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    Richardson Negligent Motorcycle Rider Accident Lawyer

    Negligent Motorcycle Rider Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents are common and often tragic. In a crash, motorcycle riders don’t have any protection. Even riders who wear helmets and other safety gear are still vulnerable to severe injuries when they collide with a car. Sadly, negligent motorcycle rider accidents claim thousands of lives every year.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 5,000 motorcycle riders were killed in automotive accidents in 2017 alone. Negligent motorcycle rider accidents can also leave victims with lifelong disabilities.

    These crashes also take a high economic toll. It’s estimated that motorcycle accidents cost billions of dollars each year. This includes taxpayer-funded emergency services as well as property damages and lost wages associated with accidents.

    The majority of motorcycle accidents are preventable. Even worse, many accidents that claim the life of the motorcycle rider were caused by their own negligent driving. Negligent motorcycle riders often cause accidents where you walk away with mild injuries, while they leave in an ambulance.

    However, if the motorcyclist’s negligence triggered the accident, you still deserve to be compensated. A negligent motorcycle rider will be liable even if their own injuries were more severe than yours. Call (214) 740-4556 to speak to a Richardson, TX accident lawyer about your options following a motorcycle crash. Consultations are 100% free.

    Negligent Motorcycle Rider Accident Statistics

    Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) about negligent motorcycle rider accidents are somewhat shocking. Although it’s no surprise that motorcycles are involved in more fatal crashes than cars, the actual numbers paint a grim picture:

    • In 2017, motorcycle rider fatalities were 27 times higher than car occupant fatalities.
    • 37% of motorcycle deaths occurred in single-vehicle accidents, meaning the negligent motorcycle rider did not directly collide with another car. 63% of fatalities happened in multi-car cars.
    • 28% of fatal motorcycle accident victims are under 30.
    • 91% of motorcycle riders killed in a crash are male.
    • Among female motorcyclists who died in an accident, 65% were passengers.
    • Only 51% of passengers wore helmets in fatal motorcycle accidents.
    • In fatal motorcycle accidents, 60% of motorcycle drivers were wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.
    • In states with no helmet laws, only 26% of motorcycle riders wear a helmet voluntarily.
    • 61% of motorcycle rider fatalities occur between May and September, peaking in June.
    • 26% of fatally injured motorcyclists were drunk driving at the time of the crash.

    Leading Causes of a Negligent Motorcycle Rider Accident

    Negligent motorcycle rider accidents are caused by reckless, dangerous behavior. Motorcyclists often embrace a high-adrenaline lifestyle. For many, the appeal of riding a motorcycle lies in the vehicle’s speed and maneuverability.

    In fact, some of the earliest motorcycle gangs were started by Air Force veterans who missed the thrill of flying fighter jets. These individuals found a similar feeling riding a Harley-Davidson at high speeds.

    Although motorcycle riders can be safe and responsible, many are not. They often break the speed limit, pass improperly, or exhibit other negligent behavior while driving. These motorcyclists cause accidents by forcing cars to stop suddenly or swerve to avoid them.

    Some of the leading causes of negligent motorcycle rider accidents include:

    Lane Splitting

    Have you ever been sitting in slow traffic, only to glance at your side mirror and suddenly see a motorcyclist within inches of your car? This is due to a dangerous practice called lane splitting.

    When lane splitting, the motorcycle rider drives in between lanes to speed through congested traffic. Unfortunately, even a highly-skilled, experienced motorcycle rider can cause an accident by lane splitting.

    When a driver doesn’t expect to see a motorcyclist so close to their car, they can get startled. They may brake or reflexively steer their car away from the motorcyclist. This could cause the car to crash into another vehicle in a parallel lane. In other situations, drivers may crash into the motorcyclist directly.

    In many states, lane splitting is illegal. According to the Motorcycle Legal Foundation, Texas transportation code is neutral on the subject. Lane splitting isn’t officially legal, but neither is it explicitly prohibited. As a result, drivers in the Lone Star state need to watch out for negligent motorcycle riders who may be lane splitting.

    Blind Spots

    Due to their smaller size, motorcycles are often in a driver’s blind spot. This can occur while lane splitting or driving normally. Sadly, many motorcycle riders are badly injured or killed every year because larger vehicles don’t see them.

    If a car turns, changes lanes, or merges onto the highway with a motorcycle in their blind spot, the resulting accident could be gravely serious. That’s why it’s vital to check your blind spots when you drive. If your car has blind-spot warning systems, be sure to use them.

    However, motorcyclists are also responsible for avoiding a driver’s blind spot. Like car drivers, they need to maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles at all times. If they don’t, they’re being negligent.

    For example, when a motorcycle rider is passing a large truck, they need to pass quickly. Lingering in the trucker’s blind spot could cause an accident.

    Illegal Street Racing or Performing Tricks

    Finally, some negligent motorcycle riders cause accidents because they’re racing or performing tricks. This is more common among younger riders on so-called “street bikes.” Often, these negligent motorcycle riders are also using drugs or alcohol.

    Street racing is illegal in Texas because it’s so dangerous. Motorcycle riders who race, pop “wheelies,” or perform other types of stunt driving inevitably cause accidents involving cars. Many innocent drivers are injured or even killed as a result of this behavior.

    Were You in a Negligent Motorcycle Rider Accident?

    Did a negligent motorcycle rider cause your accident? If you were injured or incurred property damage in a car crash with a motorcycle, you may be eligible for compensation.

    Our Richardson, TX lawyers can review your case. We’ll help you determine liability, estimate damages, and devise a legal plan for your next steps.

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