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    Wylie Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

    Wylie Construction Truck Accident Lawyers

    Take control of your future after you are hit by a construction truck in Wylie, Texas. You can start getting help securing compensation for your losses by reaching out to our team. We are standing by to discuss your situation when you call us at (469) 998-4069.

    Begin working with a construction truck accident lawyer in Wylie as soon as you are in a collision. We’ll move quickly to gather evidence about your claim. We’ll focus on settling your claim or allowing you to take your claim to court with a lawsuit. Either way can help you get compensation for your losses.

    Basic Facts About Construction Trucks in Wylie

    Construction trucks are a kind of commercial vehicle. These vehicles are frequently used in construction sites around our state. There are many different kinds of construction vehicles, not just one kind of vehicle.

    Common examples of construction trucks include:

    • Cement mixers
    • Dump trucks
    • Backhoes or graders
    • Excavators

    Note that these are only examples of construction vehicles. This is not a comprehensive list of all vehicles that work on construction zones in Wylie.

    These vehicles are often very large and made primarily of metal pieces. They frequently do not drive quickly and they have numerous blind spots.

    These issues with the vehicles can end up leading to major accidents in Wylie. Accidents can occur at construction zones. However, many accidents also occur on the road while construction trucks are traveling to a construction zone.

    We are ready to help you after any kind of construction truck accident. We’ll go over the unique aspects of your collision when you reach out to our truck accident lawyers for assistance.

    Damages for a Wylie Construction Truck Accident

    Drivers in your situation can seek compensation after a construction truck accident in Wylie. Our team knows the best way to handle your legal needs after a collision involving a construction vehicle. We’ll review all your losses and help you seek damages for your medical expenses. This can include the costs for your:

    • Emergency medical treatment
    • Time spent in a hospital
    • Medical tests and procedures
    • Medications
    • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

    Our team knows that medical expenses are only one example of a loss you can sustain after a construction accident. We can also focus on your needs by helping you get compensation for your:

    • Vehicle repair costs
    • Time off at work
    • Pain and suffering

    We believe in personalizing the care you receive after a construction truck accident. We’re also here to help if you lost a loved one in a collision involving a construction vehicle. We know what it takes to deal with wrongful death claims in Wylie and we’ll offer compassionate support to your family.

    Your Claim for a Wylie Construction Truck Accident

    Drivers in Wylie can file a claim with insurance agents after a construction truck collision. We know how to help you deal with insurance agents. Our team will investigate to gather evidence that someone else caused your accident. We can take this step by:

    • Questioning witnesses who saw the accident
    • Reviewing your police report
    • Working with accident reconstruction teams

    You should know that you can get compensation in Wylie if someone else caused your collision. In fact, Texas is a state with comparative negligence laws. This means that drivers can get damages as long as they are not primarily responsible for a collision.

    However, you will get less compensation if you have a higher percentage of fault for a collision. We’ll work to show that a construction truck driver caused your accident and then approach insurance agents on your behalf.

    Many drivers in your situation choose to settle their claims out of court. However, you have the legal ability to file a lawsuit against the driver who hit you. Find out more by contacting us for help.

    Kinds of Wylie Construction Truck Accidents

    As we mentioned, construction trucks are a kind of commercial vehicle. There were more than 39,000 commercial vehicle accidents in the state of Texas in 2019, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

    Not all of these accidents occurred in the same way. In fact, there are many different kinds of construction accidents.

    However, there are some collisions that are most common. Many drivers are hurt in:

    Head-On Accidents

    A head-on accident with a construction truck can be very serious. Head-on collisions occur when one vehicle runs into the front of another. Vehicles that drift across the centerline can end up causing a head-on accident. Construction vehicles are so wide that sometimes they end up taking up more than one lane, which can also lead to this kind of collision.

    Rear-End Accidents

    Other drivers in Wylie are hurt in rear-end accidents. These accidents occur when one driver runs into the back of another driver’s vehicle. Construction trucks often have a hard time stopping because they are so heavy. They may cause a rear-end accident if they cannot stop in time in Wylie.

    Side-Impact Accidents

    We see many side-impact – or T-Bone – accidents here in Wylie. One vehicle will hit another in the side in a T-bone accident. These accidents often happen in intersections. They can also happen if a construction truck pulls out into traffic without looking.

    Rollover Accidents

    Finally, there are some rollover accidents involving construction trucks in Wylie. These accidents can happen if a construction truck overbalances and falls over. Trucks that are very tall, like cement mixer trucks, are often more likely to rollover.

    Talk to a Wylie Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

    Discuss your legal options with our team right now. You can reach out to us if you fill out our online contact form or call (469) 998-4069. This allows you to start working with a construction truck accident lawyer in Wylie. Call us and find out how to get compensation for your losses.

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