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    Euless Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Euless Motorcycle Accident

    Only bikers understand the thrilling rush of adrenaline that comes from riding a motorcycle out on the road. And they should, as motorcycles have a right to be on Euless roads just like other drivers. But if a motorcycle gets in an accident, the consequences can be much more extreme.

    Many times, the biker (and their passenger) can get thrown from the motorcycle in a crash—leading to serious injuries and even death. Many motorcycle accidents happen at the fault of others on the road, leaving the biker with painful injuries and worries about how to pay for their medical bills and repair costs. But it shouldn’t have to be that way—and an experienced Euless motorcycle accident lawyer can help.

    If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident and it wasn’t your fault, our attorneys are here to help ensure you seek a fair compensation for your damages. Speaking with one of our motorcycle accident lawyers is completely FREE, and we don’t take any money unless we win you money. To set up an initial consultation to talk about your accident and your options, call us today at 469-998-4069 or fill out the Free Case Evaluation form to the right.

    Who is at fault in a motorcycle accident?

    After a motorcycle accident injury, the at-fault party and their insurance company is responsible for the financial damages of the victims. This means that if another driver causes your accident that leads to your injuries, they are liable for ALL damages caused by the accident. But in order to pursue this financial recovery, you can to prove the other driver was at fault. This is where a good motorcycle accident lawyer comes in.

    Your lawyer will use expert investigation tactics to research the details of your case. They’ll look at:

    • The accident scene, including any photos or videos you took of the scene (which we highly recommend doing if you can)
      Police reports from the accident
    • Medical records of your injuries and treatment records, including bills, prescription medications, tests that were run, etc.
    • Wages you lost due to missing work time (or not being able to work at all from serious injuries or disabilities)
    • Damages to your motorcycle, including necessary repairs (or a new bike) after the accident
    • Pain and suffering damages related to loss of life—if you’re making a claim on behalf of a loved one who was killed in an accident—or emotional trauma

    Under Texas law, as long as you’re not more than 50 percent at fault for the accident, you have a right to recover for damages like those mentioned above.

    The other driver’s insurance company will be doing their own investigation to support their side, so they’ll be looking at certain responsibilities you have as a biker under Texas law like:

    • Not “lane splitting” (which means driving the motorcycle between traffic lanes, even if traffic is moving slowly or stopped)
    • Not carrying any passengers under the age of 5 or anyone under the age of 21 without a helmet
    • Wearing a helmet unless you carry insurance to cover it or have completed a certain motorcycle safety course

    Not following certain rules doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be seen as fully at fault or not entitled to any money, but it may affect the amount you can collect. Speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer to be sure.

    What should I do after a motorcycle accident?

    After a motorcycle accident, you should gather as much evidence and information as you can. That includes:

    • Getting information from the other driver like their full name, phone number, and insurance information
    • Taking pictures of the scene, damage to your bike, and all injuries
    • Seeking witnesses you can give a statement about the crash, and getting their names and phone numbers

    You’ll also want to immediately call the police after the accident occurs. They’ll need to create an official police report, which will act as proof of the accident, and you can remind them that motorcycles have a right to be on the road with other vehicles.

    And remember to not ever give any information or accept any blame if an insurance company tries to contact you. The at-fault driver’s insurers may act fast, even coming to the scene or immediately trying to offer you money. Don’t take this — tell them to speak with your lawyer instead. They’re notorious for trying to lowball the victim, settle the case, and prevent you from trying to seek additional money for your costs.

    What if I wasn’t wearing a helmet? Can I still recover money?

    Texas law does not require you to wear a helmet as long as you:

    • Are over the age of 21 AND
    • Either have proof you have health insurance to cover this OR you’ve taken a special motorcycle training and safety course

    Despite this, if you suffered a head injury in your crash and weren’t wearing a helmet, the insurance company may still argue that you’re partially at-fault for the injury because you took an unnecessary risk by forgoing the helmet. They’ll likely use this to try and reduce your financial recovery, so speak with your attorney about the details.

    If you did not suffer from a head injury, however, the question of whether or not you wear a helmet shouldn’t be relevant. And as long as the other driver was liable for the crash happening, you’re still entitled to pursue damages.

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