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    Wylie 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

    Wylie 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers

    You can get legal help on your side for your personal injury claim if you were struck by an 18-wheeler in Wylie,Texas. A lawyer can step in right away to get to work on your claim. Working with a legal firm allows you to get back your peace of mind after a collision with a large truck.

    Our Wylie 18-wheeler accident lawyers are prepared to provide you with the legal help you want. We’ll take steps to bring you compensation for all of your losses. Call us right away at (469) 998-4069 so we can begin going over your unique needs right away.

    18-Wheeler Accidents in Wylie Are Dangerous

    18-wheelers are very large commercial vehicles. Due to their large size, they often cause significant damages during collisions with other motor vehicles. There are a number of other reasons that 18-wheeler accidents are so dangerous.

    18-Wheelers Are Very Heavy and Produce More Forceful Impacts

    18-wheelers are heavy vehicles on their own. They are heavier because they pull loads that can weigh many thousands of pounds. Many of these vehicles are more than 400 times the weight of passenger vehicles that drive around them.

    Heavy Trucks Need More Time to Stop

    Due to their size, it takes 18-wheelers in Wylie longer to stop than other vehicles. Their weight means that they require a greater stopping distance. This means they may end up rear-ending any vehicle that stops in front of them suddenly.

    18-Wheelers Have Many Blind Spots

    Like many large commercial vehicles, 18-wheelers have multiple blind spots. Blind spots are areas around the truck where the driver cannot see other vehicles or hazards. 18-wheelers have blind spots on either side, as well as to the front and back of the vehicle. Failure to check these blind spots can lead to a collision here in Wylie.

    Get Compensation After a Wylie 18-Wheeler Collision

    You can take steps to get damages to cover your losses if you were struck by an 18-wheeler in Wylie. Our team understands the kind of compensation you could receive after a truck accident. Depending upon your situation, we could help you receive damages for your:

    • Healthcare expenses
    • Lost wages at work
    • Vehicle repairs
    • Pain and suffering

    We know that you may need extensive medical care after a collision involving an 18-wheeler. It’s generally advised that you do not settle your claim until you reach the point of maximum recovery. Once you settle your claim, you cannot seek additional compensation here in Wylie. Find out more by talking with a Wylie truck accident lawyer.

    We understand your legal options after an accident involving an 18-wheeler here in Wylie. Many drivers in your situation choose to file a claim with the insurance company. We’ll negotiate with insurance agents to bring you a settlement that addresses all of your losses.

    We also know how to step in if you want to file a lawsuit against the 18-wheeler driver who struck you. This can allow you to seek compensation through the court system here in Wylie.

    We Understand 18-Wheeler Accidents in Wylie

    You are not on your own after a collision with an 18-wheeler in Wylie. Many of these accidents occur on a yearly basis around our state. In fact, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reported nearly 40,000 commercial vehicle accidents in the year 2019.

    However, our team believes that each of these accidents is unique. We provide personalized care for clients in your position. You can count on us to step in and to:

    • Investigate what caused your accident
    • Deal with insurance agents for you
    • Build an insurance claim
    • Take your case to court

    Our 18-wheeler accident lawyers in Wylie are ready to assist if you were hurt in an accident. We also understand that many 18-wheeler collisions in Wylie are fatal. You can contact us if you lost a family member in a truck accident.

    Our wrongful death accident lawyers in Wylie can focus on providing you with compassionate assistance after your loss. Call us at (469) 998-4069 to learn more about your family’s legal options. Get started by contacting our team right now.

    Causes of Wylie 18-Wheeler Accidents

    Our team also understands the possible reasons for an accident involving an 18-wheeler in the state of Texas. These accidents are often a result of driver error. Drivers may make poor decisions on the road if they are operating an 18-wheeler while:

    • Fatigued
    • Impaired by alcohol or drugs
    • Distracted

    Some truck drivers in our area will break the rules of the road. They may speed, ignore red lights, or pass without checking the surrounding lanes. All of these actions can easily lead to a major truck accident here in Wylie. However, there are other causes for 18-wheeler collisions. Sometimes, these accidents are a result of:

    • Poor weather or bad road conditions
    • A company overloading a truck
    • Defects in the design of the truck

    We know how to build a claim after any kind of 18-wheeler accident in Wylie. We’ll focus on your unique needs and get to work helping you right away.

    Contact a Wylie 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Today for Your Personal Injury Claim

    Don’t wait to get legal help on your side after an 18-wheeler accident in Wylie. You can easily get the help and support you need from members of our team. Just call us at (469) 998-4069 or complete our online contact form. Our 18-wheeler accident lawyers in Wylie are standing by to assist you right now.

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