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    Who Can Be Sued in a Truck Accident Case?

    Who can be sued in a truck accident case in Dallas? You may use this article to consider the individuals or companies who could be at-fault for a truck accident in Texas. Read on to find out how you could seek compensation for your losses from different parties who may be liable for your accident.

    A Truck Driver Can Be Sued After an Accident

    After a truck accident in Dallas, you could seek compensation from the truck driver who struck you. In order to get compensation from the truck driver, a lawyer may have to show that the driver caused the accident through their direct actions. Truck drivers may cause accidents if they break the rules of the road by:

    • Speeding.
    • Changing lanes without warning.
    • Making an illegal turn.
    • Drinking and driving.

    Truck drivers in Dallas sometimes become distracted, especially if they are using an electronic device while driving. Additionally, truck drivers may become fatigued if they are expected to work long hours. These factors could cause a truck driver to cause an accident.

    If the truck driver directly caused your accident, you could bring a lawsuit against them with the assistance of a Dallas truck accident lawyer.

    You Could Sue the Trucking Company After an Accident

    Trucking companies sometimes bear a portion of responsibility for truck accidents in Dallas. The trucking company may be responsible for the actions a driver took if the driver was working or carrying out tasks associated with his or her job.

    Sometimes trucking companies are more directly responsible for accidents, as well. For example, a trucking company could be at-fault for a collision if they:

    • Hire drivers who are not qualified to operate a large vehicle.
    • Do not provide drivers with adequate training.
    • Fail to carry out proper maintenance on vehicles.

    In these situations, you could be able to bring a lawsuit against the trucking company. Trucking companies may be able to provide you with more compensation than a single truck driver could in the Dallas area.

    You Could Seek Compensation from the Company That Built the Truck

    Trucking accidents in Dallas are sometimes caused by a defect in the truck. When these accidents occur, the company that manufactured the truck could be held responsible. These accidents may occur if a truck has a defective braking system, for example.

    You may file a lawsuit directly with the company that built the truck. You could also bring a lawsuit against the specific company that built the defective part, instead of the truck manufacturer. A lawyer may help you determine the correct way to file your lawsuit.

    Compensation with a Lawsuit After a Truck Accident

    If you were hurt in a truck accident in Dallas, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. A judge and jury could award you a verdict in your favor if you file a lawsuit against the truck driver, trucking company, or vehicle manufacturer. You may get damages to cover your:

    • Medical expenses.
    • Lost wages at work.
    • Lost earning potential.
    • Vehicle repairs.
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

    In order to get compensation through a lawsuit, your lawyer must show that your accident was caused by someone else. This may require an investigation into what happened in your accident. A lawyer may speak with eye-witnesses, review your police report, and even work with accident reconstruction specialists to build your claim.

    Your lawyer must also take steps to show that your injuries were directly caused by the accident. A lawyer may review your medical records and work with healthcare professionals to make sure that your medical losses are appropriately recorded.

    You May Settle Your Truck Accident Claim Outside of Court

    You should be aware that not all truck accident claims in Dallas are handled with lawsuits. In fact, many truck accident claims are resolved through a settlement. You could settle with the insurance company representing the at-fault individual to get compensation for your losses.

    Settling your claim may help you avoid expensive fees from the courts. It could also allow you to get compensation more quickly than you would with a lawsuit.

    Find Out Who Can Be Sued in a Truck Accident Case

    Need to know who can be sued in a truck accident case? You may sue the truck driver, the trucking company, or even the company that made the truck. Find out more about who to seek compensation from by contacting a Dallas car accident lawyer. Start reviewing your situation now with legal consultation.

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