will heal with time, other injuries require long periods of recovery or surgery. Some victims experience long-term health problems as a result of neck injuries.

    Spinal Cord Injuries

    In addition to head and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries are common in rollover crashes. These injuries result in pain, nerve damage, muscle problems, or paralysis. They may be temporarily or permanently disabling.

    In extreme cases, survivors become completely paralyzed as a result of spinal cord injuries. They may lose the ability to walk and take care of themselves. Even with insurance, medical bills for spinal cord injuries tend to be very high. Many accident survivors require long-term care.

    Psychological Injury

    Finally, rollover crash survivors often experience psychological injuries. Rollover accidents are very frightening and may trigger PTSD, anxiety, or depression. In fatal rollover crashes, survivors also experience grief.

    Psychological injuries can be just as damaging as physical injuries. Victims may be unable to work or cope in the aftermath of an accident. It may take years of therapy for their life to return to normal.

    Legal Help for Rollover Crashes

    When you’re in a rollover crash, seek help from an experienced accident lawyer. Our Richardson, TX legal team can assist you. We’ll help gather evidence, create a legal case, and fight for your rights. If we don’t win a settlement for your rollover accident, you won’t pay for our services.

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