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    Flower Mound Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

    Flower Mound Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

    A blind spot refers to any area that a driver cannot see. All cars, SUVs, and trucks have blind spots. Unfortunately, many truck accidents occur because of another vehicle or object in the trucker’s blind spot. These accidents can be mild or severe. Some blind spot truck accidents are fatal.

    Blind spot accidents can occur anywhere. Often, blind spot accidents happen while a truck driver is changing lanes or turning. For example, if you find yourself in the large blind spot of a semi-truck, the trucker may crash into your vehicle while changing lanes.

    Following a blind spot truck accident, it’s common for victims to suffer injuries. You may require surgery, physical therapy, and long-term medical care. A blind spot accident can leave you disabled and affect your ability to provide for your family. Even with insurance, many truck accident victims struggle with high hospital bills.

    Were you involved in a blind spot truck accident in Flower Mound, TX? If so, contact our lawyers today. Use our online contact form or dial (469) 998-4069 to schedule your free consultation. Our blind spot accident lawyers can determine if you have a case.

    Factors Involved in Blind Spot Truck Accidents

    Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent a blind spot accident involving a truck. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of being involved in these accidents. It’s important to understand how blind spot accidents happen so you’re less likely to be a victim. You can also do your part to avoid causing a blind spot truck accident.

    Many blind spot accidents happen while backing up, turning, or changing lanes. Even if you’re scanning the road with your eyes and using your rearview and side mirrors, there are still areas of the road that will be blocked from your vision.

    Sometimes, these blind spots occur because of your car’s design. The frame may block certain areas from your view. However, even drivers in top-down convertibles or open vehicles like Jeeps still experience blind spots. This is simply due to the limitations of human vision.

    When you’re driving, it’s important to turn your head to check your blind spots. Do this when you’re changing lanes, backing up, parking, or turning. Additionally, if your car includes driver assistance technologies like a blind spot warning system, make sure these features are enabled at all times.

    Remember, different vehicles have different blind spots. When you’re driving an unfamiliar vehicle, such as a rental car or a moving van, take some time to discover the blind spots before you hit the road. You may wish to practice driving slowly in a parking lot near some trash cans or traffic cones. This can give you a sense of the vehicle’s blind spots so you know how to compensate.

    It will also help to learn why other drivers, including truck drivers, cause blind spot accidents. Although every accident scenario is unique, blind spot accidents are commonly caused by:

    Reckless Driving

    Reckless or negligent driving contributes to the majority of car and truck accidents in Texas. When drivers speed, tailgate, change lanes without signaling, or break other driving laws, they’re more likely to cause an accident. This includes blind spot truck accidents.

    For example, a reckless truck driver may change lanes quickly without signaling — and without checking their blind spot. They may collide with your vehicle because they failed to check where they’re going. This type of truck accident can be brutal because the force of the impact may send your car into another lane, crashing into other vehicles or even into oncoming traffic.

    Fatigued Driving

    Did you know that fatigued driving is just as dangerous as driving with a 0.08% blood alcohol level? Although driving while tired is common, it’s a very risky practice. A fatigued truck driver experiences slower reaction times, reduced muscle coordination, and impaired vision. They may be unable to judge the distance of their truck in relation to another car.

    Unfortunately, fatigued drivers often forget to check their blind spots. They may also cause an accident by lingering in the blind spot of a large truck instead of passing correctly.

    Driving Under the Influence

    Drunk drivers and drivers using illegal drugs cause numerous truck accidents, including blind spot crashes. Like fatigued drivers, an individual who is driving a truck under the influence can’t operate their vehicle safely. They also experience severely impaired judgment.

    Many people who drive under the influence also swerve into other lanes, speed, or turn without signaling. It’s common for drunk truck drivers and truck drivers using illegal drugs to cause a collision with another vehicle, pedestrian, or object because they don’t see it.

    Reduced Visibility

    Many factors can reduce a truck driver’s normal range of visibility. For example, if someone is moving, their rear windows may be obscured by boxes or other items. Environmental factors can also reduce visibility, including heavy fog, snow, or rain. Certain times of day also impact a truck driver’s ability to see clearly due to low light.

    When a driver’s visibility becomes reduced, their odds of causing a blind spot truck accident increase dramatically. It’s important for drivers to understand how their reduced visibility may affect them. If you find yourself in a situation with reduced visibility, drive more slowly and give yourself extra time to change lanes. Always use a turn signal.

    Mechanical Failure

    Finally, some blind spot accidents happen due to mechanical failure. If a truck hasn’t been well maintained, the vehicle may experience brake failure, engine problems, or steering problems.

    In some cases, the truck’s backup cameras or blind spot warning systems may become damaged. That’s why it’s important to continue using safe driving techniques and not become too reliant on technology.

    What to Do After a Blind Spot Accident Involving a Truck

    If you were involved in a blind spot truck accident involving a truck, our Flower Mound, TX accident lawyers can help. We have assisted many Texas drivers just like you. Our legal team can help determine liability, find out how much compensation you may be owed, and plan your next steps.

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