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    What Is Aggressive Driving Behavior?

    Aggressive driving is more common than people realize, and it’s always dangerous. Let’s look at what aggressive driving behavior means and why it’s so risky for everyone on the road.

    If an aggressive driver caused your accident, you might be entitled to compensation for your damages. An aggressive driving accident lawyer can help. To get a FREE, no-risk consultation with an experienced attorney as soon as possible, call (469) 998-4069 or contact us online today.

    Examples of Aggressive Driving Behaviors

    According to the AAA Exchange, aggressive driving describes any deliberate, unsafe driving behavior executed with a disregard for safety. Examples of aggressive driving behavior include:

    • Cutting in front of other drivers and slowing down
    • Weaving in and out of traffic lanes
    • Changing lanes without signaling first
    • Tailgating other drivers
    • Driving above the speed limit
    • Running red lights or yield signs
    • Not pulling over or stopping for emergency vehicles
    • Aggressively using headlights or the horn towards other drivers
    • Blocking other vehicles from passing

    Aggressive driving comes with ill intention or carelessness towards others on the road. When a driver is engaging in aggressive behavior, they can cause serious accidents that lead to severe injuries or death.

    If an aggressive driver causes your accident, don’t delay getting the legal help you deserve. An experienced lawyer can help you gather evidence from the accident and build a strong insurance claim. To get a FREE consultation with an aggressive driving lawyer, call (469) 998-4069 or contact us online today.

    Aggressive Driving Versus Road Rage

    If aggressive driving becomes extreme enough, it can escalate into what’s known as road rage. Road rage includes behaviors like:

    • Sideswiping other drivers
    • Making obscene or rude gestures toward other drivers
    • Cursing or yelling at other drivers
    • Ramming your car into other vehicles
    • Brandishing a weapon at another driver
    • Throwing things at other drivers
    • Trying to force another driver off the road

    While aggressive driving behaviors are hazardous, road rage is even more serious. Unfortunately, aggressive driving can quickly and easily progress to road rage. If you come across an aggressive driver, it’s best to move out of the way and keep a wide distance.

    Aggressive Driving Penalties

    Aggressive driving behaviors are illegal behaviors. Each state has different penalties for driving aggressively. In Texas, aggressive driving behaviors are typically treated as reckless driving, which is a misdemeanor crime.

    The penalties for reckless driving, according to Texas Transportation Code Section 545.401, include:

    • Up to $200 in fines
    • Up to 30 days in jail
    • Both fines and jail time

    Reckless driving punishments in Texas tend to be less severe than other states. However, the aggressive driver might get charged with additional violations depending on what they were doing. For example, the driver might face speeding, driving while intoxicated, or hit-and-run charges.

    Road Road Penalties

    If a police officer sees a driver engaging in road rage behaviors, the driver can face reckless driving penalties on top of moving violation penalties. A driver might also face assault and battery, deadly misconduct, or vehicular manslaughter charges depending on the details.

    If another driver hits you while engaging in road rage behaviors, be sure to report it to the police. Your lawyer can also help you get traffic camera footage or other evidence of the road rage behavior.

    Bringing an Injury Case After an Aggressive Driving Accident

    If someone’s aggressive driving causes your accident, you will need to build a case to seek compensation for your damages. To have a successful claim, you’ll need to demonstrate that the aggressive driver was negligent in your accident.

    A personal injury claim should include proof that:

    • The other driver owed you a duty of care
    • The driver breached their duty of care
    • The breached duty caused your accident and your damages

    Compiling evidence of the accident and your damages takes work. Thankfully, an aggressive driving accident lawyer can help. Plus, things will be easier if the other driver gets charged with reckless driving.

    A reckless driving charge from your accident acts as negligence per se in states like Texas, which means the charge demonstrates that the driver was negligent. Your lawyer can help you gather the information to show your damages from the driver’s negligent and aggressive behavior.

    Damages You Can Claim After an Aggressive Driving Accident

    You can claim many different damages in your accident claim. There are two main categories of car accident damages: economic losses and non-economic damages.

    Economic Damages

    Economic damages include losses like:

    • Medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Lost earning capacity
    • Property damage

    You can demonstrate these damages through medical bills, receipts, quotes, and other documentation of your costs. In Texas, your economic losses are restricted to the value of your expenses.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Unlike economic damages, you cannot show non-economic costs through dollar amounts. Examples of non-economic injuries include:

    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Loss of consortium

    Your aggressive driving accident lawyer can help you show your non-economic damages in your claim. In Texas, there is no cap for exemplary damages.

    If the other driver was being aggressive, you might also be eligible for punitive damages, also known as exemplary damages. These damages are meant to punish the wrongdoer rather than compensate the claimant.

    Keep track of all evidence of your damages as they come up. When you begin building your claim, it’ll be easier to provide proof of all losses.

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