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    Wylie Moving Van Accident Lawyer

    Wylie Moving Van Accident Lawyers

    Moving vans are very large vehicles. These vehicles are frequently operated by moving companies. These companies step in to help families that want to relocate to a new area or a bigger home. Some people also rent moving vans and operate them on their own.

    You can take charge of your future if you were in an accident with a moving van here in Wylie, Texas. Members of our team are standing by to assist you. We’ll focus on helping you get compensation for your losses, including your medical expenses.

    Find out how to build a claim by contacting a moving van accident lawyer in Wylie right away. It’s easy to reach us if you call (469) 998-4069. We can help you by settling your claim out of court or helping you file a lawsuit here in Wylie.

    Your Losses for a Moving Van Accident in Wylie

    Moving van accidents can leave you facing major losses. These crashes can damage your vehicle or even total a passenger vehicle. They can also cause major injuries. You should get medical care quickly after a moving van accident.

    Our team can step in to help you get the compensation you want to cover any of your healthcare expenses. We’ll focus on bringing you damages for:

    • Emergency medical care
    • Time in a hospital
    • Rehabilitation
    • The costs for your medication can get covered

    Additionally, you can secure compensation for your vehicle repairs and your time off at work. We know that recovery from a moving van accident can take weeks or even months. You can seek damages for all the wages you lost while you were healing.

    Finally, sometimes you can get compensation for your pain and suffering after a moving van accident. These are considered “non-economic” losses. Our personal injury attorneys can calculate the amount of compensation you should pursue for non-economic losses in Wylie.

    Kinds of Accidents Involving Moving Vans

    There are many accidents every year throughout the state of Texas. Many of these accidents lead to serious injuries, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). There were over 15,000 people hurt in crashes just in the year 2019.

    These crashes involved many different kinds of vehicles, including moving vans. There are a number of common collisions in our state. All of these accidents are dangerous. We are here to take your side if you got hurt in a:

    Head-On Collisions

    Some drivers are hurt in head-on collisions. These collisions often occur if one vehicle illegally crosses the middle line of the road. Some drivers even drive the wrong way on a road. This can happen if they are lost or impaired by alcohol or drugs.

    Rear-End Accidents

    Rear-end accidents also occur with moving vans here in Wylie. Moving vans take a long time to stop because they are so heavy. This means they can rear-end vehicles at stop signs or red lights in our area. They can also cause rear-end accidents in stop-and-go traffic on the interstate and major highways.

    Side-Impact Crashes

    Moving vans cause some side-impact crashes in our area every year. Side-impact crashes are very common in intersections. Drivers who enter an intersection illegally can end up striking another vehicle in the side. You may also hear these accidents called T-bone collisions.

    Rollover Accidents

    Finally, moving vans sometimes cause rollover accidents. These accidents occur if a truck tips over. Moving vans are very tall and relatively narrow. This increases the odds that they could roll over, especially if they take a turn too quickly.

    Get help after any collision by calling us at (469) 998-4069. Our truck accident lawyers in Wylie are here to help you right now.

    We Help You After a Moving Van Accident in Wylie

    Due to their size, moving vans often cause significant damage in the event of a collision. We know you may need immediate medical care to address your injuries. While you focus on your recovery, we’re ready to step in to handle all of your legal needs.

    You can count on us to:

    • Communicate with insurance agents
    • Investigate the causes of your accident
    • Build a strong claim for you
    • Negotiate for a settlement
    • Help you file a lawsuit

    Our team is ready to step in and help you after any moving van crash in Wylie. We understand how the legal system works in Texas and we’ll move quickly to establish your claim. We can begin an investigation right away to show that:

    • Someone else caused the collision
    • The collision caused your injuries

    Drivers often agree to settle their claims after a moving van accident. Settling a claim involves negotiating with insurance agents. We can handle the entire negotiation process on your behalf. We know how to assess all deals made by insurance agents to ensure they are fair to you. We are also prepared to take your claim to court if they won’t treat you fairly.

    Work with a Wylie Moving Van Accident Lawyer Today

    Get proactive about securing compensation following a moving van accident in Wylie. Start working to get the damages you want by calling us at (469) 998-4069. You can also complete our online contact form. Our moving van accident lawyers in Wylie are standing by to put you first, starting today.

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