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    Rowlett Accidents in Intersection Lawyer

    Rowlett Accidents in Intersection Lawyer

    Intersections are a common hot-spot for accidents in the area around Rowlett, Texas. These accidents can occur at red lights, four-way stops, or even two-way stops. Some accidents occur at unmarked intersections. We are here to help you after an accident at an intersection.

    Contact us if you were hurt to start working on a claim. You can reach us if you call a member of our team at (469) 998-4069. Work to get compensation by contacting a Rowlett accidents in intersection lawyer.

    Find Out More About Accidents in Intersections

    As we mentioned, intersections can be dangerous areas for drivers. Accidents in intersections can also involve pedestrians who are trying to cross the road. Pedestrians have the right of way to cross in a crosswalk. However, some drivers may not see a pedestrian. This could result in a major accident.

    Other accidents in intersections occur when drivers at an intersection may make errors. Sometimes, drivers end up causing an accident because they are:

    • Distracted
    • Not paying attention
    • Making an illegal maneuver
    • Driving too quickly

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some accidents occur when one driver makes a faulty assumption about what another driver will do. Any of these situations can lead to an accident in an intersection here in Rowlett.

    Vehicles Involved in Intersection Accidents in Rowlett

    Any driver could end up causing an accident in an intersection in Rowlett. This includes drivers operating passenger or commercial vehicles. However, commercial vehicles are often more difficult to handle. These vehicles are very large. This makes it more difficult for drivers to:

    • Come to a complete stop at an intersection
    • Make a turn, especially in narrow intersections

    Large trucks – like semi-trucks – sometimes clip other vehicles while trying to make an in-town turn. These vehicles may also conduct a “rolling stop.” Sometimes, truck drivers do not want to have to build up to speed again after stopping, so they try to roll through a stop sign or red light.

    Any of these actions can result in a serious accident. Fortunately, we are here to help if you were struck by a truck in an intersection. Just contact us at (469) 998-4069. You can begin getting legal guidance from a Rowlett accidents in intersection lawyer now.

    Investigate an Accident in an Intersection in Rowlett

    It’s important to focus on the causes of an accident in an intersection in Rowlett. You can get compensation even if you are partially at-fault for a collision in Rowlett. This is because Texas is a comparative negligence state.

    Comparative negligence means that drivers get compensation based on their percentage of fault for the accident. However, you can get more compensation if a truck accident lawyer in Rowlett shows the other driver was primarily at fault. We are ready to focus on your needs by:

    • Going over your police report
    • Interviewing all witnesses
    • Working with accident reconstruction technicians

    We can also focus on the specific damages you sustained in an accident here in Rowlett. We know that you can get compensation for your healthcare expenses and other losses. Let us go over any paperwork or bills associated with your accident. This can help us ensure that you get full compensation for your losses.

    Focus on Your Legal Claim After an Accident in Rowlett

    You can get help on your side quickly if you were hit in an intersection in Rowlett. A lawyer can step in to help with your claim right away. Your lawyer can even handle all communication with insurance agents. This includes agents for your company and agents representing the other driver.

    We’ll work to build a claim and handle negotiations with insurance representatives. This can allow you to settle your claim through a settlement. Settlements allow you to avoid going to court here in Rowlett. Going to court can lead to high fees. It also takes longer to resolve a lawsuit in most cases.

    You can go over the pros and cons of settling a truck accident claim by contacting us. We’re ready to handle all of your needs, starting right now. Just contact us to get personalized legal advice.

    Get Help from a Rowlett Accidents in Intersection Lawyer

    Work proactively to get compensation if you were hit in an intersection in Rowlett. Just contact a member of our team and get legal help on your side. You can reach us if you fill out our online contact form. You can also call us at (469) 998-4069. Our accidents in intersection lawyers in Rowlett know how to help you.

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