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    Lancaster Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

    Lancaster Construction Truck Accident Lawyers

    Contact a Lancaster construction truck accident lawyer if you were hit by a large construction vehicle. These accidents can leave you with serious injuries. We’re here to help you get damages if you were left with broken bones, organ damage, or other injuries.

    Reach out to us for assistance by calling (469) 998-4069. Members of our team know what it takes to help you settle your claim. You can also count on us to represent you in court here in Lancaster.

    We Understand Construction Truck Accidents

    Construction truck accidents are often very dangerous. Construction trucks are very large vehicles, like dump trucks. Steam rollers and even cranes are also examples of construction vehicles. These vehicles are often found in construction zones, they also use the roads to travel to new locations.

    You could face a construction truck accident if the driver of the equipment loses control. Construction trucks are very large, for the most part. They are heavy and difficult to stop, especially if a driver is exceeding the speed limit. These factors can lead to an accident here in Lancaster.

    Our team knows how to deal with the aftermath of a construction truck accident. We’ll work to build a strong claim for you right away. Contact us if you – or a family member – got struck by a construction truck in Lancaster.

    Move Quickly After a Lancaster Construction Truck Accident

    There are hundreds of thousands of accidents in Texas every year, according to the Department of Transportation (TxDOT). In fact, there was less than a minute between crashes throughout the entirety of the year in 2019.

    This means you’re not alone after a construction truck accident. You can start working to get compensation for your losses quickly by reaching out to a construction truck accident lawyer. We’re ready to quickly:

    • Interview all witnesses who saw your accident
    • Go over the police report against your accident
    • Work with accident reconstruction specialists

    There are a number of reasons to get help right away. For one thing, Texas has a statute of limitations. After this statute expires, you can no longer seek compensation for your losses. Generally, you have two years to seek damages after a collision.

    Getting help right away also allows your lawyer to work with witnesses while their memories are still sharp. It also provides you with assistance when it comes to dealing with insurance agents. Allow us to spring into action now. Just call (469) 998-4069.

    Injuries Associated with Construction Truck Accidents in Lancaster

    You can sustain serious injuries in a construction truck accident. Many drivers end up facing head or brain injuries. Back, neck, or spinal cord injuries are also common. In some cases, individuals end up dealing with broken bones, cuts, or burns. It’s normal to need medical care to handle these injuries. You could require:

    • Emergency medical treatment
    • Numerous medical tests or assessments
    • Surgeries and other medical procedures
    • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

    It’s possible that you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of time off of work after an accident. You could even sustain injuries that leave you with lasting disabilities. All of these factors could lead to losses here in Lancaster.

    Fortunately, a lawyer can step in to focus on bringing you compensation for your healthcare expenses. We’re ready to review each loss you sustained. We’ll work to show that your losses were caused directly by your construction truck accident. This can help you get compensation for your current and future healthcare expenses.

    Consider a Legal Claim After a Construction Truck Accident

    You can get help securing compensation after a construction truck accident in Lancaster. Our team is prepared to collect evidence. We’ll file a claim with insurance agents on your behalf. Rely on us to deal with negotiations with insurance representatives.

    Taking these steps can allow us to bring you a settlement. Settlements often cover your medical expenses. They can also allow you to get damages for your vehicle repairs and wages lost at work. You can also contact us if you are interested in taking your claim to court. Find out how to file a lawsuit with our team.

    Work with a Lancaster Construction Truck Accident Lawyer Right Now

    Hit by a construction truck in Lancaster? Make sure you’re ready to get legal assistance right now by contacting a member of our team. You can reach us by calling (469) 998-4069. We also have an online contact form available for you. Start working with a construction truck accident lawyer in Lancaster today.

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