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    Euless Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

    Euless Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

    We’re ready to help if you were hurt in a blind spot accident in Euless, Texas. Members of our team know what it takes to help drivers in your situation. We’ll review your accident, gather evidence, and work with insurance agents for you.

    Allow a Euless blind spot accident lawyer to help with your legal needs. Start getting legal assistance now by calling (469) 998-4069. We know how to bring you compensation after this kind of collision in Euless.

    Find Out More About Blind Spots for Large Trucks

    We use the term “blind spot” to refer to areas around a vehicle that are hard for a driver to see. These spots are more common on larger vehicles. For example, many commercial vehicles have blind spots on both sides as well as at the front and back, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    Truckers often use large mirrors to try to see into their blind spots. You may have heard that drivers cannot see you if you cannot see their mirrors. This means you could be driving in a trucker’s blind spot, where the mirrors do not help.

    Accidents can occur if a driver pulls over into another vehicle that is in a blind spot. We are here to help you seek compensation in this situation. Find out how by calling us at (469) 998-4069.

    Blind Spot Accidents in Euless and Liability

    The state of Texas allows many drivers to seek compensation after a collision. In many cases, drivers are allowed to file a claim if they are not primarily responsible for a collision. You should know that Texas uses comparative negligence laws for blind spot accidents.

    Comparative negligence means that you can get compensation even if you were partially at-fault for an accident. For example, let’s say that you drove in a truck’s blind spot for a significant period of time. The truck then changed lanes and struck you, because the trucker did not realize you were there.

    The trucker could bear responsibility for failing to check their blind spots effectively. However, you could still hold a percentage of liability for the accident. Your compensation will depend upon the percentage of fault you have for the collision.

    A Euless blind spot accident lawyer can work to show that the other driver caused the accident. We’ll review exactly what happened in your accident. Let us get started by:

    • Going over your police report
    • Assessing the scene of the accident
    • Speaking to any witnesses
    • Working with an accident reconstruction specialist

    We’ll work to bring you compensation by showing that you were not primarily at-fault for the accident.

    Losses Associated with a Euless Blind Spot Accident

    Many blind spot accidents in Euless involve large commercial vehicles. These vehicles cause significant damage when they are in accidents. We’re ready to help if you are facing high bills for your:

    • Medical care
    • Vehicle repairs
    • Vehicle replacement
    • Lost wages

    Our team can focus on reviewing all of your losses. We’ll go over your medical records and other bills to show that the accident caused your injuries. We can also help you get compensation for your pain and suffering. We know that these losses do not have a set dollar value. However, we believe you should get compensation for the mental anguish you experienced after a collision.

    Build Your Claim Right Away After a Blind Spot Accident

    We’ll move quickly to help you if you were hurt in a blind spot accident in Euless. Our team knows you have a limited amount of time to secure compensation for your losses. That’s why we’ll spring into action right away.

    Generally, you only have two years to file a claim after a truck accident in Euless. However, you may only have six months in some situations. We’ll make sure you stay on schedule as we work with insurance agents. In many cases, we can settle claims for clients in your situation.

    However, we also know how to take your claim to court. You can file a lawsuit if you want to go before a judge and jury. This can allow you to get compensation for your losses as well.

    Talk to a Euless Blind Spot Accident Lawyer Now

    Find out how we could help you if you were in a blind spot accident by completing our online contact form. You can also reach out to us by calling (469) 998-4069. Get legal advice from a blind spot accident layer in Euless right now. Focus on getting compensation for all of your losses.

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