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    Richardson Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    In the modern era, bicycling has seen an uptick as a way to reduce a person’s carbon footprint and emphasize exercise. Unfortunately, more bicycles on the streets means more accidents involving bikes and bike riders, and these wrecks can result in life-changing, devastating injuries.

    At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, we work for you after your injury and fight for your right to be compensated for the harm that has befallen you. Our Richardson bicycle accident lawyers are skilled at navigating local personal injury claims and offer compassionate assistance for people with injuries like:

    • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
    • Loss of limb
    • Extreme road rash
    • Lacerations
    • Broken bones
    • Paralysis

    No matter how significant your injuries, our attorneys may be able to help. After getting the appropriate medical care, a call to our Richardson bike wreck lawyers should be one of the first calls you make.

    Steps to Take After a Bike Accident

    A bicycle accident claim can come with many different complications, so it is best to take some initial steps to set yourself up for a successful case. If you are not immediately incapacitated in your accident, try to do as many of the following actions as possible:

    • Take pictures of the accident scene
    • Get insurance and personal information from the opposing driver
    • Take down names and phone numbers of any eyewitnesses
    • Talk to the responding officer about the police report

    Also, some cases may involve drivers who work for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. If that is the case in your accident, it is best to try to get information about the driver’s contract. This can help your Richardson bicycle accident attorneys as the case progresses if they need to analyze whether or not the rideshare company has some share of responsibility for your damages.

    Getting as much information and evidence as possible to your attorneys can greatly influence the timeline of your claim. Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003, all personal injury claims, from serious pedestrian accidents to the more commonplace rear end accidents, have a statute of limitations of two years. When you already have an abundance of information for your lawyers, they can file your claim quickly and preserve your right to pursue compensation.

    Richardson Bicycle Laws

    Though there are no restrictions on bicycling in Richardson, and Texas itself has no bike helmet regulations, the city does provide plenty of areas to ride your bike safely. There are more than 15 miles of bicycle lanes in Richardson, and cars are not allowed to ride in them. There also are plans to develop safe pedestrian and bike rider trailways in the future.

    If a vehicle drives in the bike lane and collides with you, that can be an indication of elevated fault or negligence on their part. There are other actions that can increase the amount of liability attributed to the driver as well. Some of these actions constitute gross negligence and willful disregard for public safety, such as drunk driving. In these situations, extra compensation may be awarded to you.

    Exemplary Damages and Their Limits

    Usually, personal injury claims like bicycle accidents will have two kinds of damages: economic harms like lost wages and medical bills and non-economic harms like your pain and suffering. The additional compensation awarded in rare cases is reserved for situations in which the driver was particularly egregious in their lack of care. Like riding in bike lanes or drunk driving, texting while driving has recently begun to warrant these exemplary damages as well.

    Though our Richardson cannot actively ask for these extra damages, we may be able to present enough of evidence of the driver’s misconduct to convince a jury that they are worth rewarding.

    Fault and Compensation

    Sometimes, accidents can involve a mixture of blame and responsibility between a bike rider and a driver. Though many cases are straightforward, some situations may cause the court to split fault for the accident between the parties. If this happens in your case, it can affect the amount of compensation you receive for your damages.

    • You can still sue for compensation as long as you are not more than 50% at fault.
    • Your compensation is reduced by the percentage of blame assigned to you.

    In other words, if your accident causes you $100,000 and the court decides that you are 25% at fault, your compensation will be reduced by 25% to a total of $75,000.

    Hiring Richardson Bicycle Accident Lawyers Who Care

    At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, , we have experience handling the range of personal injury cases in Richardson. We may be able to lower the blame assigned to you and increase the award that you receive at the discretion of the court. Since we know that the period of time following a serious injury is very difficult for you and your family we offer you a FREE case evaluation service and promise not to collect an attorney fee unless we have won compensation in your case.

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