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    Richardson Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

    Garbage Truck Accidents

    Hurt in a garbage truck accident in Richardson, TX? Take steps to get compensation to cover your losses right now. Just start working with a Richardson garbage truck accident lawyer. Your lawyer can focus on helping you get damages to cover your medical bills and other expenses.

    Get legal help on your side by calling (469) 998-4069. A lawyer can investigate your case and gather evidence that someone else caused the accident, which may allow you to secure damages for all of your losses.

    Review Statistics on Garbage Truck Accidents in the U.S.

    Garbage trucks are very large vehicles. They make many sudden stops as they stop to pick up garbage and refuse. During a stop, workers often climb off of the truck and move around, sometimes disrupting the flow of traffic. Additionally, these trucks have multiple blind spots that make it hard for the driver to see.

    These factors lead to garbage truck accidents around the country. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) keeps track of how many garbage truck accidents occur on a yearly basis. In the year 2017, there were:

    • More than 2,000 tow away garbage truck accidents.
    • More than 1,000 injury garbage truck accidents.
    • More than 100 fatal garbage truck accidents.

    You could get help securing compensation if you were hurt in one of these accidents. Just reach out to a law firm here in Richardson to get help on your side by calling (469) 998-4069. We’re ready to discuss your situation right now.

    Fault for Garbage Truck Accidents in Richardson

    You will only receive compensation after a garbage truck accident if someone else caused the collision. A lawyer can work to show that someone else was liable for your accident starting right now. Your lawyer may investigate your case by:

    • Visiting the scene of the accident.
    • Speaking to everyone who saw the collision.
    • Reviewing your police report.
    • Working with accident reconstruction specialists.

    Taking these steps will help your lawyer demonstrate that the garbage truck driver caused your collision. However, you may get some damages even if you were partially at-fault for the wreck. This is because Texas uses comparative negligence laws for truck accident claims.

    You can receive a percentage of compensation as long as you are not more than 49% at-fault for a collision. This means that you receive a smaller amount of compensation if you are partially responsible for a garbage truck accident.

    Show That Your Accident Caused Your Injuries in Richardson

    You can only receive compensation for losses caused directly by your garbage truck accident in Richardson. This means a lawyer needs to connect your losses to your accident. Help with this process by saving any bills or receipts from expenses associated with your accident.

    You also ought to seek medical care as quickly as possible after your accident. Waiting to get treatment opens the door for insurance agents to claim that your injuries had a different cause. Depending upon your situation, a lawyer could help you get compensation for your:

    • Current and future healthcare expenses.
    • Wages lost at work.
    • Diminished earning potential.
    • Vehicle repair expenses.
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

    Note that some losses, like those for your pain and suffering, do not have a clear-cut dollar value. These are “non-economic losses.” A lawyer will help you determine an appropriate award for non-economic damages after a garbage truck accident in Richardson.

    Your Options After a Richardson Garbage Truck Accident

    Many garbage truck accident claims in Richardson are resolved through a settlement. Take steps to settle your case by filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. Your lawyer can handle this process for you and review any claims you are offered to make sure they’re fair.

    In some cases, a lawyer will advise you to file a lawsuit against the garbage truck operator. This could allow you to take your case to court. You might get compensation through a jury verdict in your favor. However, you may also face court fees in this situation.

    Contact a Richardson Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer Now

    Focus on all aspects of your legal case in Richardson by contacting a law firm right away. Start working with a garbage truck accident lawyer in Richardson by reaching out to us. We provide clients in your situation with a free consultation. We’re ready to take steps to bring you compensation for your losses.

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