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    Flower Mound Moving Van Accident Lawyer

    Flower Mound Moving Van Accident Lawyer

    Did you know that over 560,000 people moved to Texas from other states in 2019? Each year, more people relocate to communities Flower Mound for new jobs, better schools, and more opportunities for their families.

    As people continue moving to Texas in record numbers, there are more moving vans on the road than ever before. Unfortunately, this means more moving van accidents. Many of these accidents result in property damage, injury, or even death. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), accidents involving large trucks like moving vans claimed the lives of over 4100 people in 2018 alone.

    If you’re hit by a moving van, use our online contact form or call (469) 998-4069 to discuss your rights. You may be eligible for compensation. Consultations with our lawyers are 100% free. We’ll review your case and help you decide your next steps. If you decide to use our services, you won’t be billed unless we win.

    Moving Van Accident Liability

    Determining liability in any car or truck accident can be a difficult, complicated process. It’s one reason why we recommend seeking help from a lawyer who specializes in car and truck accidents. Your legal counsel can help prove that you’re not at-fault for the accident.

    In moving van accidents, liability can become more complicated than other accidents because of several variables. Is the moving van driver an employee for a professional moving company? Are they a private citizen who rented a van? Do they own the van themselves? These scenarios can be a factor in determining your legal course of action.

    Moving Companies

    Many people hire moving companies to save time and hassle. In addition to packing services, most moving companies also own and operate their own vehicles. Their fleet can range from smaller moving vans and pickup trucks to large vehicles like tractor-trailers.

    When you’re in an accident involving a moving van operated by a company, the driver’s employer may share liability. Commercial drivers who work for a moving company are required to follow certain safety standards and hold proper licensing. If the company hired a driver who isn’t qualified, they might be partially responsible for the accident.

    Rental Vans

    Others prefer moving on their own to save money or pack their belongings themselves. These individuals often rent moving vans from companies like U-Haul, Budget Truck, or Ryder. Depending on the size of the vehicle, most moving vans owned by these companies can be rented without special licensing or training.

    Insurance can also get messy when the accident involves a rented van. Although most rental companies offer short-term insurance policies, some people prefer to use their existing auto insurance policy. However, if their insurance policy doesn’t cover rental vehicles like moving vans, the accident can become very complicated.

    Privately-Owned Vans

    Finally, some people use a van they already own or borrow a van that belongs to a friend or family member. Usually, accidents involving a privately-owned moving van are more straight forward in regards to liability. The driver isn’t employed by anyone, so they would bear full responsibility for any accident. Insurance may also be less complicated in an accident scenario with a privately-owned van.

    Common Causes of Moving Van Accidents

    Moving van accidents may have several causes. Although you may not always be able to avoid an accident with a moving van, understanding the factors that contribute to these collisions can help you reduce your risk.

    As always, when you approach a large vehicle like a moving van, give it as much space as possible. Don’t speed around the van, tailgate, or linger in the driver’s blind spots. Follow safe passing procedures. You should also be on alert for other drivers behaving recklessly around the moving van, such as speeding up and swerving around it, as another driver’s behavior may cause the van to get into an accident.

    Common causes of moving van accidents include, but are not limited to:

    Inexperienced Drivers

    When you’re renting a U-Haul or another commercial rental van, you don’t need a special driver’s license or proof of training. However, driving a moving van isn’t like driving a normal car. Many drivers get into accidents because they’re not used to operating such large vehicles. They may not account for the moving van’s blind spots, stopping distance, or turning radius. This can lead to a collision.

    Fatigued Drivers

    Moving van drivers also cause accidents when they become fatigued. Moving can be an exhausting process, especially if you’re moving from far away and driving for several hours or days. A tired moving van driver may suffer impaired vision, poor judgment, and reduced physical coordination. If there’s a hazard in the road, they may not be able to react in time to avoid a crash. Fatigued moving van drivers may also collide with other vehicles if they fall asleep at the wheel.

    Fallen Cargo

    When an object falls onto the road, it can have devastating consequences. Many moving van accidents are caused by fallen cargo such as mattresses and furniture. However, even small items can create unsafe driving conditions that result in an accident. Drivers may be forced to brake suddenly or swerve due to an object falling out of a moving van. This can lead to a variety of collisions, including multi-car pileups.

    Moving Van Accident Injuries

    Victims who survive moving van accidents may experience a range of injuries, from mild to severe. In the worst cases, survivors require surgery, physical therapy, and long-term care. Many become permanently physically disabled or suffer neurological damage.

    Common injuries from moving van accidents include:

    • Neck injuries, such as whiplash
    • Spinal cord injuries, which can result in temporary or permanent paralysis
    • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
    • Cuts, burns, bruises, and broken bones
    • Damage to internal organs and internal bleeding
    • Psychological trauma, including PTSD

    If you’re suffering from injuries due to a moving van accident, help is available. Our Flower Mound, TX lawyers are standing by to assist you. Call (469) 998-4069 to schedule a free consultation today.

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