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    Flower Mound Illegal Drug Use Truck Accident Lawyer

    Flower Mound Illegal Drug Use Accident Lawyer

    Illegal drug use is a leading cause of car and truck accidents in the United States. When using illegal drugs, drivers can’t control their vehicles. Illegal drug use also impairs a driver’s judgment. When a truck driver is using illegal drugs, it can lead to property damage, injury, and even death.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 20% of weekend nighttime drivers tested positive for illegal drugs. An estimated 12.6 million people drove while under the influence of illegal drugs in 2018 alone. While some drug-related car and truck accidents only involve the intoxicated driver, other accidents result in multi-car collisions. A truck driver using illegal drugs can injure or kill many innocent people.

    Were you in a truck accident involving illegal drug use in Flower Mound, TX? You’re not alone. Our Flower Mound truck accident lawyers can help. We’ll determine if you’re eligible for compensation after an illegal drug use accident. Then, we’ll fight to help you win.

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    The Dangers of Illegal Drug Use and Driving

    All illegal drugs impair driving. Using illegal drugs and getting behind the wheel of a truck risks the lives of drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians. It’s estimated that 44% of drivers involved in fatal car accidents were using illegal drugs.

    Although different drugs have different effects on the body, none are safe for driving, especially driving a large vehicle like a truck. If you have teens or young adults in your life, educate them about the dangers of drugged driving. Learning about how illegal drugs affect driving ability can help reduce accidents.


    Although marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational use in many states, Texas isn’t one of them. Driving a truck while using marijuana in Flower Mound or other Texas cities is strictly prohibited. This is because marijuana dramatically affects a driver’s ability to control their car.

    Unfortunately, driving after using marijuana is very common. Among drivers involved in crashes, marijuana is the second most common substance detected in the impaired truck driver’s bloodstream. Only alcohol causes more impaired driver collisions.

    Marijuana causes users to experience physical lethargy, impaired judgment, and trouble focusing. It also slows reflexes. A truck driver using marijuana may cause a truck accident because they can’t react quickly to other vehicles.


    Although often prescribed legally as painkillers, opioid abuse is rampant in many communities. Users take oxytocin, fentanyl, or other opioids to experience a pleasant numbness or euphoria. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to overdose on opioids.

    When opioid users get behind the wheel, they can cause an accident because they’re unable to control their car. Opioids negatively affect reaction time, vision, and mental function. A truck driver using opioids may have difficulty judging distances or cause an accident by falling asleep.


    Although cocaine is a stimulant, it’s just as dangerous to use while driving a truck as any other illegal drug. Cocaine causes users to feel hyper-alert, manic, and often imbues a sense of invincibility. Cocaine users may feel impervious to accidents, leading them to drive at high speeds or take other risks that could cause a collision.

    Additionally, cocaine may cause a driver to feel overly sensitive to sights and sounds. A truck driver using cocaine may overreact. For example, they may see a car safely merging into the lane next to them and react as if they are about to be hit. They may brake suddenly or steer erratically and cause an accident in response to this misperceived threat.


    Amphetamines, including speed and crystal meth, cause truck drivers to behave erratically. Like cocaine, amphetamines are a powerful stimulant. They may cause a user to become twitchy, aggressive, and have difficulty focusing.

    In addition to reckless driving, someone using amphetamines may also experience road rage. The drugs can make them feel aggressive towards other drivers. A truck driver on amphetamines may cause an accident by tailgating, racing, or intentionally cutting off another vehicle.

    Psychedelic Drugs

    Psychedelic drugs include mushrooms, LSD, DMT, and other substances that cause the user to hallucinate. Someone using psychedelic drugs may see or hear things that aren’t there. These types of drugs can also affect the user’s physical senses. They may also experience psychosis, disassociation, or paranoid delusions.

    For example, someone using psychedelic drugs may hallucinate that their body is crawling with insects. If this sensation begins when the user is driving a truck, they may be more likely to cause an accident. They may also cause a truck accident because they can’t see the road due to visual hallucinations.

    Additionally, some psychedelic drugs make users believe they have superpowers. A truck driver could cause an accident because of a delusional belief. They may also drive recklessly if they believe they are being followed.

    Illegal Drug Use Truck Accident Injuries

    Drugged driving can result in severe injuries. Often, truck accident victims require surgery and rehabilitation to recover. Injuries from an illegal drug use accident can lead to expensive medical bills that burden your family. Many victims are unable to work while they heal from their injuries.

    In some cases, truck accident victims are permanently disabled. Drugged driving collisions can lead to chronic pain, paralysis, or neurological damage that affects the victim’s ability to lead a normal life. Others may suffer from lasting psychological trauma and issues such as PTSD.

    Common injuries associated with illegal drug use truck accidents include:

    • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
    • Neck injuries, including whiplash
    • Spinal cord injuries, including full or partial paralysis and nerve damage
    • Cuts, bruises, burns, and broken bones
    • Internal organ damage and internal bleeding

    Depending on the circumstances of the truck accident, insurance may not cover all your medical bills or pay for certain treatments and physical therapy. That’s why it’s important to pursue legal compensation after an illegal drug use accident involving a truck. You may be eligible for a large settlement.

    To explore your options after a truck crash, call (469) 998-4069 to schedule a free consultation with a Flower Mound accident lawyer. We have assisted many drivers involved in illegal drug use accidents. If we take your truck accident case, you won’t pay for our services unless we help you win.

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