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    Frisco Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

    Garbage Truck Accidents

    Garbage trucks are common in the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas. In cities like Frisco, garbage trucks operate in residential neighborhoods, business districts, and downtown near shopping centers. Garbage trucks help keep our city streets clean.

    Despite their many benefits to society, garbage trucks can cause significant harm when they’re involved in accidents. Garbage truck accidents can lead to property damage and injury. In severe cases, garbage truck crashes may also cause fatalities. In 2018, large trucks like garbage trucks lead to 4,136 accident deaths.

    If you’re involved in a garbage truck accident, you have rights. You may be able to receive a settlement from the driver, their employer, or the local government. Waste management departments are often legally responsible for any vendors they hire.

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    Why Garbage Truck Accidents Are So Dangerous

    Also known as a trash truck, waste collection truck, or refuse collection truck, a garbage truck is a vehicle designed to collect and transport municipal waste. Garbage trucks come in a wide range of sizes and functionality.

    Some garbage trucks are designed to carry dumpsters, while others use a mechanical arm to lift smaller trash cans and dump the refuse into their cargo hold. In some cities, garbage truck crews include one or more workers who ride on the back of the vehicle. These workers collect waste by hand.

    Garbage trucks collect waste from homes, businesses, and other buildings. They carry this refuse to landfills, transfer stations, or recycling facilities.

    Common types of garbage trucks include:

    • Front loading garbage trucks
    • Rear loading garbage trucks
    • Side loading garbage trucks
    • Manually loaded garbage trucks

    Depending on the vehicle’s size, a garbage truck’s hold capacity ranges from 8000 pounds to 10,000 pounds. As a result, garbage trucks can inflict serious damage in an accident. The impact force of a fully-loaded garbage truck can lead to severe injuries or fatalities.

    Garbage truck accidents can also be more dangerous than other types of accidents for the following reasons:

    Time of Day

    Most garbage trucks stick to a regular routine. They cover the same route once a week or more, usually around the same time. Often, collection occurs near dawn or dusk. At these hours, there is minimal light. Drivers may have difficulty seeing a garbage truck.

    Drivers are also more likely to be tired when it’s early in the morning or they’re returning home from a long day at work. This leads to accidents.

    Frequent Stops

    Garbage trucks make frequent stops as they collect waste from bins or garbage cans on the curb. Due to their large size and flashing lights, it’s easy to see when a garbage truck slows down or stops to make a collection.

    However, a driving who isn’t paying attention may cause an accident. As a result of their frequent stops, garbage trucks are often involved in rear-end collisions.

    Vehicle Size and Weight

    As mentioned, many garbage truck accidents are dangerous because of the vehicle’s size and weight. Garbage truck drivers can’t maneuver easily. If there’s a hazard in the road, they may not be able to swerve in time to avoid it.

    Similarly, garbage trucks need a greater stopping distance than other vehicles. It can take a garbage truck several seconds to come to a complete, safe stop. If a garbage truck driver needs to brake quickly, they may lose control of their vehicle and cause a crash.

    Vehicle Blind Spots

    Always use caution when you’re driving near a garbage truck. Because of their slow speed and frequent stops, many drivers become frustrated when they need to wait for a garbage truck. Some speed up and pass without signalling.

    However, if you pass improperly, you may cause an accident by being in the garbage truck driver’s blind spots. As a general rule, don’t pass a garbage truck unless you clear the vehicle quickly, without lingering it in any blind spots. If you can’t see the driver, the driver can’t see you.

    Fallen Cargo and Hazardous Materials

    In serious crashes, a garbage truck may spill its cargo onto another car or onto the road. This can make a collision even worse. Victims may be injured by hazardous materials or become ill due to bacteria exposure. The spilled waste can also make the roads near the accident very slippery. Other drivers may get into an accident if wet garbage affects tire traction or braking.

    Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents

    Garbage truck accidents may have several different causes. Human error, environmental factors, or mechanical malfunctions can all lead to a crash. Although you can’t always prevent a garbage truck accident, understanding the causes of these incidents can help you reduce your risk.

    Common garbage truck accident causes in Texas include:

    Driver Negligence

    Garbage truck drivers cause accidents when they are negligent. Examples of negligent driving behavior include texting and driving, driving under the influence, drowsy driving, or simply “spacing out” and not paying attention to the road.

    Bad Weather

    In bad weather such as rain, snow, or fog, a garbage truck driver may have difficulty seeing. Bad weather conditions can also affect their ability to control their vehicle safely. A garbage truck may skid or roll over on slippery roads.

    Mechanical Malfunctions

    Garbage trucks need to be repaired and inspected frequently. If the truck’s owner doesn’t perform consistent maintenance, mechanical malfunctions may arise. Brake issues, steering problems, or other mechanical failure may cause an accident.

    Garbage Truck Accident Liability

    After a garbage truck accident, determining liability may be more complex. Often, the city or county that employs the garbage truck driver or waste disposal company can be declared liable for accidents. If you’re in a garbage truck accident, it’s very important to get the driver’s employer information.

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