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    Rowlett Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

    Rowlett Construction Truck Accident Lawyers

    You can get legal help on your side if you were struck by a construction truck in Rowlett, Texas. A law firm in our area can take steps to build a claim for you. This can allow you to get damages to cover your medical expenses and other losses.

    Find out more about your legal situation with a construction truck accident lawyer in Rowlett. Members of our team know what it takes to help you. You can easily contact us by calling us at (469) 998-4069. Get legal help right now.

    Focus on the Specifics of Construction Truck Accidents

    There are a number of serious construction truck accidents every year. Many of these accidents occur in construction zones, especially work zones along the road. Road construction often feels like a never-ending process, as we widen roads, fix potholes, and make new streets.

    While this process is necessary, it can lead to dangerous situations. More than 700 people a year were killed in work zone accidents from 1982 through 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    Many of these fatal accidents involved construction workers. However, some of these accidents occurred when large construction trucks struck smaller vehicles. Additionally, some of these accidents happen on other construction sites, or even on the road.

    We are here to help regardless of the specifics of your accident. Reach out to us right now to get the help you want after a collision.

    Types of Construction Truck Accidents in Rowlett

    There are many different kinds of construction trucks here in Rowlett. There are dump trucks, rollers, and even cranes. These are only examples of some types of construction vehicles. Any of these vehicles could end up causing a:

    Head-On Collision

    Vehicles that cross the centerline or drive the wrong way can end up causing a head-on collision. These collisions are often very serious, especially if they involve a large construction vehicle. These vehicles often drive the wrong way on roads as they carry out construction tasks.

    Rear-End Collision

    Rear-end collisions happen when one vehicle runs into the rear bumper of another. Construction trucks sometimes stop without warning. This could cause another vehicle to run into them. Additionally, these vehicles are very heavy. This means it takes them longer to stop, which can result in a rear-end accident.

    Side-Impact Collisions

    Side-impact (or T-bone) collisions are very serious in Howlett. These accidents could happen if a construction truck unexpectedly pulls out into traffic. Sometimes, construction truck drivers do not pay attention to the flow of traffic because they are distracted by their work. We are here to help after any kind of collision. Just call us at (469) 998-4069.

    Construction Truck Accidents in Rowlett and Compensation

    Construction truck accidents often cause a tremendous amount of damage here in Rowlett. You can end up facing quickly rising bills for your:

    • Medical treatment
    • Repairs for your vehicle

    It can feel difficult to cover these expenses, especially if you cannot return to work right away. Some accidents can even leave you with a lasting condition that causes a disability. This can impact your ability to return to the job after a collision.

    Fortunately, you do not have to cover all of these losses on your own in Rowlett. You can reach out to a lawyer to get compensation for your expenses. Members of our team can even help you secure damages for your pain and suffering. Find out more by contacting us.

    Work on a Claim for a Rowlett Construction Truck Accident

    As we mentioned, you can get compensation after a construction truck accident in Rowlett. However, this compensation is not automatically provided in Texas. Instead, you can work to get damages by:

    • Filing a claim with the insurance company.
    • Filing a lawsuit in court.

    Many drivers choose to settle with the insurance company after a construction accident. We know how to deal with insurance agents on your behalf. We’ll go over strategies that could work for your case, starting right now.

    Our construction truck accident lawyers also know how to help you in court. We’ll focus on your unique needs after a collision.

    A Rowlett Construction Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

    Don’t wait to get help if you were hit by a construction truck in Rowlett. Allow us to start working on your claim right away. Just call (469) 998-4069. You can also complete our online contact form. Get personalized help from a construction truck accident lawyer in Rowlett.

    We’ll begin handling your claim right now with a free consultation.

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