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    Wylie Improper Backing Up Accident Lawyer

    Wylie Improper Backing Up Accident Lawyer

    Backing up a vehicle, especially a truck, requires a lot of attention and care. There are several rules that drivers must abide by to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Backing up any vehicle is difficult due to obscured vision and blind spots. Following state driving laws is paramount in preventing backing up accidents.

    If you were in a backing up accident caused by illegal maneuvers or negligence, call a Wylie improper backing up accident lawyer today. You should not have to pay for an accident that was not your fault. A good accident lawyer will help you navigate through all of your legal options and help get the best settlement possible.

    Our team of experienced Wylie truck accident lawyers can help with all types of truck accidents that occur. Every truck driver on the road must provide reasonable care for others’ safety as a part of their duty. Improperly backing up a truck without regard for safety is dangerous and can cause severe damages. Talk to a lawyer today for a free consultation at (469) 998-4069.

    Why Backing Up Accidents Happen

    Smaller vehicles may have an easier time backing up, but drivers of larger cars and trucks need to take special care to prevent accidents. Larger vehicles typically have more blind spots than smaller ones. Children, pedestrians, cyclists, and even large objects like other vehicles are difficult to see when backing up, especially in larger passenger or commercial vehicles. This causes many accidents to occur in varying severities.

    According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), drivers spend less than 1% of their driving time in reverse. Yet nationally, over one-quarter of all collisions happen while someone is backing up. This statistic shows that backing up is dangerous and crucial to do right.

    Following Texas Transportation Code §545.415, all drivers:

    • Should not back up their vehicle if traffic or road conditions are unsafe.
    • Should not back up their vehicle on a limited or controlled-access highway shoulder or roadway.

    Safe driving is essential in preventing all accidents. When a truck driver backs up negligently, they put everyone else around them at risk. Truck accident injuries can be devastating and last a lifetime. You should not have to pay for the damages caused by another party’s negligence.

    How to Handle a Backing Up Accident

    After an accident, you need to ensure that you have as much evidence as possible. Immediately after an accident occurs, make sure that you and others around you are okay. If anyone is seriously injured, get medical attention immediately.

    Call the police to ensure that a record of the accident exists. Police officers will arrive on the scene to create a report of the accident. Exchange information with the other driver involved in the accident. Take down full names, contact information, insurance information, driver’s license numbers, and license plate numbers. Be sure to take pictures of the accident and any property damage that may have occurred.

    Go to a hospital as soon as possible for any injuries sustained. Do not delay this step and seek treatment quickly. Any delay in this step may get used against you by insurance companies claiming your injuries are not severe or over-exaggerated. Retain any medical records, test results, bills, and invoices.

    Once you have done all of these steps, contact a Wylie truck accident lawyer to assess your situation and fight on your behalf. A good truck accident attorney will sift through your evidence, help build your case, and negotiate with the insurance companies to get you fair compensation that is representative of your damages.

    Backing Up Safety Tips

    Here are some tips for backing up your vehicle safely. All drivers should be following these general rules:

    • Do not assume with blind spots. If you are in doubt about anything, stop your vehicle and check your surroundings properly.
    • Always reverse slowly, do not back up your vehicle quickly.
    • For larger passenger or commercial vehicles, use a spotter to help guide your movements.
    • Visually inspect the surrounding area to ensure there are no obstructions, hazards, or other potential issues with the road.

    These basic safety tips may seem like common sense, but they often get neglected. Neglecting these safety tips causes many backing up accidents on the road. Drivers late to work or truckers that need to meet a quota often forgo safety procedures due to their time crunch. In trying to get to work on time or deliver cargo on time, they negatively impact the safety of others.

    Contact a Wylie Improper Backing Up Accident Lawyer Today

    Texas has proportionate responsibility laws that make determining fault in a truck accident confusing. If you are not responsible for more than 50% of your accident, you can pursue compensation under the law. Any percentage you are responsible for will get taken out of your final settlement amount. Working with a lawyer is essential to prevent getting unfairly blamed for your accident.

    A good truck accident lawyer will assist you in every step of your legal fight for compensation. Negotiating for a settlement that properly reflects your damages can get difficult to navigate, but you do not have to do it alone. Our team of Wylie improper backing up accident lawyers will help build your case and fight your case in court if negotiations fall short.

    You do not have to pay us if we do not get you compensation. Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn more about all of your options. We are ready to help you.

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