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    Flower Mound Wrongful Death Lawyer

    Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawyers in Flower Mound Wrongful Death Car Accident Lawyers

    At least one person died in a motor vehicle accident every day in Texas in the year 2017. This statistic does not reflect the grief experienced by individuals who lost a beloved family member in an accident involving a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle.

    You may face rising amounts of debt after the loss of a loved one in a car accident. Depending on your situation, the driver that struck your family member may owe you compensation for your loss. Our team of Flower Mound wrongful death lawyers can help you get damages after a serious car accident.

    Get Help When You Need It Most

    The legal regulations surrounding serious car accidents can be difficult to understand. It is normal to face uncertainty when looking at your options. That’s where a wrongful death lawyer can step in to help ensure that you get treated fairly by the at-fault driver.

    You can file two different claims to get compensation after the loss of a loved one:

    Wrongful Death Claim

    A wrongful death claim allows you to seek compensation if a close family member was killed by another person’s negligent actions. Only spouses, parents, and children can use a wrongful death claim. You can seek compensation for the losses you face after the death of your family member with this claim.

    Survival Claim

    You may also be able to file a survival claim in Flower Mound. Survival claims function as personal injury claims for your lost family member. This means that you can seek compensation for the suffering your loved one went through before they lost their life with a survival claim.

    Find Out If a Wrongful Death Claim is Right for You

    Note that, in Flower Mound, not everyone can bring a wrongful death claim or a survival claim. In fact, wrongful death claims are designed to be used by close family members. However, if no family members file a claim for three months, then a representative for the deceased’s estate may put through a claim.

    Survival claims are available to an individual’s:

    • Legal Representative
    • Estate
    • Heirs

    We believe that anyone impacted by the loss of a family member deserves professional help navigating the complicated legal system in Texas. We can put our experience to work for you today.

    Compensation from Wrongful Death Claims in Flower Mound

    Many wrongful death claims offer family members both economic and non-economic damages. Based on your unique situation, you may be entitled to compensation for:

    Economic Damages for a Wrongful Death

    • Lost Income or Earning Capacity
    • Lost Inheritance
    • Therapy Costs

    Non-Economic Damages for a Wrongful Death

    • Lost Counsel or Advice
    • Lost Companionship
    • Mental Anguish

    You may also be granted exemplary damages, which act to punish the party that caused your loved one’s death. Exemplary damages are generally only used if the at-fault party demonstrated gross negligence or acted willfully.

    Wrongful Death Cases and the Statute of Limitations

    We know that it can be difficult to think about a legal case in the immediate aftermath of the loss of a loved one. However, Texas only gives mourning family members two years to file a claim.

    It is also generally a good idea to pursue legal assistance as soon as you can. Your case will be stronger if your wrongful death lawyer can begin looking at evidence and speaking to witnesses immediately. The longer you wait to get help, the harder it will be to get the compensation you need.

    Getting help right away also allows your wrongful death lawyer to help you deal with insurance companies. You may be badgered by insurance agents that want to protect their clients. We can act as a go-between for you, so you can focus on your emotional needs during this difficult time.

    Let Our Wrongful Death Lawyers Help You Today

    Dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the greatest challenges we can face in our lives. You need help from a professional Flower Mound wrongful death car accident lawyer to have the best chances for winning your case. Our team has years of experience getting compensation for clients in your situation. Get answers about your options right now by calling (469) 998-4069 or filling out our online contact form.

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