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    How Negligence Is Established in a Motorcycle Accident?

    You could get compensation after a motorcycle accident in Dallas. You may only get compensation if someone else caused your accident. Drivers in Dallas cause accidents through acts of negligence. Find out how negligence is established in a motorcycle accident right here.

    A lawyer may establish negligence by working to show that:

    • A driver had a duty of care to you.
    • They failed to uphold that duty of care.
    • This failure led to your accident and injuries.

    Review each step in establishing negligence with this article.

    Learn About Duty of Care in Dallas Motorcycle Accident Claims

    All drivers in Dallas have a duty of care to one another. This duty of care requires drivers to operate their vehicles in a reasonable way. Drivers accept this duty of care each time they get behind the wheel. We are all expected to:

    • Obey traffic laws
    • Operate vehicles at or below the speed limit
    • Adjust driving behaviors for the weather
    • Monitor changing traffic and other vehicles

    You should be able to trust other drivers to drive carefully and to uphold their duty of care.

    Consider Drivers Who Fail to Uphold Their Duty of Care

    Unfortunately, not all drivers uphold their duty of care in Dallas. Drivers may act in a dangerous way and cause an accident. A lawyer must establish that a driver violated their duty of care in order to establish negligence. A lawyer may investigate the driver’s actions by:

    • Reviewing the scene of the accident
    • Gaining access to the police report of the collision
    • Speaking with any eye-witnesses
    • Working with an accident reconstruction team

    A lawyer may work to determine exactly what caused your accident. There are many causes for Dallas motorcycle accidents. These collisions could occur because another driver does not see your motorcycle. Drivers could rear-end you or turn into the side of your motorcycle if they are:

    • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Driving too fast for conditions or recklessly
    • Failing to check their blind spots
    • Distracted by a mobile device or cellphone

    Discuss the causes of your motorcycle accident with a lawyer now by calling (469) 998-4069. A lawyer may work to establish that the other driver acted dangerously. This could show that they were negligent and that they caused your accident.

    Work to Show That the Motorcycle Accident Caused Your Injuries

    You may get compensation if another driver caused your motorcycle accident. However, you only get compensation if you suffered an ill effect in the accident. You must be hurt or experience damage to your motorcycle to secure compensation.

    A lawyer may help show that your accident led to your injuries. You can help with this process. Make sure that you seek immediate medical care after your accident. Getting treatment right away may show that the accident caused your:

    • Head or brain injuries
    • Neck, back, or spine injuries
    • Organ damage or internal injuries
    • Broken bones or fractures
    • Burns, cuts, or abrasions

    Make sure that you seek professional medical care after an accident. You may also want to get your motorcycle in for service quickly. This may show that the damage to your motorcycle was caused by the accident.

    Consider Comparative Negligence in the State of Texas

    You should know that multiple people could be at-fault for a motorcycle accident in Dallas. Texas uses comparative negligence laws for all motor vehicle cases. The state may assess proportionate responsibility after a collision.

    You may still get compensation even if you acted in a negligent way that contributed to the accident. However, you receive a smaller amount of compensation if you are partially at fault for the collision. You may get compensation as long as you are not more than 50% responsible for a collision.

    Your lawyer may help show that you were not at fault for a motorcycle accident in Dallas. This could help you get more compensation for your losses. The other driver may then cover your damages for:

    • Current and future medical expenses
    • Lost wages and lost earning potential
    • Motorcycle repair costs
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    Find out more by reaching out to a legal team in Dallas today.

    Learn How Negligence Is Established in a Motorcycle Accident in Dallas

    Negligence may be established after a motorcycle accident in Dallas. A lawyer may show that another driver took an action that caused the collision. Get help building a claim now by contacting a Dallas car accident lawyer. Find out more with a free consultation.

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